Germany will pay dearly for insulting Russia

That's whyBerlin won't strengthen the sanctions, observers believe.
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On August 1, come into force EU sanctions against Sberbank, VTB, Gazprombank, Vnesheconombank and Rosselkhozbank. In addition, the European Union restricts its exports of oil and gas equipment. In the European Union estimated that the introduction of the only European sanctions, excluding the US, Russia will lose 23 billion euros, 1.5% of GDP in 2014 and almost 75 billion, 4.8% of GDP in 2015. The magazine The New Times economist Sergei Guriev, who now lives in Paris, said that Europe itself from economic sanctions almost hurt against Russia. However, many experts claim otherwise. And that means they predict that in the future united Europe, and its citadel - Germany does not dare to tougher sanctions. Details - in this material.

"Germany has a rare historic opportunity - choose the path or the path of Hitler's Bismarck"

Well-known economist Andrew Parshev draws attention to the fact that even Bismarck, the creator of the German nation-state, with great sympathy for the Russian Empire, where he spent several years as a diplomat and bl brought mentor - Chancellor Gorchakov, "Russian diplomacy has contributed to the unification of Germany rather than hindered, as seen in the strong contrast to Germany for more dangerous then France and England, the winners of Russia in the Crimean War." As for the common saying of Bismarck to the effect that "Russia might be undermined only by her department of Ukraine", the scab convincingly shows that it is - a fake and a lie. "In reality, Bismarck's position was simple and logical: Russia can not inflict the final defeat, in any way, - presents scab. - Temporarily - perhaps it is possible (and he writes with a fair skepticism - "It's not so easy!"), But even winning and dividing the Russian, can not prevent the subsequent reunification, and instead secure the eastern border of Germany sooner or later get a strong opponent, eager for revenge. " "Right now, Germany has a rare historic opportunity - choose the path Napoleon and Hitler - or the way Bismarck" - pointedly concludes scab.

PreSedAtel Paris branch of the European Institute for Democracy and Cooperation Natalia Narochnitskaya in an interview with the "Free press" is reminiscent of a special relationship Russian and Germans already WWII period, "Moscow, in fact, just the non-payment of post-war German reparations, moreover, she invested in the economy of the GDR. And in the period of German reunification we complete surprise to the Germans, had the most beneficial effect on the process. They did not even expect such generosity. For that Helmut Kohl was always we are very grateful. Britain, France and the United States are much more reserved attitude to this idea. We will never put forward demands for full compensation for the suffering of our people in the Great Patriotic War. Although in the concentration camps, deported to Germany for forced labor, could instead pay paltry request an astronomical sum. However, it is not too late to make in relation to those of modern German companies that serve the heirs and beneficiaries of slave labor. Let me remind you, Israel squeezed out of Germany a huge amount of Jewish sufferings. "

Narochnitskaya claims that today, in spite of the fatal historical test, "in the minds of our people Germany stands almost a friendly state." "And Vladimir Putin called Germanophile many do - shows Natalia Alekseevna. - All communication Russia / Russia with foreign countries historically occurred across Germany. In my opinion, Merkel would have to think about the choice. What is more important - approving pats overseas friend or prospect of Germany's transformation into one of the key players. At such a crucial period, when, on the one hand, the growing China, on the other - India, the third - the Arab world, without understanding and cooperation with Russia nor Europe nor Germany did not avoid turning into the world's backyard. "

And if we talk about the "current", that indicates the German magazine «Der Spiegel», in Germany precisely there is at least one person able to establish upset relations between Russia and Germany - is a former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. "Yes, that's it. The same Gerhard Schroeder, who during the climax of the Creessis in Ukraine cost nothing "playfully celebrate" together with the Russian president - accuses "Spiegel" gently. - Now photos of the party in St. Petersburg produced a much more irritating than at the time. At a time when the well-known foreign politicians call the former "renounce" the Chancellor of Vladimir Putin. The natural reflex. But it is better the other way around. Gerhard Schroeder - a good relationship with Vladimir Putin: they transact. But if they are "sensitive" really strong friendship, the former chancellor would show the president of Russia, in the interests of the Kremlin to change course. Finally, to ensure the protection of the borders, to recognize the government in Kiev to stop the supply of arms to the separatists "(as sees the situation a respected German edition).

