Gymnastics of Channel One: sanctions intefered with the launch of a show with Alina Kabaeva

BBC Worldwide has refused to sell a license for Tumble show to the companies co-owned by Arkady Rotenberg and Yuri Kovalchuk.
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As it became known of Forbes, the British media corporation BBC Worldwide has refused to license the production of the Russian version of the show Tumble entertainment company "Red Square" Arkady Rotenberg and Channel One, 25% owned by Yury Kovalchuk. This was told two sources close to the leadership of the First Channel, and two members of the "Red Square". According to Forbes interlocutors, the reason for refusal were the sanctions imposed by the European Union against the Rotenberg and Kovalchuk.

The first channel is performed by the customer adaptation Tumble format, said a source close to the leadership of the "First". The program, in which the show-business stars have tried their hand at artistic gymnastics, held in Britain in the past TV season. As planned by the producers of "Red Square" leading Russian version of the show was to be the Olympic champion gymnast Alina Kabaeva, says a source close to the leadership of the First Channel. According to him, to show the jury also had to get head coach Irina Viner-Usmanova gymnastics team of Russia, Kabaeva and the wife of one of the richest coachRussian businessman Alisher Usmanov. Because of the refusal of the British side, these plans were thwarted, and the proposal was not directed Kabaeva, says Forbes said.

Spokesman declined to comment on the First Channel of the new transmission "as long as it does not appear in the grid broadcast television." In the "red square" at the time of publication of the material on the Forbes request is not answered. The BBC refused to comment on the deal, but added that "cooperating with Russian media companies and strictly adhere to execution United States and European Union laws on sanctions."

As the chairman of the Forbes "White Media" company's board of directors (the TV show "One to one", "ten million") Timur Weinstein, Channel found a way out of the situation with the sanctions. It was decided to leave the format of the show about the gym, which adheres to the BBC, and to expand it. The new program will be called "Without insurance", and its members will carry out the various elements of gymnastics and acrobatics. "The show is such a plan with a lot of stars are usually from 18 mn up to 20 million rubles per episode based on the cost of production of scenery and training of artists ", - said Weinstein.

"Red Square" was engaged in the production of the highest-rated projects of the First Channel of recent years: "The Voice," "Minute of Fame", "Let's get married!". According to the KVG Research, the company in 2013 was the largest producer of TV programs in the country, he produced 1650 hours of original content for the first channel. Proceeds of "Red Square" in 2014, according to the database "SPARK-Interfax", amounted to 6.49 billion rubles, net profit - 2.428 billion rubles. At the end of last year, "Red Square" began to collaborate with other channels, including RTR, for which makes the project "Main Stage" and "Dancing with the Stars." The average share of recent TV shows on the channel baingovoy audience "all 25+", according to TNS Russia, was 12.4%, while the average channel share was 13.9% in the audience.

The popularity of such shows created Project RuTube Askar Tuganbaev explained primarily involving them in show-business stars. In addition, in his opinion, a large rolls playing support channels that put such programs in prime time. "The show with the stars and always pay off ten-fold by advertising and ratings. Despite talk that the format of the show is outdated, singers and actors are still interested in the audience, especially outside the major cities, "- said Tuganbaev.