Gazprom awarded the contract for the "Power of Siberia" worth 72 billion rubles without tender

Gazprom has chosen Stroytransgaz company, co-owned by billionaire Gennady Timchenko, as a contractor for the construction of 255 km of gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" without tender. The cost of the contract is 72.2 billion rubles.
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"Gazprom" has concluded with JSC "Stroytransgaz" contract for construction of the gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" with the length of 255 km, is located between the compressor stations "Saldykelskaya" and "Olekminsk", follows from the materials published on the public procurement website. According to the materials, "Stroytransgaz" was the only tenderer.

The cost of the contract - 72.3 billion rubles. The contractor will build a section of the pipeline, as well as the testing ground for the collection of waste and other associated infrastructure, according to the documents of purchase. Completion is scheduled for July 31, 2018.

Representatives of "Stroytransgaz" and "Gazprom" declined to comment.

"Stroytransgaz" build another two sections of "Power of Siberia": 208 km from Chayandinskoye field to Lensk city (cost of works not disclosed) and 93 km from Lensk to "Saldykelskaya" station worth 27.6 billion rubles. In the March eurobond prospectus stated that in 2016 "Gazprom" will build a 800 km gas pipeline and spend it 90 billion rubles. But the deputy chairman in June"Gazprom" Andrey Kruglov said that the volume of construction in 2016 will be reduced by half.

"Stroytransgaz" Group (STG) acquired 50% of JSC "Stroytransgaz '(formerly' Argus Pipeline") from its founder Michael Ray in 2013.
Billionaire Gennady Timchenko (fifth place in the ranking of the richest businessmen of Russia, according to Forbes, assessment of the state - $ 11.4 billion), owns 63% in the GH group, Gazprombank - 19.99%, Mikhail Kenin - 5.7%, Maxim Vorobyev - 11 3%. Later the shares in "Stroytransgaz" have been transferred directly to the shareholders of ST. Thus, Timchenko's Volga Group Fund received 31.5% of JSC "Stroytransgaz" Gazprombank - 10%.

JSC "Stroytransgaz" on the basis of 2015 increased profit by 2.7 times to 10.5 billion rubles. This follows from the financial statements "Stroytransgaz" over the past year, published in the system "SPARK-Interfax". The company's revenue in 2015 grew by 1.8 times to 188.3 billion rubles. Gross profit doubled - up to 20.91 billion rubles. Profit before tax increased by almost three times - up to 14.012 billion rubles.

In December last year, "Gazprom" on theeclipse of the tender for 156 billion rubles. for the construction of 822 km of "Power of Siberia". Against the tender made by the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev, who found in it a lot of violations and threatened to complain to them to President Vladimir Putin. Claims Artemyev stated in a letter to the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller name. In particular, the FAS was worried because of the shortage of materials for the tender details on the amount of ordered works, the requirements for quality, performance and results of the work that led to the fact that potential bidders "can not form their proposals, including price" , mentioned in the letter. In addition, in some cases, it has been incorrectly formed item, redundant set requirements for the types and organization of work, are not set properly the criteria for evaluation and comparison of bids. Questions FAS called the timing of the application and submit a proposal, potential participants in procurement, which make up a total of seven days.