General Nikandrov lived in the apartment of the "black" realtors' victim

According to LIFE, in 2009 Denis Nikandrov had to explain to investigators how he got an apartment in Moscow, which owner had been killed.
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Arrested on charges of corruption in the Investigative Committee in Moscow, General Denis Nikandrov throws FSB investigators all new surprises. When they began to understand the general in Moscow, suddenly revealed the origin of the property and real estate, that back in 2009 he was involved in the case of "black" Realtors. The story itself raises many questions: the owner of a Moscow apartment is killed, it has become the new owner of the Investigative Committee and the tenant - Nikandrov.

In a gloomy November day in 2009 a young but promising employees of the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor's Office with the then Russian Denis Nikandrov hosted in Moscow colleagues from Istra near Moscow. They arrived at a very thorny matter - to carry out his official interrogation.

- Denis, explain the circumstances and the grounds on which you live in an apartment in a house in Bataisk Travel in Moscow - sets Nikandrov question one of them. A senior investigator says that the apartment he was allocated from the fund of the Investigative Committee.

This story began 19 October 2009When the pensioner from the village Shabanova Istra district of Moscow region came in the local forest belt on the terrible discovery - the dead man. Everything pointed to the fact that he had not died, he and his death was agonizing: a man smashed his head. The age of death - two days. No documents when it was not, but in the pockets of jackets investigators found pieces of paper with some phone numbers and addresses. Investigation Department of the Prosecutor of the Istrian then opened a criminal case under article "Causing grievous bodily harm, povlёkshego death."

Investigators began punching phones, and it went. All rooms have been "attributed" to the city of Great Luke Pskov region: the local migration service, clinic, police station. One of the rooms belonged to the operative of the office. Let's go to him. He recalled that in the middle of summer to his appointment came a Alexey Sedov. According to him, in Moscow, he had an apartment, but some crooks robbed her, and he was discharged in the Great Luke.

Soon, experts confirmed that the body found in the woods just Alexey Sedov. He really was registered in Moscow in Batayscom Travel. They began to understand more. It turned out that Sedov in 2009 his wife died and he was left alone. Neighbors said that he was very upset by the mountain, so the gash. In the same two-bedroom apartment he had been prescribed, and his son Oleg, but in fact he lived with his grandmother in Travel Nansen in Moscow. When raised houses books, we found out that in November 2008 at the personal request of Alexei Sedov was discharged in the Pskov region to Vitebsk, and in late January 2009 to the exiled and his son.

The new owners of the Moscow apartment Sedov appeared certain Dmitry Antipov - previously convicted resident of Great Onion. The deal was formalized standard, there were no problems with the documents. The apartment has a good repair has been made, but lived in it a completely different person. As stated in the documents of the criminal case, which familiarized Life, it was an employee of the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor of Russia Denis Nikandrov. Investigators went to interrogate him. According to him, he got an apartment from the UK housing fund.

Police officers began to search in Moscow other relatives and friends Sedov and found new dehoists. It turns out that his fate repeated tёscha and classmate, who lived on the street Belorechenskaya. Their apartments in Moscow have also been sold, and they were written in the same Great Luke. Find pensioner, son Sedov and other investigators have not been able, so suspect that they are no longer alive.

Antipov did not deny it, and told investigators that he lives in Pskov and construction project for a living. In autumn 2008, it released the alleged local MP Michael Shmyrev, who owned a network of real estate agencies, and invited him to earn 20 thousand rubles by issuing the apartment in Moscow in Bataisk Travel. The builder agreed, went to Moscow and spent transaction. Since he became the owner kopeck piece in the capital.

- Said a source in the security services LIFE - According to him, some have for sale this apartment, in August-September 2009, the realtors again summoned him to Moscow. - Then the apartment became the property of the Investigative Committee under the Russian Prosecutor's Office.

In October Antipov offered to make repairs in the apartment, to which he agreed and invited to Moscow, St.oego brother.

Neighbors said that in October 2009, when the apartment was going full swing repair, suddenly appeared in her former master. Sedov began to fuss with the workers, but in his apartment, they did not let him. What happened to him then, no one knew.

When it became clear that the Sedov and his family were victims of the "black" Realtors, the criminal case was reclassified to the article "Murder." Operatives found that tёscha Sedova and his son in autumn 2009 still lived in a rented apartment in Pskov, but then lost track of them.

Now the FSB investigators understand how the Investigation Committee became the owner of an apartment in Bataisk Travel, which was then transferred Nikandrov. The list of "black" realtors involved in this and other transactions, the investigation is. Already organized their search.

Experts believe that, if it turns out the involvement of the general Nikandrova to this group of "black" Realtors, could face new charges.

- A lot of unknown in this story. For example, why is the private owner of the apartment with a known difficult destiny has suddenly decided it sas Investigative Committee. In such cases, usually try to stay away from the police. It is also unclear why Nikandrov got this apartment. All this - a reason for scrutiny, - told Life's lawyer Yuri Gervis.

Investigators check the information that General Nikandrov received and other apartments in Moscow with a dubious fate. Now the case is being investigated metropolitan categories "black" Realtors, which included investigators Moore. According to Life account, one of the defendants in the case began to cooperate with the investigation and said that the group allegedly protected and guarded including Denis Nikandrov. Because he controls the investigators blind eye to the killing and disappearance of single owners of housing capital, the general allegedly thanked apartments. Two of them have been found in South-East district of Moscow.

The main criminal case against General Nikandrova and his colleagues - Head of its own security service TFR Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonova - is due to give a multi-million dollar bribe from one of the leadersin the Russian criminal world - Zechariah Kalashova (Shakro Young). Investigators believe that the money they took to save his men - Andrew Kochuykova (Italian). As a result, they fell into the field of view of the department "M" of the FSB. Now senior officials TFR itself Shakro Young became neighbors in jail "Lefortovo".

Also FSB investigators had questions to Nikandrov and about the possible collapse of their 2016 anti-corruption checks against two deputy chief of the Moscow metro Dmitry Pegova - Yuri Degtyarev and Alexei Kharitonov. The materials they collected one of the investigators TFR card on the subway, but then he summoned General Nikandrov and offered to resign and transfer the matter to another. While going to the investigator, he was informed that against him a criminal case of taking a bribe of 1 million rubles, and offered to give a confession. When the principal investigator declined the offer Nikandrova, he was arrested and sent under arrest in one of the capital's prison. Checking against Degtyaryova and Kharitonov was closed - ended crimeeniya they have not found work. FSB investigators do not rule out that Denis Nikandrov not for just dispersed the clouds above the deputy head of the Moscow subway.

Now, investigators started checking all the cases that led the arrested deputy head of GSU SK.