Gennady Timchenko will disfigure St. Petersburg with a bandaged glass jar

Friends of Vladimir Putin will earn billions on a new construction site in St. Petersburg.
The famous Petersburg SCC (it stands for “Sports and Concert Complex”) seems to be sentenced to demolition. Of course, it was not without friend President Gennady Timchenko. He wants to build a new complex instead of the old SCC for the World Cup, which will be held in St. Petersburg in five years. The club has already received the opportunity to rent land for SCC without bidding, for this purpose Georgi Poltavchenko specially tried. According to his amendment, the investor has such a preference if he invests more than 15 billion rubles in the project. The new Arena CCM will cost about 20 billion.

Petersburg SCC - one of the three ice rinks in the city - is now experiencing a decline. It was here that 34 years ago, the Zenit football club for the first time became the champion of the Union. Now big tournaments are held in the “Jubilee” on the Petrograd side, and the home matches of the SKA hockey are held in the Ice Palace.

But this hall for 12 thousand spectators of the St. Petersburg club has become cramped. Ice built 18 years ago for 60 thousand dollars. They want to build a new "house" on the site of the legendary CCM. It will be an arena for 20 thousand people - by all standards of the international hockey association. Here and a cafe, and a training base, and the presidential box. The CCM itself - they decided to demolish it.

Denis Levchenko, chief architect of the new stadium project: “It was the cup that was the primary problem. Because with the existing capacity - 13 thousand spectators, and almost doubling the number does not allow to place the necessary functionality. ”

Back in the spring, the CCM was promised to be reconstructed, but now the architects assure that this cannot be done. Therefore, the estimate will grow 10 times - up to 20 billion rubles. Although the figures are indicative. In general, the main St. Petersburg protracted “Zenit-Arena” also had a budget of 7 billion from the start, and finally managed to save 50. It’s true that it’s impossible to delay with the new facility, because the stadium is being prepared for the 2023 World Cup. Another thing is that there are no architectural innovations in it, by and large.

Svyatoslav Gaykovich, Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects: “This is already backward architecture, which can be tied to the year 2000, but not to the second decade of the 21st century. Such impressionism and in some cases deconstructivism in no way falls on the general context of the architecture of St. Petersburg. My personal opinion is that it is necessary to make every effort to reconstruct. ”

The rest of the time the hockey cup will belong to the Petersburg SKA. And this is an attacking club troika: President Gennady Timchenko, Vice President Roman Rotenberg and the owner, Gazprom-Export. To resist such a shock force is almost impossible. Perhaps that is why the former governor of St. Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko, specially developed and signed the law for them - according to it, land for projects from 15 billion rubles will be given away for free. And the Commission on the General Plan of the City transferred the territory around the SCC to a zone of business and multi-storey residential buildings. Although now there is a green alley. Now you can roll it into concrete and build houses, most likely, of a business class. Exactly 300 thousand square meters of housing should be discouraged by the costs of the investor.

True, the construction of new residential buildings, not the stadium, is still hampered by the famous St. Petersburg skyline. The thing is that now in the area of ​​the SCC the permissible height of the buildings is 60 meters. The hockey team wants to increase it to 70. City officials still think. But the height will give more money - respectively, and the project will pay off faster.

Architects call the new stadium “bandaged glass jars.” Residents of the Moscow district, it seems, still lose another green territory. And what will get Petersburg - an open question. The stadium will remain the three Timchenko-Rotenberg-Gazprom. Although the president of the SKA promises to transfer the arena to St. Petersburg free of charge, but after 49 years. In addition, these promises are not legally registered anywhere.