Herman Gref won't disclose his income

Sberbank believes that the presidential decree does not require to post information on the income of top managers in the public domain on the website.
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Savings will not be published on the site declaration of their top managers, the official response to the request of the State Bank of "Izvestia". All data on incomes and property of its employees for 2014 will be presented only in the government apparatus - May 1, 2015. According to the bank's press service, a presidential decree number 613 "anti-corruption" (it is approved by the order of publication of this information) does not require the publication of these data in the public domain, because it "applies to government bodies and organizations established on the basis of federal laws to which OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" does not apply ".

The obligation to report income of top management of Sberbank (head, his deputies and the chief accountant) was introduced by government decree on May 8, 2014 № 424 (issued in pursuance of the Presidential Decree). Since the document was released after the end of the general declaration campaign of the year, which ended April 30, the first reporting year for the employees of OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" is 2014, explained in the press-service.

Previouslyhoists publicly disclose this information other large state-owned companies (the list of the first 63 organizations to which the president's decree was approved in 2013). His company's decision motivated by the same reason: in their opinion, the decree applies only to companies that have been specially created by the federal laws.

However, seven companies from the list (also created on the basis of federal laws) - "Transneft", "Rossetti" FGC, "Zarubezhneft", "Sovcomflot" KLA "Rostelecom" - published by May 1 on their websites Declaration on incomes of top managers. As stated by their representatives, they saw no other options decree interpretation.

According to lawyers, in the decree of the President does have some legal uncertainty.
- The presidential decree states that it applies to "public corporations (companies) and other organizations, created on the basis of federal laws," - said a member of the expert council of the State Duma committee on security and anti-corruption partner "Nalogovik » Sergei Varlamov. - And because of this formulation can not be clearly and accurately see if the phrase "created on the basis of federal laws" refers only to other organizations or also to public corporations (companies). It is logical to assume that the decree refers to all companies with state participation (the same flows from other government regulations and presidential decrees), but not the fact that the Savings Bank can be attributed to the state companies, because it does not belong to the government and the central bank.

I agree with him and the chief legal expert center Taxadmin.ru Artem Nikolaev.

- The central bank, according to the law on the Bank of Russia and the Constitution, is not a public body, so technically can not be attributed to the Savings Bank of state companies - he said. - In addition, the decree of the president said that to ensure the publication of such information should the government - but in what way and in what time frame, the decree does not specify.

- I think that the state as a major shareholder of these companies should express their position on this issue at the next meeting of shareholders or boardDirectors, - said a member of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Ilya Kostunov. - This will remove all questions about the publication of declarations.