Head Kirill Cherkalina lived on a salary

Dmitry Frolov was hundreds of times poorer than his subordinate.
Former deputy head of the K department of the FSB Economic Security Service (FSB) Dmitry Frolov was hundreds of times poorer than his ex-subordinate Kirill Cherkalin. With Colonel Frolov, the investigation was able to find and arrest only a country house, an apartment, and a million rubles. At the same time, Colonel Cherkalin, at the suit of the Prosecutor General’s Office, converted into state revenue real estate and other assets valued at 6.5 billion rubles.

The assets of Colonel Frolov became known after his defense appealed to the 2nd Western District Military Court, appealing the decision of the Moscow Garrison Court, which authorized the Investigation Committee to arrest them. It turned out that the interim measures included a house in the near Moscow region with a land plot, an apartment and 1 million rubles found during the search. By the way, the defense did not appeal the arrest of money.

The trial itself was held in a regime closed to the media, and not because of the secrecy of the case, but because during the hearing the health status of the accused Frolov and his relatives could be announced.

From the openly resolved part of the court decision it followed that he dismissed the defense's complaint. The lawyer of the ex-Chekist Anatoly Spesivtsev told Kommersant that he was not ready to comment on the court decision. At the same time, the defender noted that Dmitry Frolov has nothing to do with the billions discovered by Colonel Cherkalin. “He (Colonel Frolov. -“ Kommersant ”) was dismissed from the post of deputy head of the K department of the FSB back in 2013,” the lawyer said, noting that the series of bank failures initiated by the DIA only began two years later. At the same time, Colonel Cherkalin, who interacted with the DIA and the Central Bank, headed the 2nd (banking) department of “K” since 2011.

According to the investigation, bankers were given the opportunity to withdraw funds from credit organizations for bribes, and only after that they had their licenses revoked, criminal cases opened and asset seizures started.

Former DIA deputy head Valery Miroshnikov, who has gone abroad, is still a witness in the criminal case of Colonel Cherkalin. In turn, Kirill Cherkalin is charged with taking bribes from bankers (part 6 of article 290 of the Criminal Code), as well as a particularly large fraud committed together with Dmitry Frolov and other defendants in relation to the capital's developer Sergey Glyadelkin, from which, according to the investigation, he lost company shares valued at nearly half a billion rubles.

During the searches, 800 million rubles, $ 72 million and € 8 million were seized from the apartments of Colonel Cherkalin and his parents, which, according to the decision of the Golovinsky district court, together with 20 real estate objects and two ex-security officers' cars, were turned into state revenue. “These were warehouses of bribes and kickbacks,” a Kommersant source close to the investigation noted.