Governor Dubrovsky needs collectors

Chelyabinsk Oblast governed by Boris Dubrovsky is on the verge of bankruptcy. The region exceeded the credit limit by 2 billion rubles.
After the publication of the Russian Audit Chamber report on the audit of the effectiveness of crediting of subjects of the Russian credit organizations in 2014-2016 years, it became clear that the main duty of the Chelyabinsk region has grown by 1.3 times. It was in 2014 the authorities of the region Boris Dubrovsky received. Collegium of the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation made a submission to the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky. Moreover, information on the audits left to the government and the Finance Ministry of Russia.

Interestingly, Finance Minister Andrei Pshenitsyn region, outraged by the fact that the board of the Russian Audit experts had announced the results of its checks! About the fact that the region can become bankrupt Pshenitsyn silent ...

As Dubrovsky region "brought to handle"

Note that the Chelyabinsk region headed by Boris Dubrovsky is among the regions with the lowest socio-political stability. Southern Urals included in the top 7 of outsiders. Sustainability Index was 4.8 points. Rated influenced the growth of arrears of wages in enterprises and organizations. According Chelyabinskstata pemployers in the region are owed 11.7 million rubles. Played a role in the administration of Chrysostom searches in the case of the sale of land in the National Park, the prosecutor's office identify inefficient spending Venture Fund and the beginning of bankruptcy procedures "Chelyabinsk bus transport."

The economy also hardly kept by federal subsidies. The deficit of the regional budget for this year - 11.8 billion rubles. Public debt is astronomical 40 billion rubles.
Most interestingly, Dubrovsky on the background of poverty in the region is buying luxury cars for the state account. Subordinate head of the region have prepared the tender for the purchase of new cars. The fact that the governor wants to ride on the SUV Cadillac Escalade. Officials are going to buy as many as two jeeps.

Besides craving for luxury cars for the state account in Dubrovsky there are flaws. Thus, the news agency "Insider" reports that Boris has serious problems with alcohol. Moreover, they say that the rest of "man of the people" as positioning itself Dubrovsky, the best hotels in the world, for example, in the only in the world & laquo; 7-star "hotel -« Burj al Arab », with corresponding prices.

In addition, in the media there is evidence that allegedly Dubrovsky immediately after his appointment as head of the region "could get from 25% to 100% of the shares in the commercial organizations" Chelyabstroykomplekt "BZZHBK" Energy "," and in a number of other companies. Dubrovsky owns 100% of shares of "Novatek" OOO (Magnitogorsk), which kind of activities - management of holding companies. With revenue of 18.9 million rubles in 2012. "Novatek" has worked with a loss of 1.98 million rubles. This company has a "daughter" - OOO "ITs Sinai Group", which is engaged in lease of own real estate (loss in 2012 - 62 thousand rubles.).

Companies controlled by the head of the region, regularly receive government contracts. For example, only "Chelyabstroykomplekt" LLC was awarded a contract to 109,345,213.50 rubles. from the Office of Capital Construction Administration of Troitsk; to 25,466,170.50 rubles. from the municipal treasury institution "Magnitogorskinveststroy" Magnitogorsk; to 77728120 rubles. from the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructureelyabinskoy area.

Connected Dubrovsky and relatives. Since the appointment of Boris Dubrovsky Acting Governor, belonging to his son Alexander of "DIP Trading" has received 5 contracts totaling 4.4 million rubles from Magnitogorsk city administration!

Lobbies, and is not shy

Independent experts say that Dubrovsky in office defends private interests. Gradually it loses support Boris because he rightly considered a lobbyist. So, during the reign of the Chelyabinsk region, Vladimir Dubrovsky case "went up the hill" only MMK Victor Rashnikova. The signal was the appointment of the head of the administration of Governor top manager MMK Ivan Senicheva (left the post after the scandal). Chelyabinsk opposition and social activists fear that Dubrovsky is the Governor-lobbyist Victor Rashnikova holding MMK.

The current Governor has worked at the factory for life, eventually becoming one of the most "expensive" top managers. Then, the question arises: why one of the most expensive Russian managers become gubernatrum deficient Chelyabinsk region and receive a modest (about 300 thousand rubles per month) for the salaries of top managers ...
For many the answer is obvious - to lobby interests Rashnikova who owns MMK! According to experts, is now a businessman needs "a governor" protecting the interests of the company at the regional level.

FSB officers are already checked against the head of the Administration of Chelyabinsk Eugene Tefteleva, former deputy head of the city of Magnitogorsk, and director of "Sinai" Vladimir Ushakov, as well as on the head of the South-Ural Housing Corporation and the mortgage Natalia Saleeva. Disgruntled and the Accounting Chamber. After all, the region may soon cease to fulfill their financial obligations. In this region, the Ministry of Finance said: "These accusations are absurd." It seems Dubrovsky officials trying to demonstrate the appearance of stability and effectiveness, despite the fact that the region no longer pay salaries. Political experts say that soon Dubrovsky not turn to borrow to give loans. In this case, Boris Alexandrovich have otchityvatXia for their jeeps and companies that receive money from the region.