Gunvor told about the participation of Putin's "childhood friend" in its business

Oil trader Gunvor responded to the investigation of Dozd Channel about the Forbes list member Pyotr Kolbin. The company said that the business partner of Gennady Timchenko was its shareholder only for one year and completely withdrew nearly ten years ago.
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Recent reports of oil trader Gunvor contained "unverified lie", the company said on Wednesday. In particular, the company called the false information that the businessman Peter Kolbin was associated with Gunvor in the period from 2005 to 2010.

"It is not involved in the work of the company for almost ten years," - the statement says.

The report notes that Kolbin was a minority shareholder of Gunvor in 2007, "around for years." Then the growing company has sought to diversify its sources of funding and participation in the capital Kolbina was not strategic and was later completely stopped, the company said.

"The company asks the media to confirm the information before making incorrect statements, or at least call for comment", - stated in the message Gunvor.

The report also says oil trader, Gunvor for that time retained almost all the profits in the company by not paying dividends and investing in business expansion and the purchase of assets.

In addition, of Gunvor it called erroneous reports that in 2010,the company's turnover was $ 70 billion. The report notes that by the end of the year, this amount is not reached or the company's turnover or its market capitalization. This Gunvor attach a hyperlink to the published in the March press release about the company's financial performance, which reported that revenue for 2015 was $ 64 billion, while it reached $ 88 billion in 2014. In a message posted on Gunvor site February 2011, it was reported that the company's turnover grew by 22.6% in 2010, to $ 65 billion.

On Monday, 26 September, the TV channel "Rain" revealed an investigation which revealed that the businessman Peter Kolbin, which occupies 149 th place in the ranking of richest Russians according to Forbes (assessment - $ 0.55 billion) in the childhood was familiar the future president of Russia Vladimir Putin. For its part, a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said he did not meet Kolbina name among Putin's friends. He also said he had not seen the materials of the relationship with the president of any business process, "supported by the actual facts."

"Rain", including UtweI rzhdal that Kolbin "owned at least 10 per cent share of Gunvor oil trader in the world" "for five years, until 2010," when the turnover of the company "reached $ 70 billion." That Kolbin Gunvor owned shares, wrote "Vedomosti" in 2012. The daily pointed out that the "mysterious third owner of Gunvor, whose name for many years was kept secret," came out of the number of shareholders in 2010, after which its share was transferred to a special trust fund - to motivate employees.

"Vedomosti" in 2012 was named Peter Kolbina "childhood friend Gennady Timchenko." Timchenko himself, whose fortune Forbes estimated at $ 11.4 billion (fifth in the ranking of richest Russians) in the Forbes interview that same year confirmed that Kolbina knows from childhood. He also pointed out that the businessman has become a minority shareholder of Gunvor, acting as a financial investor. "It was my old friend from the time of childhood, which for some time acted as a financial investor, having received a small stake. He has no connection with the government or big business, "- said Timchenko.

Gennady Timchenko until 2014He has been one of the two major shareholders Gunvor with 43.5% share. The same shares owned business partner Timchenko, Swedish billionaire Torbjorn Tornqvist (state estimation, according to Forbes, - $ 1,8 billion). In March 2014, he bought a share came under sanctions Timchenko, increasing its share to 87%. The deal to sell the package passed the day before were eligible Timchenko under US sanctions. In May 2014, Vladimir Putin has called the sanctions the Russians fallen under your friends.