"During the year, the Europeans will be in complete economic dependence on the US"

However, experts point out at Schroeder and other German "Russophile" is a powerful enemy - America: taking advantage of their military and political dominance, the US did not give Germany "Spread your wingsI". Actually, it (and not only Russian) directed US anti-Russian sanctions underlines a corresponding member of RANS Vyacheslav Petrov. "For example, today the American administration is pushing the European Union to the idea of ​​reducing dependence on Russian energy supplies. The question is, who in the case of realization of this idea will win? As an example of an effective application of sanctions, Americans like to cite an embargo on Iranian oil exports, is called even the specific amount of loss suffered by the Iranian economy - 80 billion US dollars. Everyone knows who thus benefited, as global finance this amount is not reduced? Recall that while the European Union, had encouraged anti-Iranian sanctions, as a new supplier of oil to the United States offered to Saudi Arabia, which is known to be proceeds from the sale of its oil stores in the US banks. It turns out that the Europeans "for nothing" financed the American economy at $ 80 billion - told Petrov on the website "Political Education". - Add that, not raise funds from oil exports, Iraceased to import European goods. The resulting vacuum is filled Import companies affiliated with American firms. No need to be a great analyst to understand that in a similar situation, the European Union will be after the rejection of purchases of Russian energy resources. As is the case with Iran, Russia reducing revenues from hydrocarbon exports will lead to a reduction in the volume of imports from the European Union. In addition, the emergence of the European energy market for new suppliers of hydrocarbons affect prices increasing past, and, consequently, will increase the prices of goods produced in Europe, which will inevitably lead to reduced competitiveness of European products on the world market, compared with US counterparts. "

The result brings the president of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko: "For Europe, the introduction of serious anti-Russian sanctions and severance of economic relations with Russia will mean that literally within a year they will be in complete economic dependence on the United States. On the one hand, they will lose large markets. On the other handus, America will impose the same EU on free trade zone agreement, which the Europeans themselves have recently tried to impose Ukraine. "

"The US and Europe are not opposed by Russia and the United States play against Europe and Russia"

It's not just the economy - America enslaved Europe and its "motor", Germany, militarily and politically. Cyril Ksenofontov in "Sputnik and pogrom" recalls how in 90 Americans shamelessly besieged Germans trying to overcome a set of 40th, "Dean Acheson, a great man and one of the greatest" generals "of the Cold War, with all the American frankness said another dawn NATO that the organization needs including then to 'prevent the European Union becoming a third or a hostile force. " The same gentleman said that "we do not need anything to coordinate with European partners, we just need to tell them what to do ..." But the continent old, elite experienced, and after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993, Europeans began to work on the integration of the security forces of their countries. The Americans responded byvery hard: in 1998, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (Czech Jew by origin, by the way) scolded the Europeans and said that Washington would not tolerate "reduce, prejudice or duplication of NATO functions." To no one in doubt as to what should be the Americans, we give words of Nicholas Burns, US Permanent Representative to NATO, said it in 2003, at a special meeting devoted to the issue of integration of European armed forces: "The cooperation of European countries in the military policy - is one of the greatest threats to the transatlantic relationship. "

US attempts to impose its supremacy in NATO and busting national economies arms race continues to this day, emphasizes Vyacheslav Petrov: "Washington has recently insisted on bringing the NATO member countries' national expenditure in line with the standards of the Alliance, which would entail a sharp rise in the volume of purchases military equipment and weapons, the main supplier of which serve the same US. For Europeans, military expenditures are expressed in increasing neproizvoditial costs to their economies - would have to regroup national budgets up to cuts in social articles of the expenditure side, causing tension in the society. Thus, today, before the European leaders is not an easy task to defend the rights of their countries to live as they want, and not under the dictation of the United States, which imposed on them the mission of the donor to the stagnant US economy. Without the political will to achieve this goal it is not ... It is time to understand that now is not the time the USA and Europe confront Russia and the United States play against Europe and Russia. If it is understood in Europe, the positive development of Russian-European dialogue will be ensured. "

