Hipsters' mistake: what lessons one should learn from the story with Roketbank

Cardholders of Roketbank service will now have to withdraw their money out of troubled partner bank Interkommerts, which suspended operations. What should know the users of such services?
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Banking Services "Roketbank" January 28 sent a message to its customers that his partner - the bank "Interkommerts" (36 th place in terms of assets of individuals -. 68.4 billion rubles) any liquidity problems. Previously, several businessmen complained about the problems with the payment. As it turned out, "Interkommerts" Bank received the instruction of the Central Bank to carry out additional capitalization of 3 billion rubles.

"Roketbank" advised the holders of its cards as a means of accounts can be translated soon in other credit institutions. "At that time, translation and service card system to operate normally, the bank ran errands. There was a chance that all clients' Roketbanka "will be able to withdraw their funds and to protect" - so "Roketbank" commented on his website.

In response to this "Interkommerts" disabled gateway through which all transactions were "Roketbanka". From that moment on the cards it can not be the last to hold any operation: either to withdraw money from an ATM, or pay at the store, or transfer funds from one account to another. On the nextrd day of the Central Bank appointed interim administration in the "Interkommerts" bank, and he had to suspend all payments in general.

Playing the bank

Problems clients' Roketbanka "arose from the fact that he, in fact, is not a bank. This is an online banking service. Owner Tinkoff Bank Oleg Tinkoff even called leadership "Roketbanka" remove the word "bank" from the name, not to introduce clients to confusion. On "Roketbanka 'website says that it is now his partner - the bank" Opening ", which, according to RBC, was going to buy it for $ 4.5 million" Roketbank "today is the" operator of the program "" The opening of the Rocket. ".

In Russia such services for private clients unit, said the general director of research firm Frank Research Group Yury Gribanov. In addition to "Roketbanka" there are services "Instabank" and Ubank, as well as, for example, Modulbank, specializing in services for entrepreneurs.

Licenses to conduct banking activities have no such products are intermediaries between clients and the "real" bank, said Gribanov. For"Roketbanka" core banks - is the "Discovery" and the bank "Interkommerts" for "Instabanka" - Military-Industrial Bank (BIG) for Ubank - Raiffeisen Bank, Bank of Moscow, MDM Bank, which issues cards to users of service. Banking services for Modulbank provides "Regional Credit" Bank.

As a service "Roketbank" managed to attract customers in a small commercial bank? "These banks are positioning themselves as a service with a human face, which allow you to quickly solve all problems. Therefore, their clients are people who are important to the feeling of belonging to something advanced, a start-up party aura "- said Gribanov from FRG. The main thing and, in fact, the only difference from the virtual banks "ordinary" - focus on the customer agrees to the deputy director of "Interfax-CEA" Alex Buzdalin.

The general director of service "Roketbank" Victor Lysenko agreed that the target audience of the bank "Interkommerts" completely different from the service audience. "Because our customers in the bank on their own unit would come", - he says.
<br /> Lysenko, however, is confident that his customers know that de facto their money will be in the "Interkommerts" bank, it is prescribed in the contract. In his opinion, they are not worried that the bank may have problems. "Roketbank" offers only card, which rarely keep an amount in excess insurance. Therefore, people understand that the money in any case not be lost ", - explains Lysenko.

"Roketbank", "Instabank" Ubank and offer services that can be found in conventional banks. In "Instabanke" possible to get a debit card with charge of 8% on the account balance. "Roketbank" offers to issue a card with 7.8% per annum and cashback from 1 to 10%. Ubank offers 7% on the balance on the card. Services are focused on the free service card (for the first year), and the ability to withdraw funds from an ATM without a commission. Non-standard banking products in these applications there. According to Lysenko of "Roketbanka", his clients attracted in the first place the service itself, not unusual financial products.

Work on the bugs

BeforeAvesta currently online map, it is necessary to understand what you're dealing - with the actual bank or banking service, reminiscent of Gribanov FRG. Identify it easy: in the service is not licensed to conduct banking activities.

Your next step - to find out which bank (there may be more than one) is the base for this project: that is, where in fact be stored your money, says Buzdalin from the "Interfax-CEA". When opening an account it is necessary to evaluate the reliability is the base of the bank, he adds. Additional risks due to the fact that you use the service, there should not be, said Gribanov from FRG.

On "Roketbanka 'website says that his team learned about the problems of" Interkommerts "Bank of the media. "Of course, we have followed the ratings, but did not know that the bank is so serious problems," - emphasizes the CEO of "Roketbanka" Victor Lysenko. However, hints that the bank is about to start problems, still have, said a credit analyst at S & P, Viktor Nikolsky.

According to him, the bank has a high concentration of the loan portfolio and deposititnoy base, and care even a few large depositors-legal persons could cause serious problems. In September 2015, S & P confirmed the long- and short-term ratings Interkommertsbanka B- with a negative outlook.

"The outlook reflects our view that the negative tendencies [in banking] could weaken credit quality [Bank], in particular its liquidity and capitalization", - stated in the S & P report. At the same time the common investor to anticipate such a scenario was difficult: the formal indicators of the bank's liquidity at the end of 2015 under RAS looked very good, adds Nicholas.

What customers

Now customers "Roketbanka" and "INTERKOMMERTS" will have to wait for the decision of the Central Bank. The way in which customers will be able to recover their money will depend on how the situation will develop with the bank "Interkommerts" Lysenko said. Either restore the Central Bank of the bank work, and it will keep its commitments, or in the case of revocation of the license customers will get money through DIA, of course, if they do not exceed the insurance sumu 1.4 million rubles., Lysenko said.

On banking services customers subject to the same rules as customer conventional banks, adds Gribanov from FRG. He also noted that a segment of these services in Russia is so small that they are unlikely to get into the field of vision of the Central Bank in the near future. And that means that a special control system for them will not be created - the fate of client money will remain in the hands of the base of the bank, he said.

At the same time, customers can continue to use the service "Roketbanka". "We offer them to issue the card based on the bank" Opening "with which" Roketbank "signed a partnership agreement in November 2015", - promises Lysenko.

Igor Pessin, partner, investment director Life.Sreda fund, a minority shareholder "Roketbanka" and "Instabanka" does not rule out that the problems in the partner bank can slightly influence the image of "Roketbanka". "Roketbank" grew strong brand, customers could possibly perceive it just as a bank, not a service. And these customers may experience negative brand. "I think that the consequencesif they are, they will be quickly resolved. I would not dramatize, "- said Pessin.