FSIN checks "Butyrku"

In the SIZO, entrepreneurs were kept with murderers.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, the FSIN Department for Moscow conducts an audit due to the fact that one of the founders of the Lipetsk Machine-Tool Enterprise JSC, Vladimir Petrov, accused of particularly large-scale fraud, found himself in the same cell as previously convicted of the murder and suspected of having similar offense. At the same time, this fact was hidden in the prisoner's card. Human rights activists believe that a similar placement takes place in other cells and can be used to exert pressure on prisoners, therefore, preparing an appeal to the prosecutor's office.

In the detention center "Butyrka" there are two brothers Petrovs, Vladimir and Kirill, accused of fraud during the execution of the state defense order (more about their case "Kommersant" told March 23 and May 30). But if Kirill got into a 20-seat cell, which mostly contains accused of economic crimes, then Vladimir was not lucky - his neighbors were in a treshka as being under investigation for fraud, who, by the way, has been in jail for about five years, and a repeat offender . In 2005, he was convicted of murder and robbery for a 14-year term, but already in August 2017 he was released from prison. True, in November 2018, he again went to the SIZO on charges of murder and robbery.

Ivan Melnikov, responsible secretary of the Moscow Military Committee, told Kommersant that the defendant’s card indicated that he was suspected of fraud, which was the formal basis for him to be in the same cell as the defendants in economic crime cases.
“Vladimir Petrov himself didn’t complain about his neighbor, but the fact of gross violation of art. 33 of the Law “On Detention”, which prohibits the presence in the same cell of persons first prosecuted and previously convicted, especially for particularly serious crimes, drew attention to his defense, ”said Melnikov.

The human rights activist stressed that the SIZO was not overcrowded and it was quite possible for prisoners to be distributed into cells in accordance with the crimes they were accused of. Moreover, he noted, everyone remembers the story of 2017, when a former high-ranking employee of Roskosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, died after being in the cell of the Vodnik SIZO with the accused, including in the drug trade. In connection with the violations found then, the prosecutor's office made a submission to the UFSIN in Moscow demanding "to take exhaustive measures to prevent such violations of the law from now on, as well as to bring the guilty officials to strict disciplinary responsibility."

Human rights activists have already appealed to the leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service, which began checking in "Butyrka". Since such violations could have a massive character, and besides, it is possible that those accused of serious crimes could be used to exert pressure on those under investigation in economic crimes, and an appeal is being prepared to the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office.