Headquarters for a billion: why for VEB will be rebuilt the building of Voentorg

The owners of Voentorg - the Chinese Fosun and Ruben Vardanyan - invest more than 1 billion rubles in the renovation of the famous business center in Vozdvizhenka. The changes were required after the move to Vnesheconombank's headquarters.
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Billion for renewal

The retail and office complex Vozdvizhenka Center, built on the site of the historic building of Voentorg, will undergo renovation, for which it is planned to spend $ 15-25 million (1-1.7 billion rubles at the current rate), RBC general manager of the building Fosun Eurasia Capital told RBC. Tatiana Ternavskaya.

The update is related to the wishes of the new anchor tenant - Vnesheconombank (VEB) transferred headquarters here, which was led by former first Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at the end of May. Two sources of RBC, familiar with the development of the new concept, told that after the renovation the pool of tenants of the shopping and office center will change: the flagship store of the "Children's World" will leave the building, and the food and restaurants will be located on the ground floor.

VEB has become an anchor tenant and logically dictates its wishes to the owner, says the source of RBC in the brokerage company. "VEB really voiced wishes for recruitment of tenants on the first floors, but even more importantly, the state corporation wants to" close the perimeter "- to isolate its office block from" foreign "traffic - visitors to shops or coworking," - notes the interlocutor of RBC.

Tatiana Ternavskaya did not comment on changes in tenants. "The main goal is the full modernization of Voentorg to the international standard of class" A "buildings in such key places as reception, lobby, elevators, parking and other common territory, for example, the inner atrium. We also plan to organize new cafeterias of healthy food and expand the range of offered food and beverages in some parts of the building reserved for retail trade, "Ternavskaya said.

Preliminary renovation works have already been carried out: a technical survey of the building, a tender for choosing a general contractor, a project manager, an architect. The change of the building will be led by the British Bureau Ben Adams Architects. "Now the stage of design and planning has begun, and we hope to complete most of the construction work in 2019. Repair of parking, lobby and reception desk is planned to be completed in an accelerated regime before this time, "Ternavskaya said.

British in Voentorg

The architectural office of Ben Adams Architects was founded in 2010 in London by Ben Adams. The founder of the bureau took part in the implementation of more than a dozen projects in England, including residential buildings, offices and public spaces. Among the advantages of the architects of the bureau are "reasonable approach to the reconstruction of existing buildings" on the basis of modern projects, taking into account the location, environment and historical conditions.

The office was engaged in the reconstruction of buildings in London. Among the projects, for example, The Bryant Building, built in the XIX century and originally used as a workshop for the production of furniture. Under the project of architects the building was transformed into an office center with apartments.

In one of the articles on the official website of the bureau, the deputy director and one of the architects shared their emotions from the trip to Moscow in 2016. According to them, most of all impressed "the huge size of almost everything - from roads and public buildings to the metro system".

Tenants and elevators

Tatiana Ternavskaya says that it is planned to collect proposals and wishes of tenants and take them into account in the design process. "We are pleased that VEB chose our building for rent, and we know that the requests of such tenants in terms of service and convenience are very high," Ternavskaya said.

Now the largest trading operator in Voentorg is "Detsky Mir". Here is the flagship store of the children's goods network, which occupies about 7 thousand square meters. m on the first and second floors of the building. Two years ago, the retailer planned to move him to a shopping center on Okhotny Ryad, but he did not move.

Source RBC, familiar with the version of the concept, said that in the renovated Voentorg "Children's World" will not. Part of its premises on the ground floor will be occupied by a restaurant and a food market, and the second floor is planned to be given for coworking, which is proposed to organize a separate entrance - not through the office block (the entrance to which is located in Bolshoy Kislovsky Lane), but from Vozdvizhenka Street.

In Voentorg, there is already a cowling of Regus - it occupies more than 2 thousand square meters. m on the third floor, this is one of the largest tenants in the building. The managing director of the Russian subdivision of the Regus, Irina Baeva, told RBC that now the option of expanding the area leased in Voentorg is being discussed. Whether it is about the squares of the "Children's World", Baeva did not comment. In the "Children's World" reported that they did not receive official notification of the renovation of the complex from the owners. When asked if the store is planned to be transferred from Voentorg, they did not respond to the Children's World. In the network of pharmacies "36.6", also located in Voentorg, also noted that they do not yet know about the upcoming renovation.

Closer to the Kremlin

The fact that VEB will move the headquarters to Vozdvizhenka, became known immediately after the appointment of the head of the corporation Igor Shuvalov. The press service of VEB reported that the bank transferred employees to Vozdvizhenka without specifying how many people will work in the new office and what area the corporation and its divisions have occupied. Moving to VEB explains the optimization of costs and the fact that the building on the street. Academician Sakharov, 9, where the headquarters of the state corporation is now located, has not been renovated for more than 30 years and "there was a risk of a threat to the safety of employees."

"The main advantages of the business center on Vozdvizhenka are the proximity to the Kremlin and the quality of the premises. Vnesheconombank is located in several BC of different quality - it is both class "A" and premises of the Soviet type. And in Voentorg, he will be able to consolidate the units in one place. Especially VEB knows this business center, some of its structures have been here for a long time, "says ILM managing partner Andrei Lukashev.

In particular, "VEB Leasing" rents in the building 5 thousand square meters. m for 35.2 thousand rubles. for 1 square. m per year, taking into account the operational services, follows from the data of Rosreestr. Another 12.3 thousand square meters. m leases state-owned company "Dom.RF" (formerly the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending). Neighborhood with "Dom.RF" corresponds to Igor Shuvalov's plans to make VEB a platform for coordination of the main development institutions, including "Dom.RF". As part of the optimization by the autumn of 2018, the bank "Russian Capital" (owned by Dom.RF) must move into the building. The concentration of all key VEB subdivisions in the same building corresponds to the general concept of the state company for optimization: in June, in particular, it became known that 40-50% of employees were being reduced. The press service of VEB specified that the optimization plan for employees by the end of 2018 is up to 1,000 people (at the end of the second quarter, 1645 people worked in VEB).

The press service of VEB specified that the top management of VEB, the unit for dealing with distressed assets, the State Management Company (GUM), the department for export development and other divisions moved to Voentorg. "The new office assumes an open space format for a more compact and ergonomic placement of the team in modern workplaces. With the move, the area per employee reduced three-fold, and the quality of interaction will increase due to placement in a single open space, "say VEB.

History of Voentorg

Complex "Vozdvizhenka Center" was built in 2008 as part of the reconstruction of the building of Voentorg, built in early 1913. The complex was erected from the ground up by the Telman Ismailov AST group. The total area of ​​the building is 66.5 thousand square meters. m, of which almost 30 thousand square meters. m occupies the underground part, and the total area of ​​the office block is about 30 thousand square meters. m. In 2009, Voentorg bought Nafta-Moscow Suleiman Kerimov, and in 2010 Kerimov transferred the building to Dmitry Rybolovlev as part of payment for the stake in Uralkali. In 2017, Rybolovlev sold the Voentorg of the Chinese Fosun and Avica Property Investors, which manages the funds of Ruben Vardanyan and Gagik Adibekyan. In February, Vedomosti reported that Vardanyan and Adibekyan divided the assets: the first went office centers, and the second - trading.