Gazprom has canceled its largest tender

It happened after the promises of the Head of FAS to complain to the president.
After promises of the Head of FAS complained to the president.

"Gazprom" to cancel the record in the history of the company's tender for 156 billion rubles. for the construction of gas pipeline "Power of Siberia". The tender has caused strong dissatisfaction with the FAS: Igor Artemyev, head of the service said that in the conditions of the tender has multiple violations, and if there is no response from the company promised to complain to Putin.

"Gazprom" refused to hold a tender for the construction of several sections of the "Power of Siberia", which by 2022 should begin gas deliveries to China, the materials of the company. As a rule, it does not mean the actual abandonment of the purchase, but allows the company to make changes to the tender documents and announce a new purchase. According to the original plan, the successful tenderer must turnkey build 822 km of pipes, the starting price - 156 billion rubles. (Bids are for a fall). The first section of "Power of Siberia" is already building "Stroytransgaz" Gennady Timchenko, who is also one of the main contenders for victory in the new tender.

Already at the time of announcement of the tender, he has caused objectionsThe FAS. As reported by "Kommersant" on December 10 Service sent the head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller a letter with a "very harsh criticism." According to the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev has been "violated all the laws that you can imagine, there are violated competition law, 223rd laws and regulations on tenders' under the conditions of the tender. Last week, Mr. Artemyev said that no response to the letter from "Gazprom" has been received, adding that FAS may sue the company business for the Protection of Competition Act, to consider this behavior when setting tariffs for gas transportation, as well as to bring the situation to the attention of President of the Russian Federation.

If "Gazprom" really reconsider the tender documents in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (Service generally opposed to concentration of different types of work in one lot), it will be the first example of a real intervention regulator in the monopoly of purchase. In the autumn of FAS has already tried to make an exception of the schemes traders purchases "Gazprom" of large diameter pipes, but it is concrete results that did not lead.