General Victor Trutnev was extorting bribes

The former chief of the MUR was accused of corruption and arrested.
On the charge of mediating bribery in custody General of Police Retired Viktor Trutnev, who in the past led the Department of Internal Affairs of the three districts of the capital and the Moscow criminal investigation department, was taken into custody. According to the investigation, he participated in the extortion of money by FSB officers from the management of JSC "NITI im. PI Snegirev, one of the leading manufacturers of fuses for ammunition.

The Military Investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow suspected the 57-year-old general of involvement in the extortion of bribes as early as this year. With the sanction of the Moscow Garrison Military Court (MGVS) at home, Viktor Trutnev was searched, and he himself was several times interrogated. However, at the height of the investigation, the general was in hospital. In the TFR, it is obviously decided that the former chief of the MUR is thus trying to evade the investigative actions. Waiting for Mr. Trutnev's statement, the investigators charged him with committing a crime under Part 4 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (mediation in bribery committed in an especially large amount), and appealed to a military court. In MGVS "Kommersant" confirmed that in early March they received a petition for the arrest of Mr. Trutnev. According to the official website of the court, the appeal was granted, and the other day appealed against the protection of the general in retirement. The Moscow District Military Court has not yet considered the complaint.

According to the investigators, last year, during the inspection of the JSC "Scientific Research Technological Institute named after A.Kh. PI Snegirev, "the FSB officers found violations related to the design of his employees. Informing the Director of NITI, Igor Grigoriev, that according to the results of the inspection, he can become a criminal in the criminal case of fraud or embezzlement (Article 159 or Article 160 of the Criminal Code), the Chekists suggested that he hush this story by paying several million rubles for each violation. However, the general director preferred to apply to the FSB's own security management, after which he transferred to the deputy head of the 7th Interdistrict Directorate of the FSB, Colonel Alexei Kruglov, under control of his employees, 3 million rubles. In addition to Colonel Kruglov, the investigators were the head of the department of the FSB in the city of Balashikha Denis Semenov, operatives Roman Nadezhdin, Alexei Vinokurov and awarded numerous state awards Arthur Yusufov.

Since Colonel Kruglov and operatives Nadezhdin and Vinokourov during the investigation pleaded guilty and actively cooperated with the investigation, including including testimony on General Trutnev, who acted as an intermediary in this case, the materials in their relation were singled out in a separate production. Now the case of officers is considered in the MGVS. In turn, the investigation of Mr. Trutnev's investigation brought together investigators Semenov and Yusufov, also accused of intermediating in bribery and not pleading guilty.

After serving in the army in the Airborne Forces and graduating from the police school with a red diploma, Victor Trutnev quickly passed from a simple operative to the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the South-Eastern District of Moscow. In 2001, he was transferred to Petrovka, 38, appointing the head of the legendary MUR. Here received the rank of Major-General Victor Trunev lasted two years, after which he was again sent to work "on the ground" by the head of another district police department - the North-East. In 2011, the general was transferred to the neighboring Northern District, but here General Trutnev lasted only a few months. At the end of the year, by decree of President Dmitry Medvedev, he was dismissed from his post.

According to some reports, the reason for the soon resignation of the prospective general was a scandalous incident that occurred during the visit of the then Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev to the departmental management academy located in the territory of the Northern Administrative District. Allegedly at the entrance to the Academy of honored guests, an obscene cursing addressed to the minister painted in large letters on the asphalt was greeted with paint. They say that after the "separation" the head of the Internal Affairs Director himself tore off a sign with his name from the door of the office, and then went to the hospital. Anyway, but soon it was officially announced the resignation of the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate, although the age allowed him to serve him for at least a few more years. At the same time Victor Trutnev was not helped by his services - he was awarded the Makarov pistol, the Order of Courage, the medals of Zhukov, "For impeccable service" of all three degrees and others.