General Alexander Ogloblin went on the case of "Voentelecom"

A high-ranking official was in a share in the theft of more than 1.2 billion budget rubles. Military counterintelligence has already arrested a werewolf in a cap.
A list of defendants and those arrested in a high-profile criminal case about the theft of almost half a billion rubles while executing contracts between the Ministry of Defense and JSC Voentelecom for state contracts for the modernization of army communication systems was supplemented with a new person. Major General Alexander Ogloblin, who until recently was the head of the First Directorate of the Main Communications Directorate (HUS) of the military department, became one of them. According to the investigation, the military, who acted as the customer of the equipment, could be in a share with his alleged accomplices. They, by the way, and gave him evidence.

Alexander Ogloblin was detained by military counterintelligence officers and arrested by the 235th garrison military court on the petition of the Main Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, which accuses the general of particularly serious fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). With this decision, a high-ranking communications officer and his lawyers did not agree, filing an appeal with the Moscow District Military Court, but they recognized the elected measure of restraint justified. "The military investigation provided the court with convincing evidence of the accused Ogloblin's involvement in the crime," a source at Kommersant explained.

The embezzlement to Mr. Ogloblin was committed in 2013 with the implementation of a large-scale state program to modernize the system of secret and special communications. In its framework, it was supposed to completely transfer military communications from analogue to digital: to replace obsolete equipment and develop appropriate software. General contractor for design and installation work was selected under the control of the Ministry of Defense JSC "Voentelecom", and the representative of the customer from the military department was at that time deputy head of the 1st Directorate of the GUS Ogloblin.

The officer associated long-standing friendly relations with the leaders of Voentelecom, so the partners, as the investigation believes, quickly found a common language. As a result, for example, in three times the supply of Chinese routers was paid, on which the merchants only re-labeled, thus turning the devices into "Russian-made products". Then the Ministry of Defense paid for the so-called author supervision of suppliers for installing routers for secret communications. In general, for the implementation of the state program on the digitization of military communications, the general contractor Voentelecom, as the investigation found out, received only about 10 million rubles. At the same time, 25 times more money went to pay for the services of numerous intermediaries close to the heads of joint-stock companies.

In total, the group of alleged plunderers is charged with embezzlement of 460 million rubles, but from the database of arbitration courts it follows that in fact the military department lost 1,271 billion rubles. In any case, it expects to collect this amount through arbitration from Voentelecom.

Recall that in the criminal case of embezzlement, two former leaders of Voentelecom, General Director Alexander Davydov and his deputy Oleg Savitsky, are already under arrest. Both were detained and arrested on similar charges back in December last year. Under the arrest, the general director of the supplier of routers LLC "ERCiAi" Tatiana Ilina. At the first stage, the military investigation showed indulgence to the lady, asking the court to leave her under house arrest, but after Mrs. Ilyina violated the stipulated conditions of daily walks, the investigation returned her to the pretrial detention center. However, on the contrary, another accused, former adviser to the general director of Voentelecom, Dmitry Semiletov, who had concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement, under which he clarified the whole scheme of the committed thefts and told about the role of each of them in the investigation their accomplices. Sources of Kommersant believe that it was Mr. Semiletov's testimony that allowed the investigator to file charges against General Ogloblin. The defense of the repentant figurant of the case, however, claims that the referent with the general did not directly communicate directly, did not give testimony against him and did not even conduct a confrontation between them. "The source of information," according to representatives of Dmitry Semiletov, should be sought among the defendants higher rank, who are only now preparing to conclude transactions with the investigation.

53-year-old general Ogloblin, having started the service as a secret engineer of the communication center of the General Staff, finished it with the head of the department responsible for such important tasks as "planning the construction of the communications system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, organization and management of the communications system and information and telecommunications component of the RF Armed Forces management system ". He was awarded the Order of Honor and "For Military Merit", and last year under the decree of the President he became a Major-General.