Gilded youth in the sky over Kazan

The tragedy that happened in Kazan with the plane of AK Tatarstan was not an accident, but rather the result of "specific" business methods.
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One of these days must pass a funeral eldest son of the president of Tatarstan Irek Minnikhanov, who died in a plane crash near Kazan. As usual, it appears that the tragedy could have been avoided. It seems that this flight had to make another aircraft, and Boeing to fly to Sochi, but at the last moment to learn that on the ship will fly the president's son and head of the FSB, the board changed to more spacious, with business-class cabin. Kazan Airport refused to refuel the planes of airline "Tatarstan", while she does not repay the debt, and therefore always flew planes with full tanks of fuel, which would be enough for the trip. This explains why such a long quenching crashed airliner. The company has long been in poor financial condition, this Slon wrote extensively. If airlines had the money, she would not have to be retrained in the pilots retired flight engineer and navigator, who for some reason were in the same cabin.

You can not imagine what is now an internal dialogue leading to a Rustam Minnikhanov. whether he remembers the interview given a few years ago of Forbes, where he said that the fight against corruptionpointless "again brings as not to take?" if he remembers his old friend, who asked for somewhere to employ his son? What does he think of the current plenipotentiary in the Far East, Yuri Trutnev?

Biography Irek Minnikhanov described simply: 23 years old, he studied in Switzerland, where he met his future wife - a Frenchwoman Antonia. He worked in the bank "Ak Bars", affiliated with the government of Tatarstan. Under stories of relatives, he was very modest. He was fond of motor racing. Of the preferred car Porsche Panamera.

The general director of airline "Tatarstan" Aqsa Giniatullin if there was not personally acquainted with Irek, I could well imagine his wishes, when I took the decision to replace a small plane more comfortable. Immediately after the accident the airline hurried removal of online biography of 36-year-old general director. Those who did, reasonably feared accusations at a young age a top manager and without a lot of experience in the aviation industry. I'm not sure that a good director must necessarily smell of kerosene and have a hearing aid. I was rather frightening similarity biographies Aksana and Ireka.

Giniatullin was born in 1977 in the family of the Minister of Land Reclamation and Water Resources, and then Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Giniatullin of Rome, which is officially called the "Tatar thinker Eurasian scale." In 1999 he graduated from the Aqsa Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Reclamation of Agriculture. His father, then head of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, which was financed by the World Bank, invited the son to the post of Assistant Technical Director. The best thing about the fund told his former employee, a Canadian ecologist Rob Ferguson, who in 2005 wrote the book "The Devil and disappearing sea» ( «The Devil and the Disappearing Sea»). Devil in the representation of Ferguson's - that's Rome Giniatullin. Canadian describes him thus: "He has no interest in the preservation of the Aral Sea. He wants money to keep their children in American universities. " In the context of Uzbekistan, it sounds funny, but after the book was a scandal: the World Bank has refused to further fund the project, and Rome lost a seat in the government, he retired and led the Board of olderyshin Tatars Uzbekistan.

By the time he graduated from two-year-Aqsa MBA courses in the US Fordham University. The official biography Aksana says that from 1998 to 2009, he was "the general manager of large North American companies (US, Canada)," in which he received management experience. The database name Aksana Giniatullin mentioned only once: he led the Canadian company Ehorus Incorporated, which served as a Canadian trader Tatar chemical holding TAIF. Perhaps this post Aqsa took on the patronage of his father, who was well acquainted with the then President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev and his right hand - the Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov. This is quite in Tatar traditions. For example, the son of Shaimiev - Radik, working TAIF member board of directors, and Irek Minnikhanov worked in another corporation, which is close to the authorities of Tatarstan - "Ak Bars". Another thing is that no one thinks about the consequences of the decisions that will take the golden youth. In private companies, it turns faster. The younger brother of Aksana - Iskander Giniatullin same flooryl education in the United States and led the company "Telecom". This "daughter" of the holding AFK "System" owns the rights to "egg brands" of all telecom assets of the holding (MTS, "Comstar" and others). Business is not dusty - companies spend money on advertising and promotion of brands, and even annual list for the use of the brand tens of millions of dollars "Sistema Telecom". One of the projects was the sale of Iskander operator MTS Cellular her own brand for 438 million dollars. Minority shareholders were shocked, independent directors rebelled, Iskander resigned and organized its own business selling commercial equipment from South Korea.

