Has a doctor been found for Rost Bank?

ACB wants to designate Binbank owned by Gutseriev and Shishkhanov as the turnaroud company for the infamous holding. 
According to the information publication "Vedomosti", in choosing the sanatorium "The growth of bank" and its structures of the Deposit Insurance Agency made a secret decision in favor of BIN Mikhail Gutseriev and his nephew Mikhail Shishkhanov. The same edition, citing a source in the supervisory control unit notes that in August of this year, the choice of the sanatorium distressed credit institutions it was decided to open a contest, which is carried ASV and the Central Bank. But in reality such a transparent procedure and does not work: in fact the sanatorium, as before, choose manual DIA.

Meanwhile, a preliminary assessment of the financial hole in the "growth of the bank" - 30 billion rubles. And according to information publication Business-gazeta.ru in holding banks with concentrated deposits of natural persons alone at 70 billion rubles. In the wake of the message hygiene "The growth of the bank" and the withdrawal of licenses from its structures the investors are actively trying to withdraw their savings. In response to the "bank holding zhivopyrok " alreadyedeny limits on cash withdrawals. And having an account in "The growth of bank" entities have difficulty carrying out operations. For example, according to the Republic of Tatarstan Banking Association Chairman of the Board Ludmila Kitaitsev, Tatarstan branch "Bank Growth" feel "a big problem with the contributions of the population." In recognition Kitaitsev, alone residents of the Republic entrusted the Volga "The growth of the bank" tens of billions of rubles.

As previously reported in the media, the main beneficiary of the Group "Growth" Oleg Karchev decisive question "curve" import companies owned by him "of MERLION", using a scheme to provide loans firmam- "ephemeral" in the "growth of the bank" and their subsequent withdrawal abroad. Implementation of the scheme for the withdrawal of assets from the "Bank of Growth" was accompanied by a "specialist" in such events Alexey Korneshov.

Family Karcheva built "holding zhivopyrok" for three years: "Growth" has acquired SKA-Bank (384-th place in terms of assets), Tveruniversalbank (326 th), "Cedar" (147th), "Uralprivat" (655-) And Akkobank (525 th), as well as the attached "Kazan" and the bank was planning to attach more of the banks, but not in time. The "Growth bank" financial hole was discovered. However, in the story of "growth" is not interested in the size of retired assets that were plundered literally under the noses of control for quite a long time, but what awaits the country and the holding of its owners and partners. During the formation of "holes" in the bank holding company, along with the owner and managers must meet the supervisory areas of the Bank of Russia which somehow failed to notice the violation of the law. Supervisory Department of the Central Bank led by Ruben Amiryants and oversaw the supervisory scope of the tape to the end of 2014 the Central Bank deputy chairman Mikhail Sukhov.