Ground shook under Rodex

The plots sold near Moscow turned out to be pledged assets.   
Buyers country houses Rodex Group, once the largest builder of Moscow region, managed to house arrest co-owner Yevgeny Rodionov company. They accuse the businessman of fraud, because he sold them to the preliminary agreements plots in the mortgage from Raiffeisenbank. Now, customers may have to buy a property from foreclosure.

Dorogomilovo District Court of Moscow has sent to the prosecutor for further investigation of the Western Administrative District of the capital of a criminal case Rodex Group co-owner Yevgeny Rodionov and decided to extend his detention in house arrest until March 14, 2017. This is stated in the judgment of 6 December (a copy is in "b"). The lawsuit was initiated by 19 buyers of houses in suburban towns Rodex.

Evgeny Rodionov, accused of "perpetrating a fraud on a large scale" (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), follows from the case. According to investigators, he initiated the registration of a number of legal entities, in particular, Ltd. "Tehstroyservis", LLC "new town", OOO "Green Valley Association" Pine Beach "." These companies are affiliated with Rodex, we concluded with physical persons a preliminary contract of sale areas, without assessing the risks of these transactions: at the time, said the land was already pledged to Raiffeisenbank, according to investigators. The indictment states that Evgeny Rodionov instructed employees to affiliate with him LLC "SMS Finance" to transfer money to his own account under the loan agreements. The bank does not comment on the situation.

"We bought lots (in the villages," Pine Beach "and" Golden Sands "in Mozhaiskom rayone.-" b ") with a contract for which pay an average of 5-10 million rubles, the money for the infrastructure (2-3 million rubles. ) listed in suburban cooperatives, most of the houses built, but the evidence on which we have not received ", - said one of the plaintiffs Boris Golubev.

According to Mr. Golubev, Rodex structure does not repay the loan, and Raiffeisen Bank offered to buy part of the company's debt by entering into agreements of cession. If the situation is not resolved, he continues, the bankruptcy trustee will expose Rodex disputed plots for sale.

Lawyer Yevgeny Rodionov Igor Saevets denies all accusations against the businessman. "Run of the obligations of the company failed for economic reasons: it does not apply to intentional illegal acts, it is a normal business risk Just for this reason the court sent the case back for further investigation." - Says Mr. Saevets.

Rodex Group, founded in 1994, previously considered a major developer of suburban real estate near Moscow. According to Forbes, the company's founders Eugene Rodionov and Pyotr Ovdienko came in the construction business after the dismissal of the Space Forces. In 2008, the Group's revenue was $ 160 million, state private Evgeny Rodionov "Finance" magazine in 2009 is estimated at $ 700 million. Now Igor Saevets points out that before the 2008 crisis cost Rodex assets amounted to 3 billion rubles. Since 2006 the company has implemented 24 investment projects, he adds. But in order to survive the crisis period Rodex failed: in 2012 claims from creditors were submitted to the structures of the company. Saevets Mr. adds that Evgeny Rodionov has lost all of its assets and sent personal savings to pay off the loans Rodex. The remaining debt to Raiffeisen Bank, according to him, is 280 million rubles, of which about 80 million rubles - penalties and interest.

Managing Partner Heads Consulting Alexander Barzykin doubt that criminal proceedings will allow customers to solve problems. "These categories of disputes governed by civil law", - he said. "Preliminary agreement on the property purchase and sale does not provide for the transfer of ownership," - said partner law firm Orient Partners Kseniya Kazakova. According to her, later built houses will become the property of the developer and are pledged to the bank. "Given the bankruptcy proceedings, the requirements of natural persons included in the total mass of the competition and will be repaid along with the requirements of other creditors, in the best case they can count on the return of the money paid," - concludes Ms. Kazakova.