In 2009, he moved to Russia, Aksay also settled in the "Ak Bars", which became an adviser to the general director of "Ak Bars" Holding, the second corporation, which is close to the authorities of Tatarstan. The holding company, he oversaw the purchase of the project six Canadian aircraft Bombardier CRJ-200 of airline "Ak Bars Aero". He has already had experience of such transactions. In 2007, he helped "Tatarstan" airlines to buy two Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft with 86 seats for $ 24 millioneach. But in Russia, these machines are not able to obtain a certificate of airworthiness, so after a year of inactivity they rented in the UAE. This misunderstanding worth nearly $ 50 million to blame rather than Aqsa and former airline management.

Airline "Tatarstan" and Kazan airport has long tried to find an investor. Until 2008, it ran a local businessman Mannaf Sagdiev, who fled from his creditors after the financial crisis. The situation was critical - in a few years in the Kazan Universiade must pass. The yield offered former Russian Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev, who was the curator of the Universiade by the federal authorities. Trutnev is interested in martial arts and is headed by Russian Federation of Kyokushin Karate. At one of the events, he met with the head of the Bulgarian Federation of Kyokushin Karate, one of the richest businessmen in Bulgaria Ivo Kamenov. His holding "Chimimport" owned national carrier Bulgaria Air, several major airports, banks and insurance companies in Bulgaria. The capitalization of the holding is estimated$ 2.5 billion, and the companies belonging to it produces 5% of the GDP of Bulgaria.

However, in this country, holding more known as TIM. Similarly, in 1990 the title of one of Bulgaria's largest criminal gangs. In 2011, journalist Nevena the Trojan wrote the book "Team - a team that took Bulgaria", which tells the story of the ascent of the criminal group business heights. Hardly I did not know that Yuri Trutnev.

In an interview, Trutnev philosophically reasoned that "the children of ministers have something to do. The eldest son of an adult, and is free to do anything. Although if it is something to do in the sphere of subsoil use, I would probably be very embarrassing. " In order not to upset his father until 2007, Dmitry Trutnev was co-owner of one of the largest perfumery chains in the Urals "Practical Magic." But after meeting with his father Ivo Kamenov led expansion reputable businessmen in Russia, taking the post of consultant of the Central Commercial Bank, owned by "Chimimport".

Rustam Minnikhanov agreed to transfer "Heeimports' share of Kazan and the airline "Tatarstan Airport", which needed investment and upgrading the fleet. Business Bulgarians scheme was simple: they abandoned the purchase of "Tatarstan" new Airbus. Instead, his company owned Bulgaria Air bought four older Boeing, the youngest of which was more than 15 years, and immediately referred them to sublease the airline "Tatarstan". In the annual reporting airlines said that the lease of each aircraft costs $ 165,000. Experts point out that at the time of such aircraft leasing could cost about $ 100 thousand. In addition, the older aircraft in need of constant maintenance, which, under the terms of the contract, could be carried out only in Bulgaria, yet it took an average of $ 100 thousand per month. Thus, each costing Boeing "Tatarstan" in the $ 265,000 instead of $ 100,000.

The money for the renewal of the airlines have provided the Bulgarian "investors" but a loan and it is at market rates, 11.5-12% per annum. Also, "Chimimport" acquired a small "Tatinvestbank", which was to serve otherCOMP ANIES and the insurance company "Itil" whose business is sharply went up the hill after it had been insured aircraft, passengers of airline "Tatarstan" and property of Kazan airport. Dmitry Trutnev is still a member of the "Tatinvestbanka 'council and the company" Itil ".

