Gutserievs reduced the share in their financial holding to repay loans

The Gutseriev family reduced the share in the holding company "Safmar Financial Investments", selling in it 15% for 10 billion rubles. The buyers are several large Russian businessmen. The money will go to pay off the loans of the group "Safmar".
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The Gutseriev family sells 15% in the financial holding company Safmar Financial Investments (unites the leasing company Europlan, non-state pension funds Safmar and Doverie, as well as 49% of the insurance company VSK). The seller was JSC "Daglis", one of the structures of the group "Safmar". In total, more than 16.745 million common shares of the holding were sold at a price of 610 rubles. per share - thus, the transaction amount was 10.2 billion rubles. The transaction was organized by VTB Capital. In JSC Daglis, through offshore Lanbury trading, 80.1% belongs to Said Gutseriev, 19.9% ​​to his father Mikhail Gutseriev.

As a result of the transaction, the share of Gutserievs in the holding decreased from 54.8 to 39.8%. The names of buyers of 15% in "Safmar Financial Investments" do not disclose. The press service of the group "Safmar" said that the buyer is "a number of Russian big businessmen interested in investing in business in Russia." In the group "Safmar" noted that under the transaction there was no one buyer of a significant share of the shares. "For the Safmar Group, the effective development of its assets is more important than maintaining formal control over them," the press service of the group noted. The group believes that a diversified shareholder structure increases the efficiency of the company's management, its investment attractiveness, and also positively affects the rating of the company by rating agencies.

VTB Capital declined to comment.

The representative of the group "Safmar" specified that, in any case, the Gutseriev family will remain the main beneficiary of SFI and will be able to significantly influence the key decisions taken by the shareholders of the company. Funds received within the framework of the transaction will be used to repay a portion of loans previously attracted for the acquisition of new assets of the Safmar Group.

Shares of "Safmar Financial Investments" answered the news about the deal with a decrease. On the Moscow Stock Exchange, on August 2, they fell 5.75% (to 639 rubles). The shares of "Safmar Financial Investments" can not be called liquid, says Artem Argetkin, head of the brokerage department for key clients of BCS. On average, in June-July, the volume of trading in these securities was 30,000 shares a day. The average price of shares for the past six months was about 700 rubles. apiece, the size of the discount, with which the securities were sold to investors, quite normal for the market, the analyst notes.

Under the management of "Safmar Financial Investments" 317 billion rubles. assets as of December 31, 2017. The company's net profit for the past year is 8.3 billion rubles, operating income and financial income - 14.1 billion rubles, the holding company's capital - 84.6 billion rubles.