FSB General has buried $ 5 million in his section

The case of the abduction of the FSB general has been completed.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, the investigation of the criminal case about the abduction of the former First Deputy Head of the Capital Construction Directorate of the Federal Security Service Alexander Pastushkov was completed. The attackers, torturing and beating the retired Major General, forced him to show places in the suburban area, where he buried plastic containers in which there were $ 5 million. Interestingly, more than $ 1.1 million was withdrawn from the safe of the General by the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) and turned into state revenue at the request of prosecutors. Obviously, the confiscation expects and money that found the bandits.

The main investigative department of the TFR accused the unemployed Magomed Hajiyev and Roman Galushko of the final wording of kidnapping and extortion (Article 125 and Article 163 of the Criminal Code). Now the defendants are getting acquainted with the case materials, which are 14 volumes, which will then be submitted to the Prosecutor General’s Office for approval, and then to the court.

The investigation found that Major General Pastushkov was abducted by the unemployed at the end of May last year. Hajiyev and Galushko, according to the GKU TFR, have learned from somewhere that a retiree can keep a large amount of money in his country house, and have established surveillance on him. After waiting for the general to drop his daughter Maria Skvortsova out of the Toyota Camry at her house on Osenniy Boulevard, the attackers dragged a retiree to their Hyundai Solaris, where they took the prisoner to the suburban town of Vidnoe, where they rented a semi-abandoned private house. There they began to beat the kidnapped person and torture him with a stun, demanding to tell him where he was hiding money. According to some reports, the Major General spoke only after the attackers promised to use a hot electric soldering iron for torture.

At night, they went to the village of Mladenovo, Odintsovo District, Moscow Region, where Alexander Pastushkov, his wife, and gardener lived in an elite cottage village. The house of the general was on the outskirts of the village, near the fence, which simplified the actions of the attackers. Making sure that there was no one in the cottage, they moved to the site and in those places indicated by the abducted general, dug out seven plastic containers, in which there were a total of $ 5 million in different currencies, or 315 million rubles. at the rate for June 2018.

Returning to Vidnoye, the abductors put Alexander Pastushkov in their car, which took him to Ramensky District, where they landed on the road. After some time, the former prisoner managed to stop one of the cars passing by, whose driver took him to the hospital. Doctors reported the victim to the police, who passed information about him to the Investigation Committee. The latter has already initiated and investigated a criminal case of murder (Article 105 of the Criminal Code) of Mr. Pastushkov. According to the description, compiled from the words of the general, the employees of the criminal investigation department and the FSB rather quickly managed to reach the alleged abductors, from whom about 200 million rubles were seized from the car and the apartment being rented. in different currencies. They managed to spend the remaining amount on new cars, restaurants and girls.

It should be noted that at the initial stage of the investigation, both defendants admitted their guilt, but later refused to give earlier testimony and, referring to Art. 51 of the Constitution, generally refused to communicate with the investigator. Now Gadzhiyev and Galushko claim that they did not participate either in the abduction of the general or in extortion of money from him. Alexander Pastushkov himself claims that he was the victim of the kidnappers by mistake, they confused him with someone from the rich neighbors. According to his version, the attackers did not find any valuables on his site. It is obvious that money arrested within the framework of the case will be turned into state income.

Earlier, we note that the 231st Military Prosecutor’s Office in the Kuntsevo District Court obtained the confiscation of virtually all the assets of the FSB Major General, retired. During the proceedings, it was established that Mr. Pastushkov had worked in the FSB's capital construction department since 2005, and from 2008 to 2015, he was the first deputy head of the UKS. During this period, the official income of the general was 19.7 million rubles, and his wife Tatyana - 7.5 million rubles. At the same time, in a bank cell leased by the general, during a search of the case of fraud in the UKS FSB, they seized $ 1.1 million and 5 million rubles, and another 614 thousand rubles from the apartment of the general’s daughter. Finally, the country house and the site of the former deputy head of the FSB department were estimated at 23 million and 13 million rubles. respectively. As a result, prosecutors and the court found that Mr. Pastushkov “for a long time concealed from the service and society” his corrupt incomes and their income from illegal sources, devoted himself to “dishonest service”, thanks to which he and his relatives “consciously and purposefully became beneficiaries from his corruption offenses. "