Having lost the Svyaznoy chain, Maxim Nogotkov is trying to prevent the reorganization of Svyaznoy Bank

The businessman is negotiating the sale of this business.
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Launching Bank, Marigold said that he wanted to compete with the factory Goznak. His goal was to create a tech bank, which would have taught people to use cashless payments. In 2011, "The Messenger Bank" started with a unique product for the Russian market, which combined three functional: credit card, savings (10% yield) and the bonus. During the first year of "The Messenger Bank" entered the top 10 banks in the card, and in 2012 rose to 6th place.

"The Messenger Bank" remains in Nogotkova. Bank "was not and is not the subject of our transaction, in its present form it is not necessary to us", said yesterday, "Vedomosti" the executive director of NPF "Welfare" Yuri Novozhilov. "Shareholder Bank is still Trellas [company through which Marigold owns all of its business], and beneficiary - Maxim marigolds" - confirmed predpravleniya "Messenger Bank" Eugene Davidovich.

New investors have a network of salons "The Messenger" and online retailer Enter, the transaction price was symbolic - 1 ruble, say two ist.ochnika familiar with its terms: Assets left behind debts. The fate of the bank should be "dealt with separately" with the participation of the Central Bank and the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), say people close to both customers. In their opinion, the bank can not be avoided rehabilitation, he had problems with the quality of assets and capital.

Marigold has refused to discuss with "Onexim" and NPF "Welfare" transfer them to "Messenger Bank", citing the existence of "more interesting offers from other investors," says two people close to the negotiators. It is the owner of the "Russian Standard" Rustam Tariq and co-owner of TCS Bank Oleg Tinkoff, they say. A person close to the group "The Messenger", is also aware of the negotiations with the Tinkoff. If the Central Bank will decide on the reorganization "Messenger bank" and will announce a tender, it was TCS-bank would be interesting to take part, said his spokesman. The representative of the "Russian Standard" declined to comment.

Yesterday, the banking market intensified rumors about a possible reorganization "Messenger of the bank." Several information portals with reference to an anonymous sourceand said that the bank can be transferred to the reorganization in the "Renaissance Credit" (owned by "Onexim" group). A friend of an employee of the supervisory unit of the Central Bank told "Vedomosti" that yesterday in "The Messenger Bank" came the inspectors from the DIA. For several groups of investors "have brought to the regulator 'interest in participating in the rehabilitation of" Messenger bank "knows the source" Vedomosti ".

CBR and DIA officials declined to comment, but a person close to the supervisory unit of the Central Bank, told "Vedomosti", "regulatory checks in" The Messenger Bank "is not - it's a fact." Davidovich also denies holding in the bank any checks or ACB CB forces. "Questions from the DIA did not arrive either yesterday or today - he adds. - With control [CB] we are in constant communication - including due to the outflow of depositors' funds, which began this week, following the news of a possible deal. " On Monday and Tuesday, investors withdrew from the bank at 2 billion rubles. per day, on Wednesday, the outflow has slowed to 1 billion rubles., yesterday was about 760 million rubles., says Davidovich. Total for fourBank of the day returned to depositors of more than 5 billion rubles. (Over 12% of total deposits) and "there was no interruption," he emphasizes Davidovich.

The bank complies with all regulations: capital adequacy ratio at the beginning of November was 10.45% (must be at least 10%), and now - 10.8%, indicating Davidovich. Capital Bank at the beginning of October was 5.9 billion rubles. (RAS).

The bank asset quality problems, insists a person familiar with the employee of the supervisory unit. The need for dorezervirovanii - about 6 billion rubles, the bank does not have enough capital to create such reserves, according to the familiar Nogotkova..

Davidovich replied that there was no CBA checks about a year in the bank, "thus no requirement assessed additional reserves have been reported." A shareholder - Marigold as needed always supported the bank predpravleniya recalls. From the materials of "Messenger of the bank", it follows that for the time invested in the pot marigolds about 12 billion rubles, including in this year -. 1.6 billion rubles.

At the beginning of October, the bank's assets amounted to 74 billion rubles. (81 th), the credit portfolio - 44 billion rubles. A quarter of the debt has been overdue inentyabre It had climbed to 40%.

"Anonymous allegations that the bank needs rehabilitation to play into the hands of those who would like to reduce the cost of the bank to zero", - says another friend Nogotkova. New investors "Coherent" showed interest in "The Messenger Bank" - especially "Onexim," which already has a retail "Renaissance Credit", say two people close to the "ONEKSIM", and two top managers of other retail banks. Given the state of the "Messenger of the bank" assets, it would be advantageous to the bank with the right to rehabilitation -.. Ie, with financial support from the Central Bank, says a source close to the deal. Retail Bank Rehabilitation is attractive because "no skeletons in the closet in the form of loans granted to companies related to the shareholder, there is a risk that all the valuable deposits are withdrawn", says the auditor.

A source close to "ONEKSIM", says sanitation achieve other banks. The representative of "Onexim" and marigolds declined to comment.