German Gref could not defeat Alexey Miller in waste

State companies and regional budgets have spent more than 1.5 billion rubles to participate in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
The other day, experts estimated that 290 thousand new enterprises opened in Russia last year. But do not be in a hurry to exult: 600 thousand of them closed, twice as many

Against this background, the hype around the dead St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, along with its parties, glamorous parties and rivers of elite alcohol, literally looks like a feast during a crisis. A feast for which a total of billions of rubles went from the budget.


“We all say“ stability ”, but look: it’s the third day of the forum, and not a single one of the businessmen has been arrested. True, none has been released: stability. ”
State Duma Deputy Andrei Makarov

Star landing of Rogozin

Last week, Dmitry Rogozin personally led the landing of the stellar assault "Roskosmos". True, corporation officials landed not on Mars and not even on the long-promised Moon. The landing site turned out to be the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

For only one opportunity for the “space detachment” of 12 people to hang out at the Roskosmos forum, they forked out 6 million 377 thousand rubles. For the head of the detachment, Rogozin, the participation package, of course, was purchased, of course, not the Standard. This means that, in addition to the usual events, he was also allowed to look into the plenary session with the participation of Vladimir Putin. For such a joy, no budget 410,000 paid for Rogozin is not a pity.

And these 6 million are the expenses of Roscosmos only for participation in the forum. Yes, plus accommodation, of course, not in the hostel. Plus spending on transport, because from Moscow to Peter Rogozin did not get on the Soyuz rocket (he would suddenly fall in Bologoye) and not even on the high-speed Sapsan, like other humanoids. For a voyage "on Putin", "Roscosmos" for 2,817,295 rubles chartered from one of its "daughters" a personal VIP-plane TU-134A-3 with registration number RA-65995. Soft leather sofa, helpful stewardesses, food and drinks category "Comfort".

At the same time, interestingly, 10 people had to fly to St. Petersburg from Moscow, according to the freight agreement, and 15 were to return. Probably, from the sight of the president, the number of officials in Roscosmos only increases.

11 Avtodruzya Chubais

One Putin on the forum will not be full. Sberbank decided to organize several pretentious events at the SPIEF. One of them is a business breakfast. For the happiness on the air, see how German Gref has breakfast with businessmen, depositors of Sberbank, due to which the bank actually exists, paid Russia 24 TV channel 3 million 943 thousand 590 rubles and 68 kopecks. And this is not over yet. In addition to breakfast, Gref traditionally holds on the forum and evening get-togethers, each of which costs another 12-25 million rubles.
Gazprom didn’t stay aside from the holiday of investment life, but where is everything without our blue! While the villages are waiting for the much-needed gas pipeline this year, a mobile presentation office was built specifically for the head of the monopoly Alexei Miller at the SPIEF. And only for 92 million with kopecks. So that after three days to disassemble it. In addition to the bar hall, they planned a separate room for storing briefcases there. It is not to lose them after the bar.

A separate item of expenditure - personal transport. After all, not everyone wants their feet from the main entrance to the pavilions, and even after the room for briefcases. For the opportunity to drive with chic to the passage you need (even without parking there) and roll back to the rented hotel suite room, you also have to pay extra. For example, a delegation of three officials of the Ministry for the Affairs of the North Caucasus accredited three cars (Toyota and two Mercedes), respectively. For each of the driver's passes, the ministry was not ashamed to pay 49,200 rubles from the treasury. That is almost 150 thousand for three days. And what to do, otherwise, no one will understand that representatives from the Caucasus came.

However, it is still in the hoop. Rosnano Chubais for similar services generally posted 541,200 rubles. If you count, he will get a tuple of 11 cars.

Premium vodka from Beglov

Shikanuli and regions. Magnitogorsk, Udmurtia, Naberezhnye Chelny - officials from all over the country have decided to get used to big business and the president of Russia.

The Krasnodar budget paid for the representation of its bureaucracy on the forum 37.612.968 rubles. And if someone thinks that this is already over the edge - how much he is mistaken! The Moscow Region, for example, spent more than 47 million at the SPIEF. However, this amount included not only a voyage of 15 seconded, but also a reception for 100 people and the organization of the one and a half hour meeting of Governor Andrei Vorobyov with representatives of the business elite. Probably, Moscow suburbs believe that no one wants to meet with the most garbage governor of Russia for free.

St. Petersburg swung even more generously, the representatives of which did not even have to go far to the forum. The VIP-zone for negotiations by the acting governor of the city, Alexander Beglov, together with the adjoining premises, cost the voters 50 million rubles. Another 15 million city committee on culture spent on an "event on behalf of the governor" - a closed electoral reception organized in the center of St. Petersburg with entertainment and hostess services.

At the service of one and a half thousand guests, Beglovym turned out to be 50 waiters and an original menu based on a person of at least 950 grams of food, 50 grams of vodka, 200 grams of wine and 300 grams of champagne. Moreover, the wines (only Italy and France, no Crimea) were of the elite category - not lower than Appellation d’Origine and Denominazione di Origine Controllat, and vodka only of the Premium category, of improved alcohol. However, even these injections did not help: as it became known at the height of the forum, in the rating of investment attractiveness of the regions St. Petersburg not only did not retain its position, but also surrendered.

But the province comes on the heels of the capital. Even the heads of remote corners did not save on the forum. Not only the governors, but also the heads of committees, such as ecology, came to St. Petersburg. Not only mayors, but even their assistants. Even the heads of rural areas have arrived: why spend money on ordinary people when you can spend on a forum. As, for example, the head of the Kozelsky District of the Kaluga Region, Elena Slabova, who has obtained 120,000 from the office safe.

If there is an opportunity to spend on becoming a little closer to Putin, at least a little treasury - well, what Kozelsk official will stand. The crisis, after all, is not time to save. Tomorrow, and such money may no longer remain. So after us at least Batu.

Chief accountant

According to BBC's estimates, Russian state-owned companies, corporations and institutions spent at least 1.5 billion rubles to participate in SPIEF-2019. But this analysis is only part of government contracts, and without taking into account travel and transportation costs and living expenses, so the total amount can be 2-3 times higher.

Meanwhile, at the official SPIEF rates of 60,000 rubles each, the forum participants had to pay extra for the opportunity to attend the meeting with the participation of the Russian president.