However, the European "heart" - Germany - and its associates do their best to throw off the American military and political yoke, enlightens Egor Prosvirnin in the same "Sputnik and pogrom": "From honest work in the NATO and participation imposed by America's wars like Afghanistan, Europeans constantly evade or fight unfair: at some point the German howlscam forbidden to leave the territory of its bases abroad, and Italian troops have staked out the right answer to the request for the nomination of troops on the ground fighting, only six hours after its receipt (this is more personal: before they can respond within 72 hours) (!). Slowly, with difficulty, yet united Europe creates its combat forces. These include special forces and outside the jurisdiction of the Americans - "combat tactical groups." This summary or mono-national units, number of 1,5-2,5 thousand. Everyone. The most famous - a "Weimar-EU» ( «Weimar-EU Battlegroup») - a joint combat unit in Germany, France and Poland. A total of 19 have already been created, to 2016 mu Poles (though historically Poland - old geopolitical enemy of Russia - ed.) Will create another. It seems a little, but enough for wars that are powers of the first world - small colonial elite operations teams. "

"In the battle with the Americans Berlin will seek an ally, the only candidate - Russia"

Remains the sole global hegemon, the US vkoni went too the bar than, obviously teased historically - and all - powerful (though undergoing guilt for Nazi chapter in its history), Germany. Irritation burst abscess, when the "leaked" Last year, Edward Snowden information that American intelligence listening itself Angela Merkel, having a reputation as the most pro-American chancellor. Moreover, after it was revealed that America had its informer in the German Defense Ministry, which within two years passed confidential data for 35 thousand. Dollars "pieces of silver." "In response, the Germans expelled the head of the CIA office in Berlin. And, according to the publication Spiegel, German officials are taking extra measures against the United States precautions, including the use of encrypted phones and storage of smartphones and tablets in a special room in the former Nazi Reichsbank - a building with very thick walls, the reach of surveillance, "- said The Wall Street Journal .

Moreover, in response to American "tunnel", "Chancellor Merkel, the first time since the Second World War, a timeChila its intelligence agencies to spy on the US and UK, reports The Daily Mail. "In response to these scandals, Angela Merkel demanded expulsion of a resident of the Central Intelligence Agency in the US Embassy in Berlin. As the Minister of Justice of Germany Heiko Maas said in an interview Weltam Sonntag newspaper, US intelligence officers who directed the activities of German agents working in Germany for the United States, is also threatened by the prosecution, "- writes

"In the future battle with the Americans Berlin will seek an ally, and not exotic, from the other hemisphere, and a close - from Eurasia. The only real candidate for this role - Russia. Maybe not today or even after five years, but someday Moscow could require Germany. This idea was hatched in the Kremlin for decades. In the 50s the communists offered quite realistic version of its exit from the zone of occupation in return for demilitarization and the announcement of the neutral status of united Germany. And now Putin with open arms have received anti-American and Berlin would have thankedthe opening of the Russian market for investors from the Rhine and the Spree "- annoyed the Polish Rzeczpospolita.

"It is the prerogative of Moscow to choose - to whom to give the opportunity to earn"

"The increasing volume of export of high-tech products in Russia and China are well compensated for losses incurred during the crisis the fall of the European market," - continues to Rzeczpospolita. But strengthening the sanctions, this effect can evaporate. Deutsche Welle, referring to the Association of German Engineering and industrial equipment manufacturers, informs that this year the number of Russian orders for the products of the German mechanical engineering fell by 60%, while the German Engineering Russian market is the fourth most important: in 2013, Germany sold in machinery and equipment Russia no less than euro 7.8 billion, of the total, this amounted to 5.2%. "Industry survey showed that 45% of the [German] Entrepreneurs have found complications in the business with Russia ... The uncertainty caused by the German Engineering anticipation of possible economic sanctions against Ross... In May and mechanical engineers from Germany reported that the conflict in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia could plunge into crisis the entire industry. In addition, manufacturers have complained that because of the general uncertainty of the situation in the Ukrainian conflict, some projects will be frozen and other countries, in particular Turkey, "- said in the media.

