Gennady Timchenko will expand the roads in Zhukovsky for 6.6 billion rubles

The company "Stroytransgaz" Gennady Timchenko received a contract for the reconstruction of the road in the Moscow region of Zhukovsky.
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The company Stroytransgaz, controlled by businessman Gennady Timchenko, received a contract worth 6.66 billion rubles. on the reconstruction of the road (Tupolev Street) in the Moscow region of Zhukovsky, follows from the procurement materials. The company was the only bidder at the contest, organized by Moscow authorities.

A representative of Stroytransgaz informed RBC that the signing of the contract is planned in the near future. The press service of the Moscow Region Ministry of Transport specified that the contract with Stroytransgaz will be signed after July 9, and the contractor will start work.

Stroytransgaz should reconstruct a 2.7 km long section of the road from the intersection at ul. Tupolev and Tupolev highway to the bridge over the river Khripan. It is assumed that this segment of the Tupolev street will be reconstructed to the parameters of the citywide highway with continuous traffic. The road will be expanded from two to four or six lanes, a two-level junction, five overground pedestrian crossings, and under the Gromov Square, through which the st. Tupolev, a tunnel will be laid. The work should be completed in 2020.

Ul. Tupolev - the continuation of the entrance to Zhukovsky from Moscow from the highway M-5 "Ural", the construction of which was completed in 2013. Then the route was to be stretched along Tupolev Street towards Ramenskoye, but the construction was frozen. In April 2018, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobiev, said that the reconstruction of the street. Tupolev is still needed to eliminate the "bottleneck" and skip traffic from Moscow. By 2035 the intensity of traffic on the Tupolev highway - Gromov square - Muromskaya street (the first part of the site to be reconstructed by Stroyeransgaz) will be 5160 cars per hour, and on the Muromskaya street - the Zhukovsky border to the Hrypan 'bridge - 4330 cars per hour , told RBC in the press service of the Moscow Region Ministry of Transport. This can lead to traffic jams if the road is not expanded, the department warns: "The level of loading and the capacity of the existing Tupolev street, which has one lane on each side, does not allow proper transport accessibility for users of social, residential, scientific and technical, industrial and other purposes located on the territory of Zhukovsky and adjacent territories, taking into account their further development ".

6.66 billion rubles. - the normal amount for such a road project, and it looks quite attractive for potential contractors, says Alexander Galaktionov, head of the research group of InfraONE. Stroytransgaz often participates in projects on the reconstruction of roads in the Moscow region, she recalls. In July 2017, the company won a tender for the construction of transport interchanges at the intersection of Volokolamsky and Ilinsky highway in the Krasnogorsky region worth 4.4 billion rubles., Follows from SPARK. The company also prepares the territory for the reconstruction of the Kashirskoye Highway (0-4.4 km), the volume of the contract is 950 million rubles.

In the contractor's market - a crisis, adds Galkationov. For smaller companies with revenues less than 1-2 billion rubles. contracts for 4 billion rubles. and after the wave of bankruptcies 2014-2015 contractors with an average scale of business is almost gone, she points out.