Gazprom buys equipment from its cronies

Gazprom will buy equipment for 2.2 billion rubles produced by the company, owned, among others, by the son of a top manager of Gazprom and a former member of the board of the company.
Last Friday, the "Gazprom" announced the results of the tender for the purchase of equipment to 2.222 billion rubles. for compressor stations "Southern Corridor". The winner was LLC "Promgazmash". It will supply equipment Podolsk "NPK" Oylgazmash ".

"Promgazmash" through Cyprus Veciana Holdings is controlled by the two companies to the BVI - Centrale Assets Inc. and Centrale Ventures Inc. Who is behind them, "Vedomosti" could not figure out.

But 12.5% ​​of shares in "Oylgazmashe" belongs to Bogdan Budzulyak. Until 2008, he was a board member and head of the department of transportation, underground storage and the use of "Gazprom" gas. The same package is owned by "Gas turbine technology" LLC. According to SPARC, 100% of its shares owned by 32-year-old Anton Aleksandrovich Shaikhutdinov. His father - the deputy chief of the Department of Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization of "Gazprom" Alexander Shaikhutdinov.

The Department of Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization, among others, formulate technical requirements (TT), totorym must comply with equipment for compressor stations of "Gazprom", said "Vedomosti" businessman working with "Gazprom".

Alexander Shaikhutdinov confirmed "Vedomosti" through the representative of "Gazprom" that Anton - his son. However, any assistance in obtaining orders of the company he denies. "The equipment is chosen on a tender basis. Initial requirements for all the same, and no preferences can not be ", - said Shaikhutdinov. Moreover, full information about the kinship was disclosed when submitting tender documents. "Specifications for preparing design institutes. The Department agrees TT only new development that provides the developer himself, "- adds Shaikhutdinov.

"NPK" Oylgazmash "created in 2005 by a group of organizations-founders, including JSC" Podolsk Engineering Plant ", JSC" Gidroaerotsentr "and others, with the aim of expanding the range of designed and supplied equipment for the petrochemical complex, especially gammapparatov air cooling. Then 50% of the company received a firm "Raznoexport", the owner of which, according to SPARK, was Peter Kolbin - former partner Gennady Timchenko Gunvor. But in 2006, he sold his stake.

The government even when he was Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced the intention to stop the business of top managers of state companies on the orders of their employers. In December 2011, the Prime Minister criticized for energy meeting. "Of all the 352 people tested management team energy complex at 169 officers - nearly every second - revealed an affiliation with 385 commercial organizations, other than those in which they operate", - Putin has declared. Later checks should have been extended to state-owned companies in the oil, gas, nuclear and transport industries and state-owned banks. The more they run, the officials did not report.

Head of the Department for Control and Supervision in industry, construction, metallurgy and ore raw materials complex of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Maxim Ovchinnikov could not comment on the tender "Gazprom & raquo ;. He only assured that over time the agency will monitor all competitive procurement company. "Where," Gazprom "has the ability to restrict competition, we will look very closely, as it can lead to serious consequences for the entire economy," - promises to the official. However, in the equipment manufacturing sector for the compressor "Gazprom" stations it is essential, but not the only user adds Ovchinnikov.

"Externally, the formalities are met: Anton Shaikhutdinova and structure, and Bogdan Budzulyak own just 12.5% ​​and, therefore, no question of the affiliation of the company can not be", - says partner of King & Spalding Ilya crustacean. He adds that for the recognition of the affiliation of the owner must be greater than 20%.