According to the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian choice" Victor Medvedchuk, do not conceal their close relations with the godfather, Vladimir Putin, a further tightening of sanctions against Russia may even trigger a recession in Europe, which is still recovering from the recent economic crisis. "The EU has already calculated that if exports to Russia will be reduced by half, it will reduce the total annual GDP associations 0.5%. Therefore, the European Business Association has already expressed its disagreement with the new sanctions ", - reports the statement Medvedchuk news agency" Regnum ". It's no joke: in 2013 the trade turnover between Russia and Germany amounted to € 76 billion (Germany is the main supplier of high-tech equipment in Russia), and the goodsTurnover of Russia and the entire European Union - as much as $ 500 billion.

Dmitry Mashinnikov of the Higher School of Economics points out, for another negative consequence of the deterioration of the situation: the gap between Moscow and Kiev economic ties will lead to a drastic reduction of production and the closure of many industrial enterprises in Ukraine, and it will cause massive unemployment and increase the number of marginal and lumpen, who seek a better share will be served in Europe. In addition, the "social issues will form an excessive burden on the budget of the country, forcing Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers to request loans from the EU", - speaks Mashinnikov portal "worker correspondents."

Sanctions hurt not only European producers, but also the financial sector: a ban on lending to the Russian economy will turn for them the loss of transactions and profits: this year alone, our company is ready to refinance 80 billion. "After all, $ 80 billion - this is not" dead "amount, but also the interest on loans, their maintenance, etc. Even at rates of 5-6% per annum and foreign banking system makes this $ 4-5 billionin year. To refuse such a large jackpot for US no one wants. Until now, foreign bankers have behaved as a far-sighted and responsible people, as opposed to local politicians ", - says Director of the Institute of Globalization Problems Mikhail Delyagin," Free Press ". - At the same time, China's own savings to $ 4 trillion - the Chinese themselves zakredituyut anyone. They would be happy to cooperate with Russia and would be pleased if their European competitors withdrew. It is the prerogative of Moscow to choose - give someone the opportunity to earn. "

Therefore, even the British, always breathe unevenly in relation to Russia, and those, as the kind of "fusion" public closed analytical note, convinced that "sanctions against Russia should not affect the operation of the City of London, where a lot of Russian clients." "The British do not like us, but beat his forehead with an ax because of the whims of the United States is also clearly not going to. "In England there are only permanent interests", and one of these interests - the preservation of the status of "safe haven" for the Russian large qeneg that there would be no United States itself felt, "- he argues in" Sputnik and pogrom "Yegor Prosvirnin.

"To reduce the supply of Russian gas, Europeans will be in the least"

Eighty percent of Russian exports to Europe (it is 166.4 billion euros) - oil and gas, the EU accounts for about 85% of Russian exports of oil and about one third of Russian gas supplies. But not only Russia is dependent on the European energy market, but also Europe - from our hydrocarbons. The share of Russia in the EU and the Turkish market increased from 25% in 2010 to 33% in 2013, recalls Mikhail Delyagin. Other European countries are dependent on Russian gas by 30-90%: the Netherlands, after the fall of Malaysian Boeing has a motive to hate the Kremlin more than others, depending on the third, particularly Germany - 40%, and, say, Austria - already at 60%. The greatest dependence - Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Not the most powerful states, but it is unlikely the EU leaders arrogantly leave them to fend for themselves. "Yes, the Europeans generally reduce gas consumption. But to reduce the supply of Russian gas will belast. Because it is cheaper not only LNG but also spot (Pipeline) gas, which is sold on the stock exchange ", - explains Mikhail Delyagin.

