FSB General turned out to be suspiciously poor

The deputy chief of the special services department built residential houses instead of outposts.
As Kommersant learned, until May, that is, until the end of the investigation, house arrest was extended to the former first deputy head of the capital construction department (UKS) of the FSB activity support service, Yuri Sulin. The major general is accused of exceeding his official powers: by his order 657 million rubles allocated for the construction of border posts in the Crimea were spent on housing by border guards. At the same time, the construction general turned out to be suspiciously poor: only an SUV was arrested for paying damages.

According to Kommersant’s information, the 235th garrison military court at the request of the Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU) of the Investigative Committee extended for five months, that is, until the end of the main investigation, the house arrest of Major General Sulin. Initially, the court sent the former head of the FSB criminal investigation department to the pre-trial detention center. The basis for this was the information about the upcoming flight of the general abroad. The FSB’s own security department provided investigators with information that, learning about the non-renewal of the contract with him, Mr. Sulin tried to get a visa to travel abroad. Obviously, it was a question of Great Britain, which, as stated in the case, “does not extradite persons suspected and accused of committing crimes” to the Russian Federation, but which the general’s wife and daughter visited several times.

However, as lawyer Yevgeny Bushuev told Kommersant, the 2nd Western District Military Court, having examined his complaint, returned freedom to the general, placing him under house arrest. The defense applied for a softer preventive measure in the form of a “ban on certain actions”, referring to the fact that the general wants to find work in order to support his family, but he was refused.

Yuri Sulin is accused by the GVSU SKR of exceeding official powers with causing serious consequences (part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal Code). According to the investigation, in the period from December 2015 to December 2018, as an official, Mr. Sulin took actions “clearly beyond his authority and entailing a significant violation of the interests of the state protected by law”. Namely, he directed 657 million 989 thousand rubles allocated from the budget under the federal target program “State Border of the Russian Federation 2012–2020” for the construction of border posts in the Crimea, for the provision of housing for border guards. For them, residential complexes were built in Sevastopol, Armyansk and Dzhankoy. Moreover, the investigation established earlier that funds had already been allocated to them that had been stolen by defendants in another investigation. The defense nevertheless believes that the investigation, agreeing with its version, will terminate the case in the absence of a crime event.

GVSU SKR, in turn, took measures to pay damages in a scandalous case, but only the Lexus SUV belonging to the general was able to track down and arrest it. Moreover, the car, notes his lawyer, was purchased for 5 million rubles. even before the alleged crime was committed.