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How Mikhail Prokhorov became an American billionaire.
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One of the richest men in Russia is now unlikely to be identified as a Russian businessman. Mikhail Prokhorov, if you look at his condition, now, soon, the US businessman. In this country it is now the most expensive of its assets, plus cash, which is also considered in the US Treasury's bank notes. This was the result of the sale of the property of the Russian businessman.

Goodbye "Rush"?

American journalists have calculated state Mikhail D. Prokhorov. And we found that its assets in the United States are estimated at 2 billion 200 million dollars. This is more than a third of the property, that Prokhorov has remained in Russia. In the US, it has basketball team Brooklyn Nets, who had previously been evaluated at $ 1.7 billion. Plus, a sports arena and entertainment contracts with clubs. And in Russia, its biggest asset to this day - Energy Company "Quadra", which the businessman can also sell. As well as belonging to his media holding RBC.

In addition, Mikhail Prokhorov has accumulated a cache, ie "live" money, $ 5.7 billionat. Last key word here. This is the US currency, so that, in fact, in our country it has left the crumbs. It's funny that this businessman is still a Russian citizen (at least, other news in this regard was not). Moreover, when the media has exaggerated the theme of change of tax residence of our businessmen, surname Prokhorov did not meet the list. But the fact remains that in Russia the man is now virtually nothing is holding.

sold to Russian

The other day, "Vedomosti" reported that Prokhorov will sell one of their most important assets - stake in the company "Rusal". To be precise, he will sell it not completely the businessman remained 5%. However, it is likely that he would soon be parted with such shares. According to the journalists, the asset was sold for $ 700 million. Buyer, as previously assumed - Viktor Vekselberg. He now has a blocking stake in the aluminum producer, which probably can not but irritate the principal owner of "Rusal" Oleg Deripaska. These two figures of the old story of "love," which deserves a separate dressingtence. Well, now they are not our heroes of the novel.

Earlier, Mikhail got rid of its main Russian assets - a world leader in the production shares of potash - "Uralkali". They went to the Belarusian businessman Dmitry Lobyaku, close to the co-owner of "Uralkali" and the owner "Uralhima" Dmitry Mazepin. There is also a tangle of intrigue worthy of a separate description. In addition, there were publications that Prokhorov gets rid of the investment company "Renaissance" and IFC Bank. Total, the businessman sold almost everything he has in Russia, came out well in the cache and is now the circle of his interests in the homeland is significantly narrowed. And it seems that the owner has paid in full to him in his native country had no more complaints.

Mr. luck

Funny, that if you calculate all of the current assets Prokhorov, it turns out the sum of 9 and a half billion dollars. Approximately as he once was, having turned a brilliant deal to sell stake in MMC "Norilsk Nickel". It was in the "shaggy" 2008, the year before the crisis were schiTED months. Prokhorov, as written media, sold his shares for $ 7 billion, plus received shares of "Rusal", which gave him the buyer of the asset Oleg Deripaska. Soon there was a global financial collapse, metals fell sharply and it became clear that Prokhorov came out in cash - earned. But Deripaska, received shares of "Norilsk Nickel" - lost. More precisely, he also earned, but mainly headache, engaging in a long corporate conflict with the majority owner of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin.

As for Prokhorov, he all these years was a free artist. I am trying to build E-mobility, playing politics. But in the end he was tired of new entertainment. Road project had to be closed. Because if you do electric vehicles, it is necessary to dedicate this life, as did the creator of "Tesla" Elon Musk. So, too, I had to leave politics for the same reason. By the way, many of the policy makes a mockery of positioning Prokhorov. The essence of his strategy was approximately as follows: "I am a successful businessman, then I will be able to raise the country's economy." Everything, of course, sinceIf not for one thing. Luck Mikhail Prokhorov largely lies in the fact that he once became a partner Potanin, who received the "Norilsk Nickel" in the pledge auctions via bank Prokhorov.

You want to live, learn to make a bad bargain

Those days are long gone for Prokhorov. Policy over a hangover in the form of problems RBC holding, which Prokhorov once bought for a future political career. A business finished first sharp reduction in the cost of a businessman's assets and then selling them, which, as written media, was held at a discount. For example, the package "Uralakalii" he once bought for $ 5 billion. Now he could sell it for $ 2 billion.

Guilt is not a businessman here. During the crisis, as the world, and Russia, all of the assets fell. It is possible that one day they will rise again. But for those who urgently get rid of them now have to pay for it out of pocket. 12% of shares of "Rusal" Prokhorov kind of sold it for $ 700 million. And this, of course, a penny for the shares of one of the world's leading mfraluminum dstvu. But what to do? Vekselberg and so overpaid for the package, taking into account the market value of the company at the moment. And here it is worth mentioning two important circumstances, the political plan.

And forgive their sins

Both the seller and the buyer of this year were in a very bad history. Prokhorov had to change RBC's leadership that, according to one version, was the result of the editorial policy of the media holding. And, in general, it is believed that these problems prompted the businessman to sell assets. Above the clouds gathered Vekselberg, too, after his company "T Plus" complained to the President of the new leadership of Komi. This was followed by the arrest of the former and the current leadership of businessman holding "Renova" and the flight abroad of famous Russian manager Michael Slobodina. But the feeling that entrepreneurs still forgiven. Prokhorov, though sdiskontom but quite painlessly broke up with their assets, and Vekselberg quietly bought one of them (probably would not have any domestic businessman is under disgrace, decided to new investments in Russiaand). About the possibility of forgiveness is the fact that recently the power company "Quadra" Prokhorov decided almost 3 years exempt from penalties for the failure of the construction of new thermal power plant. What, however, is good.

As a result, we can say, lady luck did not leave Mikhail Prokhorov. State almost 10 billion dollars (not increase your capital, but still has not lost). Business in the United States, where now he is probably more convenient to work with than in Russia. Well, if you want to shower, you can open it any innovative business. So it seems a potential commercial: a basketball court in a poor neighborhood of New York, black teenagers run with the ball, a loud rap sounds. And next sports car sitting in a respectable American businessman Mikhail Prohorov. The camera glides over the car. And it's not just a car, but a new "pride" of the American automobile industry: Yo-mobile.