Head of Rosgvardia Victor Zolotov will make Alexei Navalny "chop"

The general summoned the oppositionist to a duel with mordobitiy. Such an inadequate reaction was caused by the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Fund on embezzlement in Rosgvardia.
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The commander-in-chief of Rosgvardia army general Viktor Zolotov responded to the accusations of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexei Navalny that the products for the needs of Rosgvardia were purchased at inflated prices. Zolotov explained the long silence by being on a business trip and could not respond in time.

In his video message posted on the website of Rosgvardia, Zolotov accused the FBK founder (calling him "Mr. Navalny") of slander and summoned him to a duel, promising to make a "chop" out of the oppositionist.

"In your speech you made insulting slanderous fabrications against me. In the officer's environment, it is not accepted simply to forgive it. From time immemorial a scoundrel was beaten in the face, summoned to a duel. Mr. Navalny, does anyone prevent us from returning at least some of these wonderful traditions? I mean satisfaction. I simply challenge you to a duel, to the ring, to the tatami, wherever, where I promise to make a good juicy chicken out of you in a few minutes, "said the general.

Zolotov stressed that he would not have talked with Navalny if he had been a man from the street, and not a "man with presidential ambitions." At the same time, the head of Rosgvardia threatened Navalny, who was under administrative arrest from the end of August, that if he does not accept his call, he will be "ashamed to go out into the street."

"If you start moving away from this satisfaction, then to the label of the scoundrel and coward, whom I already think you are, such gelatinous jelly-like spot of a slug will stick and then no one will want to talk to you. So do not wake up, Mr. Navalny. Do not delay with satisfaction and see you, "Zolotov said.