Galchev and Deripaska can not agree on Pikalevo

The managers of "Pikalevo cement" and "BaselCement-Pikalyovo" haven't signed the supply agreement for 2014. The experts are sure that the owners will try to not repeat the scenario of 2009.
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Negotiations "Pikalevo cement", which is part of a group of "Eurocement" Filaret Galchev, and "BaselCementPikalyovo" again stalled. By the end of the year remained a matter of days, and the companies belonging to Pikalevo production complex, never entered into a new agreement. It threatens to stop work "Pikalevo cement", which may be left without raw materials and problems with sales for "BaselCementPikalyovo".

- Agreement with "Eurocement" no. If it goes, it is obvious, they can suspend work on January 1 - told "Izvestia" Maxim Volkov, General Director of "BaselCementPikalyovo" and the owner of the technology associated plant "Pikalevskaya soda." The representative of "Eurocement" on request "News" did not answer.

In October this year, "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska gave "BaselCementPikalyovo" under the management of former CEO "Fosagro" - the owner of "Pikalevo Soda" Maxim Volkov. Volkov also became the owner of shares "BaselCementPikalyovo" (the majority shareholder beforeacceptance was "Basel"). Once led by Volkova united two of the three companies of the complex, the market expected early integration and "Pikalevo cement".

Nepheline sludge - a byproduct of "BaselCementPikalyovo" and "Pikalevo cement" - its exclusive customer. Companies are not the first time can not agree on price. In 2013, for example, "BaselCement" generally failed to index the price relative to 2012. At the end of 2012 the plant "BaselCementPikalyovo" went to minus 68.2 million rubles, and continues to suffer losses.

In the absence of a new agreement will be a problem for both companies. "Pikalevo cement" wants to reduce dependence on raw materials "BaselCementPikalyovo" and now is upgrading to put the company on the raw mixture with its own production of limestone. But while he is buying raw materials from "BaselCement" recalls Dmitry Kumanovo, head of analytical department of investment company LMS. And if in January "Pikalevo cement" can some vreI continue to work at the expense of stocks of raw materials in the future likely to stop.

At the same time after the problems in buyer - "Pikalevo cement", to reduce production and to have the supplier "BaselCementPikalyovo" says Kumanovsky. Polygon nepheline sludge on "BaselCement" simply overflows, as it was in 2010 that will reduce, on a chain, procurement of nepheline concentrate at "Fosagro" and supply of carbonate solution to "Pikalevo soda." Given that the goal of the new leadership is to derive "BaselCementPikalyovo" to break even in 2018, the conflict with the "Pikalevo cement" it is unprofitable neither economically nor reputation, he said.

Pikalevo has long been a household name monotown problem when different owners can not agree on cooperation. In 2009, work stoppages "BaselCementPikalyovo" forced residents to block the federal highway. The situation was then allowed to personally by President Vladimir Putin, in whose presence the owners of the complex enterprises have signed the contract on the supply ofmaterials. Experts are now before the intervention of the president will not come.

- We'll have to negotiate. But whereas it was, as in the fable Krylov, negotiators now only two, and both are interested in continuing cooperation. I think that the situation in 2009 will not be repeated, and the parties agree - Kumanovsky said.

Roman Agibalov, Project Manager of practice "Industry" consulting group "NEO Centre" also believes that the issues must be solved together.

- Do not forget about the fact that both companies are located in mono and the closure or reduction of production capacity of one of them definitely will cause negative social effect. Definitely should not be considered an industrial complex enterprises separately, - says Agibalov.

According to the analyst, the output for "BaselCementPikalyovo" could be the construction of its own cement production. Thus, the company would have to protect themselves against the risk of lack of sludge marketing and loss of the loss of profit.

"BaselCementPikalyovo" deitvitelno waiting for modernization of production, but as long as it is primarily about the new sintering technology of nepheline raw materials. As previously told "Izvestia" Maxim Volkov, depending on the extent of the modernization of the plant may need 4-10 billion rubles. In order to finance the investment program is planned to attract long-term loan VEB.