Gazprom replaces the main contractor in Yamal

The new favorites have already been found. And they will get billions of dollars.
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The gas monopoly has given Jordanian billionaire Ziyad Manasir just over a year to his "Stroygazkonsalting" finished their projects.
In Yamal began the largest in recent years redistribution of the contracting market in the energy sector, the volume of which is estimated at billions of dollars. "Gazprom" has decided to change the company Jordanian Ziad Manasira "Stroygazkonsalting". Sources say that within a year and a half to get rid of the concern SGK presence in its facilities. The vacant place will be a new monster - Construction Group "VIS". To leave without a fight Manasir does not want to, as evidenced by its appeal to the presidential commission on the fuel and energy sector, which fell in the federal press today. Apparently, the owner of the SGC tries to find a powerful ally in the person of the president of "Rosneft" and the secretary of the commission, Igor Sechin, who are increasingly interested in Yamalo-competing it with "Gazprom", the "Novatek". In the area of ​​attention Sechin, including the shelf of the Kara Sea. If Manasir be able to attract a conflict with "Gazprom" head of "Rosneft", regihe is waiting for a major conflict.

"Ziyad made it clear that by 2015 it should not be on the Yamal Peninsula, - said one of the interlocutors, familiar with the situation. - As I understand, the company decided to start saving and it is easier to deal with a similar structure to it - GSK "VIS". The source said that "Gazprom" has developed a unique system of relations with the "VIS", in which about 15% of the tens of billions, which went under the agreements with the region for the construction of capital facilities, and then returned back to the company. "It was a run-in on the construction of social facilities. Who knows, it is possible that such a relationship would extend to contracts for industrial facilities "- said the expert.

Naturally, this situation does not suit "Stroygazkonsalting", who worked with the gas monopoly a decade. The company's share in the monopoly Ziyad Manasira orders was about 70%. According to Forbes, SGK mastered 12% of "Gazprom" building budgets. Orders for the construction of commodity companies bring the company more than 2 billiondollars a year. The Empire Manasira employs about 30 thousand. People, and the number of technology reached 7 thousand. Units.

Today there was indirect evidence that CFS is conflicting with "Gazprom". Press voiced claims to the contracting owner of holding a monopoly, which he outlined in circulation in the presidential commission on the fuel and energy sector: Ziyad Manasir Requests the entity to perform the arbitrator as "Gazprom" chronically pays for their orders. It is possible that so concern simply pushes the GTS from the region. The reasons for the conflict are not clear. It is possible that they are rooted in the desire to guide "Gazprom" to give all their orders YaNAO GSK "VIS", many people from the leadership that has long strongly linked with the concern. The close friendship with a monopoly, as already reported, leads chairman Igor Snegurov.

The rate of "VIS" impressive business development. With "Gazprom" company began work in mid zero after the group received the functions of general contractor for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of helium plant facilities in Orenburg. segOD A Y, it operates in 13 regions of the country, and it is composed of 10 regional offices located in Astrakhan, Novy Urengoy, Novocherkassk, Noyabrsk, Orenburg, Salekhard, Sochi and Yaroslavl, and so on. Key areas for action group - construction, engineering, supply and installation of equipment, the automation of production processes. According to the report, "VIS", from 2000 to 2012, 26 projects were implemented. The portfolio of the group contracts - more than 150 billion rubles, he formed until 2015. According to the company's revenue for 2012 amounted to more than 25 billion rubles, an increase compared to 2011 -19%. On average over the period from 2010-2012, the revenue amounted to about 20 billion a year.

The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous "VIS" District is building more than 30 social facilities: Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy, Salekhard, Tarko-Sale, Gubkinsky, Taz, and so on. It is believed that in the industry for the construction of housing and social facilities group led Eugene Miskevich, being the first county deputy-governor.

There are others - administrative complex for authorities in Salekhard, office buildingfor the "daughter" of "Gazprom" in Noyabrsk (the scandal around this building details reported earlier this year), the objects of Novy Urengoy Gas and Chemical Complex, reconstruction of several fields "Gazprom mining Noyabrsk".

But, obviously, really serious money orders at the "VIS" associated with contract work on the industrial "Gazprom" facilities. Officially, the company reports a close relationship with JSC "Gazprom Invest Yug", "Gazprom mining Astrakhan", "Gazprom Orenburg", OGK-2. And ahead - the arrangement of the Yamal deposits concern if "Stroygazkonsalting" Ziyad Manasira as predicted by our sources, leave the Yamal.