FSB expands the checks of foreign assets

The Lefortovo court in Moscow extended the arrest of the former head of the State Foreign Property Enterprise (Goszagransobstvennost) of the President Administration Yevgeny Polikarpov.
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He accused the FSB of abuse in transactions with the 60 real estate objects owned by Russia and located in Finland.

As reported by "Rosbalt" a source in the security services, last week appealed to the Investigation Department of the Federal Security Service in the Lefortovo court to extend the term of Eugene Polikarpov two months. Counterintelligence insisted that, if at large, former head Goszagransobstvennosti can escape and put pressure on witnesses in the case - his subordinates. FSB officials also explained that they could not complete the investigation as conducted not all events. In particular, it does not answer requests for legal assistance from Finland.

Lawyers for former officials insisted on such arguments unconvincing. According to them, Polikarpov was recently fired from his post as head of Goszagransobstvennosti, so it can not affect that company's employees. Hiding it does not intend to. According to advocates, the FSB and the previously referred to the fact that the expected answers to queries from Finland, but they have not yet been received and it is not clear toGDS will arrive in Russia. Lawyers insisted that the accusation under part 1 of article 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power) a preventive measure in the form of detention was excessive, and offered to replace it with one that is not connected with imprisonment. For example, on house arrest. As a result, the court agreed with the arguments of the FSB and the Polikarpov left in jail until November 30, 2014.

Protecting the former official intends to appeal the decision of the Moscow City Court.

According to a source, "Rosbalt", the case of possible fraud with the Russian real estate abroad is gaining momentum. Now counterintelligence check transactions with Russian assets, not only in Finland, but also in India, Turkey, Germany and Bulgaria. Polikarpov has been officially questioned about the circumstances Goszagransobstvennosti activities in these countries. We are talking about state-owned operations to exchange a plurality of separate houses of the Russian Federation (apartments, cottages, small offices, etc.) abroad for large objects (mostly - land or shopping malls). These operations were carried out in order to minimize the cost of Russian utilities and obsuzhivanie buildings. Pay per one large object cheaper than many smaller ones. The FSB is believed that in such exchanges Russia received property that is transferred for less in return.

Many of these facts have been identified during the audit of the situation with the Russian assets abroad, held in 2013, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. In particular, the auditors found that the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Goszagransobstvennost" to make a deal on the exchange of five objects of federal property located in India (Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai), on the office complex in New Delhi. The market value of the above building is determined by the firm Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants PVT LTD (India).

"It should be noted that the involvement of the assessment of the Indian firm Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants (India) PVT LTD is a violation of Article 4 of the Federal Law of July 29, 1998 № 135-FZ" On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation. "FSUE" Goszagransobstvennost " is not entitled to dispose of its real estate without the consent of the owner - the Office of Presidential affairs "- Says the report of the Accounting Chamber.

Auditors also found a violation and operations for the exchange of real estate in Finland. It is for this episode FSB and filed a lawsuit May 28, 2014. (Polikarpov was arrested May 30).

By 2012, by the Russian Federation in Finland was 60 real estate - apartments, vacation homes, small offices. Letting these objects for rent does not pay the costs of their service, and therefore headed Polikarpov FSUE made a proposal to exchange the property for several large objects that can make a profit.

In February 2012, the Russian government issued a corresponding order. Search of customers and all other matters dealt Goszagransobstvennost, in charge of the majority of foreign buildings belonging to Russia. FSUE attracted to the work of the Finnish company, the appraiser recognizes that participating in a potential transaction objects worth 9 million euros. As a result, 60 apartments and offices were exchanged for one large office building and the adjacent land in Finland, which were also assessed at 9 million euros.
<br /> However, according to the FSB, the Finnish firm appraiser underestimated the price of the premises belonging to the Russian Federation, almost two times, and Polikarpov allegedly knew about it.

According to "Rosbalt", Polikarpov himself categorically denies his guilt. According to his version, the Finnish firm appraiser operates worldwide, has a serious reputation, so there is no reason to doubt the bias its findings.

"To date, no evidence and documents in support of the election Polikarpov preventive measure in the form of detention, - said" Rosbalt "lawyer ex-officer Evgeny Korolev -. The prosecution Polikarpov vague and does not correspond to the actual circumstances of the incident."