Generals rush into the sky

The fleet of military transport aviation will be replenished with a hundred IL-112V.
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation yesterday announced its readiness to purchase over the next ten years more than a hundred light IL-112V military transport aircraft, a prototype of which is planned to be launched in the fall of 2018. The head of "ODK-Klimov" Alexander Vatagin told Kommersant that from the production point of view the company will be able to produce any number of engines for both military and civil versions of the Il-112. Voronezh Joint Stock Aircraft Building Company (VASO), according to Kommersant's information, the order will allow loading part of the capacity after the closure of the Russian-Ukrainian project An-148.

Plans to purchase a large batch of military transport aircraft Il-112V Deputy Defense Minister for weapons Yuri Borisov promulgated during a visit to the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft building company. According to him, as part of the state armament program, until the year 2027, the purchase of 22 such vehicles was originally planned: "But the demand for them is great, since the planes of the previous series (in particular, the AN-26.-" K "transport vehicles) them at the finish. I think that over a hundred planes (Il-112V-Kommersant) in total we will buy, "said Mr. Borisov.

Il-112V is designed for transportation and airborne landing of up to five tons of cargo and personnel. The aircraft was designed back in the 1990s, but due to lack of funding, the project was never implemented. In December 2014, the Russian Defense Ministry and Ilyushin signed a contract for the development of the Il-112V. Serial production is scheduled for 2019, VASO plans to produce up to 12 cars per year.

While the VASO is preparing for the first flight an experienced flight copy, connecting it the day before to the power supply. In the transport aviation division of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) they explained to Kommersant that this would allow specialists to check the systems mounted on board the aircraft: "It is planned that this stage of creating a new transport vehicle will last until August 2018, and then the aircraft will go to airfield tests." The first flight of the prototype Il-112V could take place in the fall of 2018.

Mr. Borisov yesterday specified that VASO will become the main enterprise for the implementation of the order for IL-112V. According to the source of Kommersant in the aircraft industry, a firm contract for 100-110 of these aircraft (together with the order of wide-body Il-96-400) will provide the plant with work "for ten years." This is a significant support, which will allow to level the effect of the closure for political reasons of the An-148 program (it is equipped with Ukrainian D-436 engines). The deputy minister said yesterday that the agency had received less than three such aircraft, "but this will not affect the plans for the rearmament of military transport aviation."

In the transport division of UAC yesterday also reported on the work and on another project - a regional aircraft IL-114-300. "The decision was made to unify the power plants of the two aircraft (Il-112V and Il-114.-" Kommersant "), which will reduce the costs for their testing and further production," added the division. The executive director of the company "ODK-Klimov" Alexander Vatagin confirmed to Kommersant that there are two versions of the aircraft version of the TV7-117-ST engine, and both are under development. He did not talk about firm contracts, referring to the need to complete the development work, "when the product itself": "It is impossible to contract what is not yet". Mr. Vatagin believes that the IL-114 will be massive and in demand "taking into account the geography of the country and the condition of the airfields." "The vast territory of the country can not be fully satiated by the armed forces, the possibility of transferring from one region to another should be available, a light military transport aircraft is uniquely in demand," the head of the "UDK-Klimov" is confident. He also assured that from an industrial point of view, the enterprises of the JDC can cope with any order quantities for both civil and military sectors. "It remains to finish development and organize production. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but everything will be done, "said Mr. Vatagin.