Gold minority shareholders: all owners of Polyus Gold shares have been identified

Arkady Rotenberg and Suleiman Kerimov's partners have been found among the shareholders of the company.
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The billionaire Vasily Anisimov and partner Arkady Rotenberg Constantine Goloshchapov were owners of shares of the Russian gold miner Polyus Gold. This is stated in the disclosure documents published on the website of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Also in the materials listed LSE has two owners of minority stakes in Polyus Gold - the co-owner of the "Acropolis" Sergei Lepeshkin and Musa Palankoev.

According to the documents, through the company Anisimov Admire Global Inc owns a 1.76% stake in Polyus Gold. Under the control of Minos Worldwide Ltd, the beneficiary of which is specified Goloshchapov, is 1.97% of the shares of gold mining company. Sergey Lepeshkin through BEAM Services Inc. owns 4.11% of shares, and Musa Palankoev through Davenport Advisors Corp and Rubelitico Limited - 2,85% of the shares. Clarify who is Mr. Palankoev failed. His spokesman, said in the materials LSE, did not respond to phone calls Forbes. Presumably, Mr. Palankoev - a relative of the other co-owner of the "Acropolis" Ahmet Palankoev and head of the investment agency of Ingushetia. Group "Acropolis" and Karimov senior associate partnerships. In 2013, he helped torganizovat deal to sell the company "Sibuglemet".

Materials about Polyus Gold minority shareholders are published on the rules of the LSE. In connection with a possible deal to buy out all the shares of the company's largest shareholder - the son of Saeed Suleiman Kerimov (40.22%) - information about the owners of the shares, whose share in the company exceeds 1%, it should be disclosed. Recall, September 2 under the control of the company Kerimov Said Wandle Holdings Ltd and Sacturino Limited reported a willingness to make an offer to purchase all shares not owned by them (59,78%) Polyus Gold at a price of $ 2.97 per share, ie the c seven percent premium to the average price of trading over the past three months. The report Sacturino spoke of "intention to consider the possibility of selling." The very decision to purchase must be announced until 30 September 2015. Financial consultant of the transaction was named VTB Capital.

Today it became known that the Wandle laid under repurchase agreements with VTB about half of its stake (20.1%). The cost of the package pledged by market capitalization on the LSE September 16th ($ 9.1 billion for 100% of the shares) is $ 1.8 billion. On the redemption of 59.78% stake in Polyus Gold c seven percent premium may be needed okLo $ 6 billion. Analyst BCS Oleg Peter and Paul suggests that the money received bail, may be used to purchase the remaining shares of Polyus Gold. Interlocutor of Forbes, is familiar with Kerimov's plans family knows that after the consolidation of the structures Kerimov 100% Polyus Gold it will be resold. Oleg Peter and Paul said that such an option is quite realistic.

Kerimov family representative at the time of publication of the material could not give a comment operational Forbes. Another major shareholder of Polyus Gold (19,99%), Oleg Mkrtchyan, through his assistant, declined to comment. Failed Contact Gabriel Yushvaevym 55, also owns 19.99% of the gold mining company.

Polyus Gold - Russia's largest gold mining company. 2014 Polyus Gold completed with a net loss of $ 182 million (in 2013, the company reported net income of $ 143 million), but its EBITDA rose to $ 1 billion (11% compared to 2013). In the summer of 2015 the management and the shareholders discussed the possibility to change the parent company Polyus Gold, registered in Jersey, the Russian "Polyus Gold", but the final decision on this matter has not yet adoptedabout.