Gazprom gave a contract for 74.6 billion rubles to the structure of Timchenko

The contract concerns a contract for the construction of two sections of the linear part of the overland supply to the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. In the documents, the data on the contractor-related to Gennady Timchenko of the company Stroytransneftegaz-are hidden.
Origin source
The general contractor for the construction of sections of the North European Gas Pipeline with a total length of 538 km was Stroitransneftegaz, according to the data published on the public procurement website. The customer is PJSC Gazprom (represented by the deputy director of OOO Gazprom invest Nikolay Shendelev).

In the contract published on the website (* .pdf), the data on the contractor is vomarane, however, if you single out an empty area on the second page in the general contract agreement and copy its contents to a text editor, then, as the "general contractor", JSC "STNG", with address: St. Petersburg, Startovaya street, house 8. The text about JSC "STNG" is also contained on the 60th page of the agreement, where the addresses of the parties and bank details are indicated. The right side of the page also contains an "invisible" text with contact details of the general contractor of JSC "STNG". To the address of St. Petersburg, ul. Starting, 8. letter A indicates the office of the company Stroyneftegaz, follows from the information on the company's website.

"At least half" Stroytransneftegaz own businessman Gennady Timchenko and his family, told RBC Timchenko in February 2017. Volga Group Timchenko owns 31.5% of the company. According to SPARK, 100% of JSC "STNG" belongs to the British company Alkor Holdings Limited.

The representative of Gazprom refused to comment. The representative of Timchenko redirected the question to STNG. With the TNG, it was not possible to contact them operatively.

The contract that Gazprom concluded with STNG concerns a general contract for the construction of two sections of the land part of the onshore supply to the Nord Stream-2 pipeline: these are the sections of Gryazovets-KS Slavyanskaya from 0 to 319 km and from 319 to 538 km. According to the application published on the website of the state procurement with the calculation of the price of works for the construction of facilities, they will cost 74.6 billion rubles. in view of VAT.

The purpose of the project for the construction of the Gryazovets-Sl Slavyanskaya site is to ensure the supply of gas to the initial point of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, the summary (.pdf) published on the Gazprom website says. The company plans that this site will provide gas supply in the amount of 55 billion cubic meters. m per year in the offshore part of the pipeline.