Good guy among the bankers

How the producer Nikita Mikhalkov became involved in the story of the theft of nearly 2 billion rubles.
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The banking community is shaken by yet another scandal. Credit organizations of Mostranbank are suspected of embezzling 1.84 billion rubles. Bankers are able to operate under the old scheme, known as the "pump". The amount for the Russian banking system, which steal tens and sometimes hundreds of billions - is quite modest. But the poignancy of the case gives the name of the supernatant of the Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov. However, his role in this story is not clear.

And you will check

Alarm was raised by the Deposit Insurance Agency. DIA has asked police to check the management of major Russian companies, to protect intellectual property. Namely: Russian Authors' Society (RAO), the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Russian Union of right holders (CPR). It seemed that maybe people have copyrighted music, movies and other works of art with an agency that protects depositors' rights and deal with the troubled banks?

According to ACB, using the above copyright societies of "Mostransbanka" was derived almost 2 billion rubles. This credit organization in May was deprived of the license. And in the course of the audit just learned about the embezzlement of funds depositors. But even in 2015 the Bank took the KGB. Just over a year ago, the FSB officers detained the head Sergei Zaharikova bank. Interior Ministry, in turn, has brought a criminal case - a banker suspected that he organized criminal group, which cashed 4 billion rubles and Navara on this 114 million. But the present case about 2 billion will be much louder. Firstly, it is not just cashing in the interests of certain individuals but apparently very large direct theft amount.

Firstly, it is not just cashing in the interests of certain individuals and the direct theft of a very large sum. And, secondly, the media appeared the name of People's Artist of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov, who can be involved in these events. The fact that Khrushchev, as, of course, referred to the newspaper Kommersant, the president of the Board of the Russian Union of owners. His son, Artem in this organization - Chairman of the Board. A founder of the CPR - the aforementioned waste and WIPO, as well as the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. Do I need to remind you that even the eminent director and the head of the Union. This should end up with a list of posts and cultural figure pogruzitmsya in illegal banking schemes sweet peace.

Bob Money - the most important of the arts

It is only at first glance it seems that financial fraud - the complex and obscure ordinary person operation. In fact, everything is very simple. Bank - an organization that operates the money. His, and, most importantly, other people, the client. And, in fact, all fraudulent schemes are reduced to one: take the money of depositors and give them as a loan to someone who then does not return the money. "Tom" - this usually means "ourselves". And if even easier, the banker steals money entrusted to him under the guise of a conventional loan. But not in vain in the financial sector, as in any other, there is a regulator. Central Bank vigilantly ensures that the bank had as little as possible "bad" debt.

And here comes to the aid of the old scheme, which among bankers known as the "pump". Bank at the time of taking the money of other clients and guides them on the documents as monthly payments of who actually has long led the capital. And then the bank simply return their assets to clients. And the result is the following: given a loan, the money stolen, but the regulator show that everything is normal, funds are returned to the bank. Of course, sooner or later, all is revealed. After all, whatever one may do with the documents on the fact of money stolen. However, so far know about it, the competent authorities may leak a lot of water. That is, rubles or dollars.

And here there is one of the most important questions: Who were the clients whose money was used for its manipulation by unscrupulous bankers? In the case of "Mostranbankom", this is probably were the same authors' societies, which are directly related to Mikhalkov.

The play is not over yet

How do I find the media, and if based on claims DIA, manipulation carried out through a certain company "PROMMA" and other companies who took out loans in the "Mostranbanke" and pretended to be extinguished debt through temporary transfers of copyright societies. The holders Union denied the information about the involvement in the fraudulent scheme. As stated by the Vedomosti representative of FPR and WIPO Oksana Levashova, they did have an account in "Mostranbanke" that stores 610 million rubles. After the withdrawal of the license money stuck. And about the fraud they said that yes, one suspicious case was. Late last year, it was discovered that some of the money from the account written off, even though the bank was given orders. The credit organization explained this technical malfunction and quickly returned the money. More such incidents do not recur. The damage suffered is not an organization of right holders. That's all.

But from the point of view of the DIA situation is somewhat otherwise. Bank with the help of fictitious transactions falsified reports for several years, until the end of last year, while the right holders are not asked to stop doing it (note that it was at this time the security forces have demonstrated their interest in the bank and arrested him predpravleniya Zaharikova). The agency believes that the FPR, waste and WIPO could participate in the "operation to conceal the theft committed" and this may be implicated leaders of the three organizations. As already mentioned, the manual CPR has to Nikita Mikhalkov. It is useful to recall the head of the Russian Authors' Society
Sergey Fedotov. He was arrested last summer on suspicion of fraud and is now in the chamber, "Sailor's Silence". So there is every reason to believe that the new act of this crime plays can be very dramatic.

This happens not only in the movies

Of course it makes sense to take the side of right holders. They just keep their money in a bank. And be in charge did not know that it is the scammers use their money to scroll through their mischief. Moreover, just pops up the name of Nikita Mikhalkov, it is possible to suspect and anti-Russian demarche. And suddenly some scoundrels and traitors heads to erect a slander on the Guardian native spirituality? But haunted by one thought. After all, the DIA says that suspicious transactions were carried out for several years. If so, why the organization who have a full staff of accountants and lawyers, are not exposed banking scoundrels?

Let's try to transfer all household plane. Let's say a certain Russians have an account with a small bank. There is, for example, 100 thousand rubles. And the bank begins to withdraw from the account on a monthly basis well, let a couple of thousand. Today withdraw and return tomorrow. the client will most likely understand. Yes, the money was returned, but by what right do they touch? And do not say whether the police about this ?! And even if a bank to quietly offer a good commission for what these strange Crank operation - and refuse to expose! Although the proposal, frankly, tempting ...

However, we're confabulating. The investigation will understand, as we rewind the film: "Let's go, motor, camera!". The camera ... But what do you do again themselves climbed some stupid hints!