FSB became interested in the largest submarine repairman

The technical director of the Zvezdochka ship repair center, Mikhail Chernechenko, is charged with receiving bribes for assisting in obtaining state contracts.
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The FSB Investigation Department indicted the technical director of the Zvezdochka ship repair center, the largest submarine repair and refurbishment company. He is charged with receiving bribes for helping to obtain state contracts for the structures of one of the richest natives of Ingushetia, Hassan Tumgoev. Tumgoev himself is under arrest on charges of embezzlement of funds received by contracts with large government agencies.

As a source in the special services told Rosbalt, Mikhail Chernechenko was charged with two episodes of committing crimes under Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (receiving bribes). According to the FSB, the technical director of Zvyozdochka first received 285 thousand rubles for the general protection of the OKS company and assistance in obtaining a state contract. And then Chernechenko, according to the investigation, paid another 1.4 million rubles under the pretext that he would organize a bank guarantee necessary for concluding a contract. As a preventive measure Chernechenko selected recognizance not to leave. The owner of “OKS” and the bribe-giver, according to intelligence agencies, is a major businessman Hassan Tumgoev. At one time, OKS entered into a state contract for 1.5 billion rubles with the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation). For this amount, the company had to carry out large volumes of construction work at the enterprise. Zvezdochka transferred an advance of 100 million rubles, and six months later the contract was terminated. The FSB believes that in reality for the advance payment the company almost did not perform any work, and the money was stolen. However, Tumgoyev has not yet been charged with this episode.

A businessman is accused of another theft. in 2016 located in Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Measuring Systems named. Yu.E. Sedakova (part of the Rosatom state corporation) signed a state contract for 355 million rubles with OKS. For these funds, the company had to reconstruct one of the premises of the research institute for various studies and tests. Documents on the acceptance of part of the work were signed. However, according to the FSB, a significant part of the work was not actually carried out, in particular, expensive cables were not laid. Preliminary damage amounted to 10.4 million rubles, but during the investigation it may increase. Counterintelligence officers believe that the actual owner of the company is the former general director of the management company Concern Rosatomstroy OJSC, one of the richest businessmen from Ingushetia, Hasan Tumgoev. He, as Rosbalt already reported, was arrested in early December 2018. After a series of interrogations, it was decided to take into custody the head of OSK Maxim Nizdiminov.

An interlocutor of the agency, familiar with the situation, said that Tumgoyev did not admit guilt. According to him, the work at the facility was “frozen” by the decision of the “customer” itself, in connection with the merger of the research institute with the Russian Federal Nuclear Center - the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF). The last center had similar facilities for testing, and the question arose of the desirability of continuing the work. According to the source of Rosbalt, the contract has a bank guarantee from the contractor, so the institute will not suffer any financial losses in any case. “The contract is not closed, the work has not been handed over, what theft can be talked about,” the source said. One of the main witnesses to the investigation is Orlov, a former employee of Rosatom, who testifies that it was he who organized this contract for USC for 10% of its cost. At the same time, he claims that this was not a “rollback”, but a fee for his ability to correctly draw up documents and work with the customer.

Hassan Tumgoev is one of the richest people in Ingushetia, and his family (the brothers Salman, Isa and Ruslan and the father of Ali) have been associated with the nuclear industry for many years. At one time, Khasan was the general director of the managing company Concern Rosatomstroy, and he also owns the Achaluki mineral water plant. As the then head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Evkurov, told the Forbes interview that it was Tumgoyev’s structures who financed the construction of three mining and processing plants and a glass factory in the republic. He also erected the Artis Plaza business hotel in Magas. Evkurov estimated Tumgoyev’s investments in these projects alone in the amount of 7 billion rubles.