From the Andrei Kostin leaves the chair of the head of VTB

In the financial institutions, a battle began between the alliance of Igor Sechin and Andrei Kostin with German Gref and Elvira Nabiullina. Kostin already made the first move and could become the first victim in this war.
According to the popular telegram channel, the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina and the head of Sberbank Gref gave the head of state some materials on the head of VTB Kostin

As the author of the "plum" reports, the information contains information about his dubious activities and unsatisfactory adequacy, which threatens the banking system. The conclusion is predictable: Kostin must be sent into retirement.

Despite the circulating information that Elvira Nabiullina is ready to leave the Central Bank and head the government, which explains its activity, the head of VTB A. Kostin seems to be in fact threatened with resignation. Apparently, after the strange statement by Kostin about the forced conversion of foreign currency deposits and the resulting panic, the CBR chairman and head of the Sberbank of Russia became the main lobbyists for the president of Kostin's resignation. It is possible that I. Shuvalov can join the struggle for the chair of VTB.

Rumors about the staggering soil under Kostin's feet went for a long time. Apparently, this was connected with his awkward attempt to "play along" to the Kremlin about the conversion of foreign currency deposits. Only in the last few weeks Kostin distributed a lot of interviews and comments about the de-dollarization of the Russian economy and his plan on this matter, which he reported to the president.

The interviews were unsuccessful, because Kostin allowed himself such passages: "The principle approach is that all customers of all credit institutions will get their money back, in what currency - this is a separate story." In fact, he announced the readiness of the government to forcefully convert the currency deposits of citizens into ruble ones with the strengthening of sanctions. As a result, less than a week since foreign currency deposits in the Savings Bank, the Russians withdrew 1.2 billion. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Savings Bank Alexander Morozov confirmed the outflow of foreign currency deposits. On the horizon, a very real threat loomed, provoked only by Kostin's words of destabilizing the banking sector.

The scale of the threat and accompanying problems is evidenced by the fact that Sberbank was forced to raise the rate on dollar deposits in a fire order. So, in the private banking segment, they increased by 1-1.2 pp, the maximum rate was 3.4% against 2.25% previously, shows monitoring Frank RG. Rates for the remaining dollar deposits in the Savings Bank increased by 0.20 - 1.25 percentage points. The maximum stake in the "Leader" deposit family is 3.4% compared to 2.2% previously, in the "Special" deposit family 2.7% versus 2% previously.

Unseen generosity for Gref ...