Genbank abandons its chain

The bank will close 50% of its branches in the Crimea.
Previously we did not stay in the Crimea, small banks, but now their presence on the peninsula optimize largest. As the leader in the number of offices in the region Genbank announced its intention to close 100 points, which is half of its network. The official reason - the closure of the holiday season. However, experts suggest that the real reason - the inability to implement the business development ambitions in the Crimea because of the failure of the merger with State Bank CHBRR Crimea.

Genbank suspend the activities of more than 100 offices in the territory of the Crimean peninsula, it should be from the message of the credit institution. "Continuing the policy of optimizing the structure of GenBank, and also in connection with the termination of the holiday season the bank's management decided to suspend the activities of more than 100 offices with a limited range of services in the territory of the Crimean peninsula, aimed primarily at the tourist segment of the service," - said the bank. Thus, the bank will reduce the net twice, ceasing to be the largest bank in the region by the number of units - on this indicator (206 branches in the Crimea and Sevastopol) He overtook the largest in terms of assets Crimean RNCB Bank (188 branches). The Genbank yesterday did not respond to the request "b".

Genbank held October 1, the 122-th place in terms of assets, according to the rating of "Interfax". The owners of 50% of the Genebank are eight individuals with stakes of less than 10%. One of them with a share of 7.2% is Eugene DVOSKIN - known financier, which Russian and international authorities repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to prosecute for fraud. 50% from the middle of last year, is equally owned by the authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Genbank was one of the first banks, who came to the Crimea in the spring of 2014 after its accession to Russia. Since the beginning of active expansion in Genbank Crimea quadrupled the volume of assets - from 7.8 billion to 29.8 billion rubles. on October 1, 2016. The amount of funds of natural persons from the spring of 2014 in GenBank has grown more than five times - from 3.4 billion to 18.5 billion rubles. And, while Genbank represented not only in the Crimea, the peninsula is a key region for him. It was planned that the further development of the bank in the region will contribute to the deal on its merger with Prospectthe competent authorities of the Crimean Bank CHBRR. As part of its preparation Genbank even presented to the authorities of the Crimea and Sevastopol in the aggregate 50% of its shares. It was assumed that the Republic of Crimea would gain control in the merged bank, which will support the authorities in the region. However, recently it became known that the transaction will not take place (see. "Kommersant" dated October 7).

According to experts, it is the failure of the transaction could lead to the decision to drastically reduce Genebank network. Seasonality As a rule, does not affect the number of bank branches. An example is the policy of the main competitor Genebank - RNCB. 'Employment offices operating RNCB does not depend on the seasonal specifics of the region, to optimize due to the end of the holiday season the bank has no plans "- said" Kommersant ", the press service of the bank. "The decision on the temporary and sharp reduction in the network looks unusual, - said the managing director of the NRA Paul Samiev.- Still, a significant reduction in the number of offices is usually associated or with the radical revision of the strategy, or other very serious reasons, but not with the season."

If you're Genbanklizuet their plans, the total number of bank branches in Crimea fell by almost 1/5. According to the CBA, as of 1 September on the peninsula operated 533 bank branches. Thus, if earlier in the Crimea did not stay small players - from coming to the peninsula after joining the Russian banks maintained their presence there at least half (. See "Kommersant" dated 7 September), it is now optimized, and the presence of the leaders of the region. How painful is this reduction for residents of the Crimea, the experts find it difficult to evaluate. In the department of the Bank of Russia for the Republic of Crimea "Kommersant" reported that while the official documents on the suspension of the offices of GenBank did not receive. "Comment of the bank intentions we are not authorized," - noted there.