Frost bank

Rost Bank is falling apart piece by piece, having failed to create a holding company.
It seems that the capital's "Growth bank", who undertook to take over the various lending institutions in the regions, the expected effect of the bursting bubble. Serious problems arise one after another alternately in all structures of the bank. Thus, according to Tatarstan resource, recently the threat of license revocation and termination of hung over the bank, "Kazan", which was attached to the "growth of bank" in 2013 and now it is actually a branch. A couple of weeks ago, the international rating agency Fitch lowered its rating to negative one more controllable "growth of the bank" credit institution - Moscow Region Bank "Kedr" (purchased the "growth of the bank" and its shareholders in May this year).

In the half fell Surgut "Akkobank", whose shares are "Growth bank" bought half a year ago. Like a snowball, accumulate losses of JSC "Tver Universal Bank", whose shares were acquired "Rostbankom" in January of this year. Barely standing on his feet and he "Growth bank", which last summer received from Tsentrobanka just two strict requirements - about doformirovanii reserves and on the limitation of six months to attract deposits of individuals. According to the regulator estimates, "The growth of bank" suspiciously grew rapidly at the expense of public money and at the same time held a risky credit policies. This means that a credit institution may have problems with investors, to disentangle which are established Russian tradition have the Deposit Insurance Agency.

Meanwhile, "The growth of the bank", which becomes a problem in the eyes, attached to his seven half-dead banks. Could join and eight, but in September, the Bank of Russia has not agreed a deal to acquire a "bank growth" Yakut MAK-Bank. According to expert publications, the reason was the unreliability of the potential buyer: "The growth of the bank" is in the third group of financial stability, which is considered low.

Meanwhile, a formal regulator did not give consent to the merger to the "growth of the bank" and four other credit institutions whose shares are already acquired "growth" and itsshareholders. Among them - "BaykalInvestBank", Joint-Stock Bank of Smolensk, "Tver Universal Bank" and "Uralprivatbank".

It is noteworthy that most of the credit institutions that "Growth bank" has decided to join the so-called by the reorganization, are included in the list of the most unprofitable banks in version of the portal. It turns out that under the noses of the banking supervision department of the Central Bank, which is headed by Ruben Amiryants and oversaw until recently deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov, formed a build-up of "zhivopyrok". It is possible that this malignancy around the "growth of the bank" would be finally legalized officials regulator if the summer Mikhail Sukhov not removed from the supervision of the banking supervision. Only after that the Central Bank "hung" the question of the formation of "The growth of the bank" strange holding. However, even such a solution does not seem to interfere with the owners' bank growth "manipulate acquired" zhivopyrkami ", which apparently acquired for the implementation of their functions opaque. This means that even SunOre supervisory authority on a par with the DIA can inform Russians about the latest scandal with the withdrawal of the assets held, as usual, before the withdrawal of licenses in the troubled bank.