Immediately replace Russia in the fuel market, Europeans can not even for purely technical reasons, and private European production at the moment is problematic: "European oil reserves (they are mainly located in the North Sea) inexorably declining," - enlighten the French media "To extract its own shale gas - an extremely dubious alternative. Extraction of oil shale are not run-through. It is no secret that it causes enormous damage to the environment. Especially for such small in comparison with the United States (the leading active shale extraction - Ed.) And densely populated countries such as Poland or Austria. Poland, of course, should be in the wake of US policy, but not to such an extent as to provoke at the ecological catastrophe. And, by the way, American companies conducted exploration drilling here, have not found stockpiles, on which counted, "- argues the head kaPhaedra world economy Diplomatic Academy of Russia Vladimir Mantusov.

"The only serious threat to us - is the introduction of an embargo on the supply of coal - warns Michael Delyagin.- Europe is experiencing a" coal revolution "- power transferred from gas to coal. And about a quarter of the market belongs to us. At the same time, a sharp increase of supply should not expect the United States. America and so produces the maximum available capacity. [Donbass] coal from Ukraine due to certain circumstances can hardly go. So again, Europe is technically can not do without us. "

In turn, Gazprom is also not sitting idle. First, in June, the concern for a few days stopped the "Nord Stream", and canceled the contract with the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator - "Ukrtransgaz". "At a time when Europe wants to take advantage of every opportunity to pump the gas themselves more in order to have more time to" razrulivanie "Ukrainian transit crisis, Miller pointedly covers the" Nord Stream & raquo ;, depriving Europe of this possibility. As you can guess, the audit may reveal the need for new revisions, and then another technical works, etc. The essence of the action in relation to "Ukrtransgaz" - to close a loophole that could be used for re-sale in the EU's gas, to prevent the Europeans to build up gas reserves for the winter, and "Naftogaz" - to fill their storage, "- translates to Gazprom's

"It is clear that the US economy, no matter what, is still in crisis. They deal a blow to relations between Russia and the EU to confirm its dominance in the world. But I am convinced that the European Union will not agree to economic suicide in order to demonstrate to the Euro-Atlantic solidarity. The EU is not in a position to pay the geopolitical confrontation between Washington and Moscow from his pocket, "- Vladimir Mantusov displays.

Indeed, the European Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oettinger has made it clear that the selection of scenarios, Europe will adhere to, first of all, their own interests, "Russian gas buyingm, we, in the European Union, not the United States. We can consult with the United States, to listen to their advice, but will make decisions themselves, "- he said.

"You, Mrs Merkel, have betrayed the people of Ukraine"

As is known, the sanctions caused by the conviction of Americans and Europeans that Moscow is fueling the Donetsk and Lugansk separatists. However, observers suggest that the attitude towards the opposing southeast regime Poroshenko is not unambiguous in Europe. Thus, the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius admitted that Kiev has violated an agreement the parties reached earlier in Berlin, and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the Ukrainian authorities to negotiate with the militia.

"Europe can not fail to see that Kiev does not want to deal with all these complex problems through negotiations, and wants to resolve the crisis of the state by force. It makes Europeans doubt and fear. They look at the new leaders who stepped up in the Ukraine, at the same Kolomoisky. But he is better than Yanukovych? What did Kolomoisky such that fth can be called democracy? - Asks to "Free Press," head of the Center for Political Studies Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of International Relations, the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation Boris Shmelev. - Yes, and events in Odessa shocked Europe. Print conceal the real details of the tragedy, but nevertheless they are leaked, and questions are asked in both left and right-wing forces. Marie Le Pen has harshly criticized the government of Hollande on the subject, and in fact, and these comments have something to respond, it is necessary to take into account the mood, which only grow ... Finally, the question arises - how Europe to support the struggle in Kiev against the militia, when in the EU fully its such as "separatists" - in Scotland and Catalonia, who want independence, including from the European Union? Is the EU will give a "green light" on the use of force on its own territory? Of course not. And frankly lead a double play, allowing one Kiev and forbidding the same host in Europe - Europeans can not ... Let us face it: Europe is tired of the Ukrainian crisis. She does not want to take responsibilityfor the fate of Ukraine, to take on the costs of recovery of the Ukrainian economy. She's ready to push it all to America, and it is desirable - to Russia, and for this we need to behave accordingly in relation to the Russian Federation. "

