"Greek crisis" in Saratov Oblast

Valery Radayev, the head of Saratov Oblast, is gradually leading the region to a default. In anticipation of a succession of gubernatorial elections, he made a number of "key decisions": increased fares for public transport, asked to support Saratov vegetable growers and called to "inspire lathe operators".
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Based on the initiatives Valeriy impression that all is well in the region - in fact before the Saratov region is the problem of bankruptcy, which can go "on the shoulders" of the federal government.

"Today, go to the online store - there's nothing there. Fruit and vegetable products. Where we sell natural juices, which are produced in the Saratov region? Only advertising. And there is no more sound. such production begins in Romanovsky district. We must support it ", - complains the governor glad.

One gets the feeling that it is a rural head, not the head of the crisis region, which need immediate conversion.

And when the words of Valery V. Regional Union of Producers and Employers of Victor Mullin turners shortage in the region, says that "the turner must first be spiritually educated", it seems that Mr. Radayev just very sick.

In the article "Russian Chechnya" Governor Radaeva "we wrote about the economic and political crisis in the state where there Saratov region and a Baery V. "otmazyvatsya 'relatives from criminal offenses.

So far, none of the problems are not solved. Moreover, in 2013 Saratov region attracted loans worth 21.7 billion rubles (71.8% - loans in commercial banks) and repaid in the amount of just 15.3 billion rubles. The debt structure is dominated by loans from commercial banks, the average rate of which is 8.25% per annum. Budget loans oblpravitelstva cheaper - on average by 2.55% per annum.

To curry favor with the federal government, Mr. Radayev region leads into debt by taking loans from commercial banks and giving statements about the "surplus region." The subject is spending 15% of their income on loan servicing only to give themselves nothing debts - banks may require a court sale of property belonging to the administration.

According to the Chamber, in the second quarter of 2013 it was revealed violations amounting to more than 880 million rubles. Eight criminal cases were initiated on the results of inspections. Economists do not see how in the next 5-10 lSaratov region is able to pay off your debts. Recall that in 2012 the government of the region has exceeded the allowable limit of the volume of loans to the subject of more than 330 million rubles of the federation. The upper limit of public debt in the region has been exceeded by 14.7 million rubles.

Chairman of the Accounting Chamber Sergey Kharchenko said that the volume of loans in the region's budget last year amounted to 19.038 billion rubles, while the maximum is 18.7 billion rubles. However, criminal or any other penalty for exceeding the debt is not, it is simply a fact to which all friends Saratov officials. And this year is expected to reduce tax revenues by major branches of national companies and the growth of debt collection from local businesses, which will be about 2 billion rubles.

During the reign of Radaeva, Saratov region is among the regions with the highest levels of public debt. So, now its size is 72.5% of the revenue side of the budget, which for 2014 is set at 63.2 billion rubles - a real "Greek crisisc ". But this percentage will continue to grow: government domestic borrowing program would increase the debt by another almost 5 billion rubles, and the upper limit of public debt is set to the amount of 50.8 billion rubles.

Of course, Valeriy plans to lend in the governor's chair has no more life, just at the time the region's debt can lead to bankruptcy and default, but this is not a problem to be Mr. Radaeva ...