Group "Sum" Ziyavudin Magomedov can sell the terminal under construction in the port of Nakhodka

The owner of "Sibanthracite" Dmitry Bosov is interested in the asset.
The Suma Group, which manages the assets of Ziyavudin Magomedov, who is under arrest, is in talks to sell the Open Port Nakhodka JSC to the structures of Dmitry Bosov. This was told to "Vedomosti" by four people close to the different sides of the talks. In addition to Bosov, Roman Trotsenko was also interested in the asset, three of them are added. The asset is estimated at 1.45 billion rubles., They continue.

No binding documents have yet been signed, emphasizes a person close to one of the structures of Bosov. "Potentially the port may be interesting, but the expediency of its acquisition is not at all relevant," he explains. "The capacity of the railways does not allow to guarantee the loading of the port." In addition, the Far East already has a large capacity for transshipment of coal, including the port of Vostochny, and Bosov is building a port of Vera (20 million tons a year - Vedomosti), reminds the source.

A possible deal could be complicated by the fact that Magomedov has been under arrest since March. Together with his elder brother Magomed, he is accused of creating a criminal community and stealing state funds for a total of about 2.5 billion rubles. Obviously, such a deal is possible only with the consent of the authorities, said political analyst Alexei Makarkin. No Russian company without prior discussion with the state will even consider the possibility of such a purchase, he adds. "But if they say:" Let's buy, the main thing is that it does not go abroad. "... Then there will be those who wish," Makarkin continues. "Naturally, not without a discount for toxicity."

The representative of the "Summa" group denied the information on the preparation of the deal: "We had several proposals, but they did not suit us, and we plan to develop the project on our own". The representative of Bosova and Roman Trotsenko declined to comment.

If the deal is concluded, Cyprus Silkenio Enterprise Ltd, which owns 100% of the OPN, will be sold. In the port of Vostochny (Nakhodka), the latter is building a coal terminal "Sever" with a capacity of about 20 million tons. Investments in the project, according to Kommersant, were to amount to about 12.8 billion rubles. Starting the terminal was planned in 2018. Based on the current state of the facility, it can be assumed that up to now, no more than 1 billion rubles have been invested in it, the general director of the agency "Infoline-analyst" Mikhail Burmistrov believes.

This is a good deal for Magomedov, Vedomosti's interlocutors believe. Taking into account the seizure of accounts and assets, the seller needs funds, explains the familiar Magomedovs. The port, he said, was not arrested. Since the sale of the Cyprus company, and not the port itself, is being discussed, the speech is guaranteed about a deal on foreign law, Denis Frolov, partner of BMS Law Firm, points out. In this case, if the sale takes place, Magomedov can avoid the seizure of funds that is possible during a transaction in the Russian jurisdiction, the lawyer points out.

The buyer will also transfer to VEB, which opened a credit line for the construction of a $ 200 million port, knows a person close to Sum. "Nothing was selected from this credit line and it will not be chosen," a Sumy representative said. "First we need to optimize the business plan, then we will invest." A representative of VEB declined to comment.

Coal companies are experiencing a shortage of port facilities. Sooner or later, before any company, the question arises that it is more profitable to pay for the use of another's infrastructure or own it, says Alexander Losev, the General Director of the Sputnik-Capital Management Company. Bosov owns the company "Sibantratsit" and together with Alexander Isaev - "Vostokuglem". Far Eastern ports are in themselves a profitable business, they are now in price, says Kirill Chuiko, head of the analytical department of BCS.