Half a billion per day: how much Moscow has spent on the Crimea in a year

The bill for the accession of the Crimea to Russia exceeded 125 billion rubles, which have been spent in the past year from the government reserve. Not too lavish: Chechnya and Ingushetia have somewhat higher subsidies.
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"Crimea was never a unique territory for us, - says Nikolay Azarov, head of the Ukrainian government with Viktor Yanukovich. - Is that from the standpoint of recreation potential. " On the Peninsula development program until 2020 Kiev spent in 2010-2011 to 1 billion hryvnia per year (about $ 120 million at the then exchange rate).

"It was quite a large sum for us, - said Azarov. - Crimeans are well aware that, for example, sitting in a new trolleybus from Simferopol to Yalta, they sit on a bus, purchased under this program. " But in 2012, the amount of direct subsidies had to be cut - it was necessary to find the money to host the European Football Championship.

The fact that the Russian development of a new region will cost much more expensive, it became clear immediately after his accession in March last year. But the exact amount could not call anybody. Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Yevgeny Bushmin supervising financial legislation and questions of budgetary sphere, then expressed the opinion that it will be exactly the cheaper the Sochi Olympics (according to expert estimates – about $ 50 billion).

RBC Sources in the government then called a ballpark figure - about $ 3 billion (about 110 billion rubles at the current rate of mid-March last year.), Including social payments, transfers to the budget deficit compensation of the new region and the cost of infrastructure, including construction of a bridge through the Kerch Strait.

In April, during a straight line President Vladimir Putin praised the budget expenditure on development of the Crimea in 2014 to 100 billion rubles. excluding investments in infrastructure. Taking into account integration costs of transport and energy infrastructure will require 130 billion rubles., Were counted in June, experts Sberbank Center for Macroeconomic Research.

Crimean estimates

As a result, the first estimates were not far from the amounts actually spent. Financial support of the Crimea and Sevastopol, including subsidies to balance their budgets amounted to 90.8 billion rubles, earmarked transfers from the federal budget -... Another 33.9 billion rubles, total 124.7 billion rubles, said the representative of the Ministry of Finance in response to a request to RBC .

Money found in the "obscheekonomcal questions "of the federal budget for 2014 - from there the government had the right to spend up to 282.2 billion rubles. to support the industry in the region and "for the purposes connected with the implementation of measures on the territories of Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol."

Most of the money went to finance current expenditure - patch state employees, social benefits, maintenance of establishments, covering Pension Fund deficit in the region, said deputy director of the direction of public finances S & P Karen Vartapetov. In total 90 billion rubles has been allocated for the budget balance.

The rest of the expenditure was on the provision of electricity, heat and water supply, construction and transport, education and assistance in the field of housing, employment support and other areas, it follows from the relevant government regulations (see. Infographic). Plus was "closed part" - financed by her work on the naval base and other tasks the Defense Ministry, the amount was "significantly less" "open" part, said a federal official familiar with the budget process in the Crimea.


"From the point of view of budgetary reporting, 125 billion is spent transparently, - says Vartapetov. - Often, the amount of cash execution of expenditure does not coincide with the amount budgeted. " But it is an incomplete amount of government spending in the Crimea. Part of the money spent ministries and agencies on the ongoing activities in the region.

In March 2014, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the creation of the Crimea territorial bodies of all ministries and departments. They will have to seek funds for new branches within existing budgets - no extra funding for these purposes is not provided, then the RBC said a source in the financial and economic bloc of the government.

"How much does it cost, you do not say no," - says a federal official. According to him, officials have tried in every way to save money. For example, law enforcement agencies delayed the timing setting on your budget Crimean officials, trying to the last to be paid allowances from the regional budget. Local authorities and the Ministry of Crimea scored tonsrevogu in the middle of autumn and the end of the year, the problem was resolved, the source says RBC.

The fact that the main cost agencies began to bear only in the Crimea at the end of 2014, can be seen on the dynamics of public procurement related to the Crimean Federal District. Their total sum amounted to 2.37 billion rubles. Most of all spent Roskomnadzor. He was limited to one order, the total value of which exceeded the purchase of any other government agencies in the region. Services in data transfer via secure channels of communication and the organization secure access to a single information system service cost 390 million rubles.

Slightly less than the cost of the local FSB were: in 2014 she purchased at RUR 379.5 million. (Initial price of the contract), of which 276.7 million were allocated for the purchase of apartments in Simferopol. In the list of leaders also hit Enterprise "Krym-Pharmacy", the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee roskazni who have spent for their Crimean units from 100 to 300 million rubles.

Basically we purchased goods and services by households - renovation of premises and the supply of furniture. One of the units bought children's rides, special communications management FSO- Sausage, MVD Department for Sevastopol - canned cucumbers. MIA sanatorium "Emerald" to spend on the purchase of bulletproof vests and helmets.

Regions Sister

Part of the money came to the Crimea in the form of direct assistance from the Russian regions. August 11, 2014 the Government approved the consolidation scheme Crimean municipalities in 21 subject. Each of them had to support the new Russian region methodologically and financially. As a result, the areas received aid of more than 2.7 billion rubles., Said, speaking in the Federation Council, the deputy head Andrei Minkryma Tsemahovich. According to him, 42% of the money went to health and sport, 23% - for utilities and infrastructure.

In addition to financial assistance, the regions were sent to the peninsula foods, medicines, equipment and even Russian flags, portraits of the president and the Russian coat of arms. Deliveries were made in the first months after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Most of the cargo was stolen, he told BBC BBC head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

Tatarstan listed Bakhchisaray district of Crimea 140 million rubles. "At the recommendedin volume of 75-90 million rubles. ", said RBC Tatarstan Deputy Minister on affairs of Crimea Andrew Tsemahovich. According to him, the money spent on drinking water supply, agricultural production and repair of hospitals, the largest part of the sum provided Tatarstan business.

Tyumen region acted as a patron of the Black Sea region of Crimea - overhauled four schools and a kindergarten, built playgrounds, said a representative of the governor Vladimir Yakushev. Repairs carried out on the principle of co-financing through a special fund, to which the people listed personal money, and Tyumen builders - funds from their profits.

Tula sent in Kerch machinery, equipment for medical purposes, supplies for utilities to prepare for the heating season, and other products, said a representative of the governor Vladimir Gruzdev. 14.5 million rubles. gathered residents, 55 million rubles. allocated area. Stavropol send about 400 tonnes of humanitarian aid and more than 7 million rubles. donations, including one-day salary of the governor, says the head of the region Vladimir Vladimirov.

Donors tobarely had more than the government list - part of the areas voluntarily helped the Crimea. By April 23, 2014 transferred the Crimea Buryatia more than 5.2 million rubles., Says the head of the republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn.

Indirect costs - in the form of subsidies for rest and excursions in Crimea other stakeholders - could create another 3.5 billion rubles. This payment region for rest and recuperation of children and spa treatment (including free transportation to the place of treatment and vice versa), it follows from the law on the federal budget.