Similar schemes have been used by the airport. Bulgarians have provided advice and did not want to enter into the authorized capital, but willingly gave out onerous loans for reconstruction of the airport. Patience snapped Tatarstan authorities for half a year before the start of the Universiade, when Bulgaria was invited for the reconstruction of the airport's own construction company, has offered the authorities of the Republic an estimate in which the work value was overestimated by several times.

Aksanov Giniatullin got a tough economy. In the airline had several billion rubles of debt, enslaving agreement on leasing old aircraft and Bulgarians, who did not want to say goodbye to his assets in Tatarstan, the former for their excellent "cash cow." Giniatullin on the Eastern tradition has surrounded himselfdedicated people. Commercial Director of the airline was his school friend from Uzbekistan Artur Nasrutdinov, who previously worked in the airline "Tatarstan" guard.

MBA degrees have not helped to bring business out of a steep dive. From the two aircraft could refuse, Bulgarians and they were immediately handed over to the Serbian airline JAT Airways. This year the company is very reluctant to pay suppliers of fuel and spare parts, even the delay of wages began. But top management was happy to put on a half-empty plane flight to the president's son, Irek Minnikhanov (modest, but prefers Porsche) was able to fly in business class.

Corruption can not be defeated. "You are the same. You will become the same. Out of ten one will take nine to be. Once brought, it does not take? If you depend on something "- said in an interview with Rustam Minnikhanov. You can not deny an old acquaintance in the employment of their children. It is impossible to refuse the offer of a superior. It seems to be and should be. Not expecting Minnikhanov became a hero almost ancient tragedy. Although the Greek mythology there are no such scenes. Do not guess the Greeks.Isto Russian history.

Airline "Tatarstan": a long road to disaster
Slon, 21.11.2013

Airline "Tatarstan" was recorded in autumn 2000. The founder was the regional government of Tatarstan. Almost immediately, the company began to look for a strategic investor: from May 2004 to December 2005, negotiations were held with the "Russian Standard" Rustam Tariq. Tatarstan's government has even signed a contract with him about intentions, but then the deal fell through.

Business air carrier at the time looked good, although the fleet, as well as many in those years, was still a Soviet aircraft: Tu-154, Yak-42 and Tu-134. In 2006, the company jumped from the 28th to the 13th place in terms of "passenger on all types of airlines", transported 665.8 thousand people. Net profit amounted to only 5 million rubles against 2.5 billion rubles in revenue and high cost of services 2.44 billion rubles. For example, a similar regional carrier with a similar turnover - "Orenburg Airlines" - the same year the floorHe taught 39 million rubles of net profit.

Tatarstan authorities did not invest in the company, believing that all these problems will decide the future investor. In 2008, a strategic investor finally found. The Bulgarian group "Chimimport" has promised to invest more than $ 70 million to the development of the airline and the reconstruction of Kazan airport. This proved to be very useful: the capital of the republic just fought for the right to host the Universiade-2013 and was in need of upgrading aviation infrastructure. "Chimimport" is a co-owner of "Sofia" and the other two Bulgarian airports, controls the largest Bulgarian carrier Bulgar Air, and Hemus Air. The aviation industry is not the only example of holding investments in Tatarstan. It controls 59.5% "TatInvestBanka" (55.9% - by JSC "Central Cooperative Bank") and the insurance company "Itil".