Not only the French Marine Le Pen - German politicians also asked very tough questions to their government. Bundestag deputy Sahra Wagenknecht said from the rostrum of the German parliament remarkable for frankness and intensity appeal to Angela Merkel. "Do you support the government, in which four ministers belong to the Nationalist Party, which openly opposes the Jews and Russian. Do you support the government, which sparked the conflict and waging war against its own people. Do you support the president, who campaigned on the stolen money, the oligarch, who is no different from Yanukovych. In order for it you would not be ashamed, you are deceiving the public about what is really happening in Ukraine. You hide the rich Ukrainian oligarchs, as well as Taliban commanders, creating their own private army and robbing the country. You hide it BOOPtary group of fighters "Right sector" are still on the Maidan, the government, rather than to prevent armed marauders Nazi groups, banned the Communist Party. The murder of 40 civilians in Odessa, which was burned alive, it is not Russian propaganda, but unfortunately - the terrible reality. The reality that has nothing to do with you drew a picture of a European Ukraine. You, Mrs Merkel, have betrayed the people of Ukraine, who a few months ago, spoke out against corruption and the oligarchs ... Sanctions against Russia - irresponsibility. They threaten Europe. US oil corporations laugh at the Europeans and rubbing their hands. The German government must oppose Obama's frightening military policy and allocation of additional troops in Europe. Who after the world wars still fantasizes about the real war in the heart of Europe, the sick in the head, and it should be put behind bars, as though his name may sound - Obama, Rasmussen (Secretary General of NATO - Ed.), Etc. And we must recognize that NATO's eastward expansion was a mistake. This was irresponsibleenno violated Russian interests. One must understand that peace and security in Europe without Russia is impossible, "- in particular, said Sahra Wagenknecht.

"We have a right to be partners with whom we want, without getting permission from the State Department"

And such sentiments in Europe - more and more. The proof - the results of the past, the May elections to the European Parliament: "National Front" Marine Le Pen, sympathetic to the Christian-nationalist conservatism of Vladimir Putin, and Euroskeptic Party United Kingdom Independence sensational way received more than a quarter of the votes of voters, a fifth of the votes, has earned the Austrian Freedom Party, in Denmark and Greece, eurosceptics and nationalists took "gold", and in Italy - "silver".

Yes, the European Parliament is far less influential structure, rather than the executive bodies of the EU or national parliaments - in fact, why the voter turnout was low as Europeans: 43%. Putin, however, is quite able to extract the most important of the outstanding results of eurosceptics – international platform. "Increasing the representation of the extreme right will not affect directly the decisions on sanctions. This will continue to engage national governments, which are dominated by the major parties, - says The Washington Post.- However, with the extreme left-wing radicals may constitute one third of the European Parliament, which will give Putin a new weapon in the media war. " "Putin will be easier to make fun of the Europeans:" Yes, who do you represent? You even their own people have no idea, ' "- The Washington Post quoted an expert of the London School of Economics SaymonaHiksa. - In addition, the "anti-European faction" in the European Parliament can "vote in favor of Russian interests and express the views of the Russian." "We have a right to be partners with those with whom we want, without getting permission from the Department of State", - speaks far-reaching thoughts candidate for the European Parliament from the Paris region Aymeric Chauprade.

