Gutseriev leaves Moscow

Billionaire's company sells metropolitan headquarters.
Mospromstroy, owned by the family of Mikhail Gutseriev, continues to get rid of assets. The company is negotiating the sale of its 6.5 thousand sq. M headquarters on Malaya Dmitrovka. m, the potential buyer of which could be the developer of elite club houses Vesper. The construction of housing on this site will require a separate agreement and solution of the parking issue.

The company "Mospromstroy", a member of the Safmar group of Mikhail Gutseriev, is discussing the sale of its head office in Moscow, three interlocutors in the real estate market told Kommersant. According to them, Vesper developer Denis Kitaev and Boris Azarenko, who specializes in premium housing, may become the buyer. Vesper declined to comment. In Safmar, Kommersant was told: “We always sell everything. And oil, and gas, and buildings, everything that we have. The question of price. "

The six-storey office of Mospromstroy is located on Malaya Dmitrovka, not far from the Chekhovskaya metro station. The area of ​​the building itself is 6.5 thousand square meters. m, and the area under it occupies 0.15 hectares. One of Kommersant's interlocutors adds that the deal with Vesper is far from complete. According to him, Mospromstroy wanted to receive 1.8 billion rubles for its building, but the highest offer from a potential buyer was limited to 1.5 billion rubles.

Mospromstroy was founded in 1972. This is one of the oldest construction holdings in Moscow, which, among other things, participated in the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Victory Memorial on Poklonnaya Gora, and carried out the comprehensive development of Zelenograd. The shares of the holding of the Gutseriev-Shishkhanov family structure began to be bought in 2005, and in 2011 they acquired 24.5% of CJSC Mospromstroy from the Moscow authorities. Recently, Mospromstroy is gradually getting rid of its assets, deciding to keep only the most liquid sites in its portfolio. Within three years, the company sold about a third of the 30 plots: they were mainly located in industrial zones and required long-term investments for development, and there was no reason to count on high profitability after their development.

Optimization of the portfolio is associated with the financial difficulties of the Gutseriev family, as well as the loss of interest in doing business in Russia, according to Kommersant's interlocutors in the real estate market. At the end of 2019, Forbes estimated the debt of companies associated with Mikhail Gutseriev at 1 trillion rubles. At the same time, the media reported about searches in the offices of Safmar structures. The group itself denied this information.

Vesper already has experience in housing construction in the Tverskoy District: in 2016, the developer rented out a house of six apartments and two penthouses at 18 Malaya Dmitrovka, about 200 meters from the Mospromstroy office. The developer often buys existing old buildings in the center of Moscow and converts them into premium club houses. So, in this Vesper discussed the purchase of a class B business center in Nesvizhsky lane in Khamovniki, in order to later convert it into apartments.

Sayan Tsyrenov, director of real estate transactions support at PwC Russia, believes that redevelopment of the Mospromstroy building into housing would be the best solution, since Malaya Dmitrovka cannot be called a developed office market. In addition, the cost of selling space for housing in this area will be higher than for offices, he adds. Andrey Soloviev, director of the city real estate department at Knight Frank, estimates the cost of housing on the site of the Mospromstroy building at 1 million rubles. for 1 sq. m.

One of Kommersant's interlocutors in the real estate market does not exclude that the implementation of a residential project at the site of the Mospromstroy office may cause certain difficulties, since the use of a plot for apartments will require approval, but for now the building can only be operated for administrative functions. In addition, the underground floor is not suitable for parking, and it will be necessary to allocate ground space for it, which makes the project more expensive, he adds.

PLT has a foothold in the warehouse


A consortium of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Arab Mubadala and other Middle Eastern funds has closed the largest investment deal of this year in the warehouse segment. The partners purchased the Sever-1 complex from the Orientir development company for the Professional Logistics Technologies (PLT) logistics platform. This was reported to Kommersant by the parties to the transaction. In July, the newspaper "Vedomosti" called the largest deal for the purchase of 108 thousand square meters. m in the complex "PNK Park Veshki" by the structures of Sberbank. "Sever-1" is located in the Moscow region, occupies 114 thousand square meters. m. The only tenant is Ozon. According to Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF CEO, since the beginning of the year, PLT has increased the volume of logistics space by 30%.