German Gref finished off Antipinsky Oil Refinery

The Arbitration Court of the Tyumen region declared the Antipinsky oil refinery bankrupt, by court decision, a bankruptcy proceedings were opened for six months.
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The Arbitration Court of the Tyumen region declared bankrupt and entered bankruptcy proceedings against the Antipinsky oil refinery, Interfax reports.

Konstantin Sicheva from SRO “Northern Capital” was appointed as the bankruptcy trustee. The court session, where they will consider his report on the completion of bankruptcy proceedings, will be held on June 29, 2020.

In September, the Arbitration Court of the Tyumen Region introduced a monitoring procedure at the enterprise at the request of Sberbank LLC “SBK”. The company requires to recover from the refinery 70.977 million rubles, including 59.9 million rubles of the main debt. According to recent data, the debt of the refinery is $ 5 billion, including debt to Sberbank - about $ 3 billion, Interfax notes. In addition to the structure of Sberbank, the IBC filed an application for joining the bankruptcy case with claims of 1.9 billion rubles.

Until recently, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery belonged to the company "New Stream" Dmitry Mazurov and his partner Vladimir Kalashnikov. In December 2018, the plant began to have problems with working capital. The petition filed for bankruptcy in May 2019. This happened after his assets ($ 225 million) were frozen by the High Court of London due to a lawsuit by VTB Commodities Trading.

In June, it became known that the joint venture of the Azerbaijani state oil and gas company SOCAR (60%) and Sberbank (40%) Sokar Energoresurs bought the Cypriot structure of Vikay Industrial, and thereby received 80% of the shares of Antipinsky Oil Refinery JSC. In July, criminal proceedings were instituted against Mazurov.

A month ago, Kommersant, citing sources, wrote that Valeriy Subbotin, former senior vice president of supply and sales of Lukoil and his minority partner Ilgam Ragimov, classmate of Vladimir Putin and one of the co-investors of the group, may own shares in the plant through several companies. Kiev Square. " The publication noted that their exact shares are unknown.