Gennady Lisovchenko's pocket waited for $ 12 million

The general director of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Lisovichenko rewarded himself for the plundered plant.
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Rescue Antipinsky refinery will be engaged in the government. Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak instructed to work out the issue of possible assistance to the enterprise.

Recall that this enterprise reached its current unenviable state under the leadership of top managers who are now under investigation: the ex-chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Mazurov and his closest associate, the former general director of the enterprise Gennady Lisovichenko.

And although Mr. Lisovichenko was on the run, as soon as the Tyumen TFR brought an action against him under the article “Fraud on an especially large scale”, this did not prevent him from suing the enterprise he had been managing. The ex-CEO today demands no less than $ 10 million from the Antitinsky Oil Refinery as a bonus, plus $ 2 million - accrued fines and late fees.

A special piquancy of the situation is given by the fact that, as Our Version already reported, it was Lisovichenko who most likely was involved in the numerous thefts at the plant and the withdrawal of assets that he carried out with the “ideological inspirer” of the whole case, Dmitry Mazurov.

Of course, Lisovichenko did not appear at the first court hearing on his own suit, on the run. Claims on his behalf were supported by his wife - 34-year-old Ksenia Lisovichenko. Before marrying a 68-year-old manager, she practiced law. However, a successful marriage, obviously, made some adjustments to the life of a young beauty.

Sponsor for himself

In his claims to the Antipinsky Oil Refinery, Gennady Lisovichenko refers to a certain arrangement with the Board of Directors of the enterprise, according to which, as the General Director, he is entitled to a stimulating payment of $ 10 million if certain performance indicators are achieved.

As evidence of his booming, and, most importantly, successful labor activity, Lisovichenko in the statement of claim refers to the modernization of production facilities.

Indeed, from 2013 to 2015, a lot of new and modern equipment was installed at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Due to this, in particular, the oil refining depth was 98%, and the refining capacity was 7.2 million tons.

Needless to say, the new installations worked correctly. But how did this affect the financial performance of the plant?
So, according to the results of 2018, the company's revenue grew by only 1%, the net profit from the sale of finished products decreased by 88% (!), And the company's net loss for the year amounted to 35.7 billion rubles.

Indicators, frankly, not brilliant. And they certainly do not pull for a prize of $ 10 million for the chief manager.

However, Gennady Lisovichenko himself seems to prefer not to delve into such "details".

Lisovichenko signs the order to reward himself on November 12, 2018. Exactly the day before he will be removed from the post of CEO.

The document Lisovichenko, obviously, is preparing in a terrible hurry. A short one-page order immediately catches the eye with a strange discrepancy: at the beginning of the text, the document refers to the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the refinery (where the decision was made on a “golden parachute” for Lisovichenko) dated 11.02.2018. At the same time, at the end of the text of the order there is a repeated reference to a document with the same details (Minutes of the decision of the Board of Directors No. 14-3) but with a different date - February 11, 2008. Where this discrepancy in dates came from is not very clear. It seems that on his last working day Lisovichenko was in a hurry to draw up a prize for himself, preparing the ground for a future trial in advance.

By the way, with the Protocol itself (a copy is available to the editors), not everything is alright either. The composition of the Board of Directors of the refinery is noteworthy. Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Mazurov is now the main suspect in the billions of theft case at the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. Obviously, the head of the Council and the general director have worked all these years in what is called a single team.

Another member of the Council is Mikhail Bereshchansky, who also holds a position in the Board of Directors of the New Stream company, which is wholly and completely controlled by the same Dmitry Mazurov. In addition, Dmitry Mazurov's father-in-law, Yuri Mytin, is also found on the Board of Directors. So the decision on a multi-million dollar prize for Lisovichenko was once made, as they say, in his own circle.

The court’s hearing on the suit of Gennady Lisovichenko was postponed until August 9. It appears that the court is highly doubtful about the veracity of the evidence provided by the former CEO. In particular, the original of the very decision of the Board of Directors at the plant is unlikely to be found, but the plaintiff did not provide it. As well as there is no original book of Orders also mentioned in the statement of claim.

So, it is possible that Lisovichenko himself concocted a “golden parachute” himself, hastily leaving the looted factory.