In fact, the Bulgarians started with, that provided a / c "Tatarstan" in the five-year lease five "Boeing". Third January 2009 arrived in Kazan and the ill-fated Boeing 737-500. The deal that was questionable. For example, the monthly lease Boeing 737-400 avoidedCamping in the $ 165 thousand. In this apparatus 168 an average flying hours per month. As stated in the company's accounts for 2009, this time, "is not enough for effective use of this type of aircraft." His role, of course, played crisis. Just in 2009 passenger traffic "Tatarstan" it fell by almost half. And bring back expensive aircraft has been impossible. In March 2009, in the media an open letter to then-team airlines Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev, the federal and republican Minister of Transport, headed "Federal Air Transport Agency." Among other things, it said on uneconomical rent "Boeing". Like to hit the payments, the aircraft must fly at least 250 hours per month.

"In addition, these aircraft are old enough (19 years, 15 years) and a significant amount of time in the repair. Best Western fuel efficiency technology reduces to zero the need for frequent repairs and the unwillingness of companies to the full maintenance of aircraft, "Boeing". That is why we have to turn to third-party servicesCompanies, which in turn leads to additional maintenance costs.

This also should include the fact that the aforementioned "Boeing" are not owned by the Bulgarian company "Chimimport" and taken to lease. Accordingly, our airline is already subsublizing ", - stated the authors treatment. And the current President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, the moment the Prime Minister of the Republic, said at one of the boards of the Ministry of Transport: "This company needs to confirm its intention of co-operation with real steps. If we work at such a pace, we will lose all the markets, will have nowhere to fly. "

However, the story of the letter has not received much publicity, and the summer of 2011 the republican authorities finally formalized its relationship with the Bulgarians. UAB "Tat-Aero" were created on a parity basis and CJSC "Tat-Air." First transferred 99.99% stake in the airline "Tatarstan", the second - 99.99% of shares of JSC "International Airport Kazan."

But things have gone worse airline. In 2010, the flow of passengers, severely sagging in the crisis of 2009 m, a little regexwith, however, the carrier ended the year with a loss of 10.5 million rubles (while a year earlier the company had more profit). This is not surprising: at the time "Tatarstan" operated the eight cars, five of them - leased "Boeing". On average each 180 flying hours per month. If you believe that the only viable transportation are at 250 hours, it turns out, much of the park airlines fly at a loss. The company now and then changed CEOs, but it did not work out effective work.

The criticality of the situation began towards the end of 2011. This year was unsuccessful for the "Tatarstan" because of the Middle Eastern revolutions. The main source of income - international charter transport significantly subsided. And the company's total debt amounted to 1.47 billion rubles by the end of the year. Almost one-third fell on the organization, affiliated with the Bulgarian side. Then "the Federal Air Transport Agency" and had the idea to combine the company with "Ak Bars Aero", creating a republican carrier. Embodies this practice had come in December 2011 Giniyatullin Aqsa, the former head just "Ak BarsAero ".

By the time the authorities of the republic in full conflict with the Bulgarian side of the airport in Kazan. Foreign partners were not willing to invest, and offered to prepare for the Universiade-2013 due to loans taken in their own banks. In the end, the parties agreed to a civilized "divorce". Bulgarians had to withdraw from the airline "Tatarstan". In March 2012, President Rustam Minnikhanov admitted: "To ensure efficient operation, we have not managed to airlines. I offered to Bulgaria, you can stay, we're leaving. We have the "Ak Bars Aero", which found its segment and developed. But Bulgarian partners decided that this business is for them not a primary, as well as for the government. As they come out of this business soon. " Although formally Bulgarians still own the airline, from operational management they moved. So, none of their representatives is not included in the board of directors. What awaited not a priority, in terms of the regional authorities, the airline "Tatarstan"?

The result of activity Giniyatullin was the fact that the airline was a mustand all and sundry. By the autumn of 2013 it was held once in six arbitration cases, all - debt collection. Kazan Airport, for example, is trying to recover 400 million rubles. By the way, one of the reasons a strong explosion, "Boeing" after the fall - the presence on board of large stocks of fuel, because the plane refused to fill in Kazan. Another 12 million rubles, the company owes Moscow LLC "Techno Trade" for aviation products.