However, it will become that "Tribune" - Down and Out trouble started only. "The new parliament must adopt the transatlantic trade and investmenttion agreement, which will create the world's largest free trade zone between the US and the EU. It was planned that it will sign in 2015. That's it, and choose the Eurosceptics, trapped in Brussels, as the main target. One hundred and thirty deputies will try to block the signing of an agreement with the Americans, not to lose the sympathy of voters and attract the attention of the media "- suggests

And from the European Parliament Euroskeptic "bacillus" spread already on the national authorities - and then to Putin at all open wide horizon of opportunities to influence European policy. "In May of the next year will hold parliamentary elections in the UK, and the political rise of small, based in 1993, right-wing party that does not have a single representative in the British Parliament (referring to the Party of the United Kingdom Independence Party - Ed.), Jeopardizes the possible victory of conservatives . Nigel Farage (named party leader - ed.) Has said that the European Parliament elections will be the springboard for a breakthrough of his party in the House of Commons. Celebrating the victory, Nigel FaAJ said the results of the elections will lead to a "fundamental change in British politics", - says "Radio Liberty".

"Participants of the meeting considered an enemy of the United States and Russia is seen as an ally"

In conclusion, it should be noted that anti-Americanism - a feature not only of the Europeans who preferred the elections politicians such as Marine Le Pen, and Nigel Farage. Today, half of Germans speak negatively about America, and 90% find unacceptable the US spying on leaders of other countries. "This discontent was reflected in the course of the match between Team USA and Germany in the World Cup, when the Germans shouted:!« NSA, NSA », - writes The Wall Street Journal (NSA - it's National Security Agency, the US National Security Agency - Ed.)

The site "Russian planet" informs that since the beginning of spring in many large cities in Germany every Monday held rallies, which the organizers and participants (mostly nationalists, most - people from East Germany) referred to as "peace demonstrations on a weekly basisI am. " "For participants" demonstrations "the enemy - it is ubiquitous" system ", which manages the global conspiracy. Someone thinks that the world is ruled by the banking system behind the scenes, the US Federal Reserve Fund, NATO, the EU, the Western intelligence agencies, politicians, parties, or mainstream media. At rallies speakers curse "interest slavery" and expose the bank capital, which, they believe, does not produce anything, but only a parasite on society ... Demonstrators for Peace explains: "War - a profitable business, banks are interested in the war, they create conflicts through puppet governments, political parties and influential media. Controlled bankers media incited hatred against Russia, ignores the rampant Ukrainian fascism, brainwash, manipulate people's minds ", - assured the" Russian planet ". - Anti-American sentiment in recent decades gradually intensified - the political and economic importance of Germany increased, but the country is still housed US military bases, and the gold reserves of the country is still in the USA. The population of Germany could not fully relate their goals and objectives with the political ambitions of America and is not ready to pay for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and especially in Ukraine. Snowden revelations about listening to the secret services of German politicians and the scandals that followed it also added the United States new friends among the German society "... Participants of rallies consider the US an enemy, Russia is perceived more as an ally in the fight against the global elite. In the end, "peace" means "peace with Russia."

All this gives us hope that the EU will not go on about the US and will not further tighten the sanctions "nuts." "Never again trust between Russia and the European Union in politics and business - well, the memory of the present generation - will not. Years twenty-thirty EU relations with Russia ruined. But to spoil relations does not mean they completely break. So, naturally, will now be done attempts by Europeans to normalize relations. And we also, in fact, should not go to extremes. It is clear that the European Union onnot one, but these are our neighbors. And no, we do not interfere in their advantage to develop some kind of contact with them, "- says the views from the" Free Press "head of the Center for European Studies, IMEMO Alexei Kuznetsov.

Die ausführlichste Liste von Organisationen, Firmen und Unternehmen in Deutschland:

Dean of the Faculty of World Economics and Politics of Higher School of Economics, the founder of the Foreign and Defense Policy Sergei Karaganov, the Council is more optimistic. "Russia, by its character and the courage to openly threw a challenge to the West, and everyone understands that in this new Russia is facing new great country, who would like our victory. Therefore, what is happening today - is potentially a very big turning point in relations between the world and the West, - Sergey writes in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". - Russia has made an uphill battle. I hope that we will not lose. Elimination of the continuing Cold War in Europe. And maybe - through the years - will sign a new treaty on European Union, which will include Russia and the EU, and the Ukraine (then it will resist and will not be broken by their contradictions and external forces), and Moldova and the South Caucasus countries and Turkey . Win and the world. Him