"Honeymoon" between Russia and the Crimea ends

The peninsula residents are concerned about the corruption, the banks and the Kiev government which may try to conquer them.
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Russian MPs this week met with the inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol, to understand the need of a new Russian region. Znak.com correspondent visited one of these meetings, and realized that the endless gratitude to Russia for the act of accession Crimeans move to specific socio-economic requirements.

Ordinary meeting of United Russia voters in different regions - a rare sight melancholy: specifically instructed government employees almost a piece of paper and read each question, afraid to say too much in front of the boss and express their support too hot favorite games.

In the audience of one of the universities in Sevastopol, this time there was nothing of the sort.

- Please stop the violation of Sevastopol administration of federal constitutional law on the adoption of the Crimea to Russia - minted middle-aged man. - According to this law, all our documents for the right property is not legitimate and need to be confirmed, but the city's leadership demanded that residents with acts on the ground, to renew them, which leads to longer mateialnym losses, as well as damages. Our second problem - corruption in the horticultural associations. In Sevastopol, it thrives, it's just a corrupt school starts, they refuse to help enterprising people. Yes, the Russian legislation on horticultural associations better Ukrainian, but it does not solve problems. Please intervene.

His words elderly man addressed the deputy speaker of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyaki who listened to him with even friendly, but surprised.

- Connect the Russian Union of gardeners. If there is a substantial offer on the part of the law, let's discuss them. With regard to land, it is necessary to understand that the constitutional law affirms the right to property, but we all know that the documents have to re-register with the times. You just have to make sure that this registration occurred less traumatic it - a subject for discussion. I certainly heard your position to the governor and to the Federal Property Agency, - answered the vice-speaker.

- In general, we wanted to create a commission to gardeners, as a result there were about 40 corrupt officials, and toGDSs people came back and said that all registers are open, they made a scuffle at the meeting! And now, the commission only gardeners Party of Russia, and it has an office at all in the former prison is! - I entered into discussion with the place of young people, and the hall warmly supported her laughter and shouts of "Corruption! Corruption".

Perhaps, in the State Duma itself for many years and it was not close discussions with a similar level of incandescence. Ironstone, however, is clearly pleased: here assembled to know that he was hit by sanctions and denied the right of entry to the European Union, making it of potential voters in the eyes of the figure of almost heroic - at least judging by the number of Sebastopol, who rushed to the end of the meeting to press his hand and be photographed.

The main theme, however, predictably was not the internal and foreign policy, and it turned out that the vast majority came to the meeting with Zheleznyak believes that Russia is providing direct support to New Russia (the so-called here the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic), although according to official state keeps from of the sidelines.

- How do you see the developments in the Donbass? - Asked an elderly woman Zheleznyaka.

- What happens in the New Russia - a terrible tragedy. What makes Russia in this situation? First - providing humanitarian assistance to the maximum, trying to help save the lives of civilians. Second - legal work in support of the anti-fascist resistance of New Russia in accordance with international law, report information about the ongoing tragedy and genocide. I am sure that remains to be the most serious stage of the fall and winter, when the abandoned Ukrainian economy will grow critical issues, and the disaster in New Russia imposed that social collapse. I guess even that serious political changes may begin within the Ukrainian winter. I'm telling you as an expert, but as a citizen I think that we should do everything possible to minimize the tragedies and save lives.

- I am from Sevastopol defense. A few days ago we buried one of our volunteers - it burned in a tank in the New Russia. Several months ago, heard the words that we are now going to live in the world, Mr.for it is not. When people want to go there - they do not interfere, but when they are hurt or killed there, we have extremely hard. our dead comrade's body taken out almost in a refrigerator out of ice cream, it is very difficult to take out the wounded ... Then the wounded being treated in hospitals here, but also captured the wounded being treated, and it turns out, at our own expense. Keep this in mind, who do it ... - continued discussion of an elderly man.

- A terrible tragedy that is happening in the New Russia, requires that there acted norms of international law on those who died, who is wounded ... What inhuman trick Kiev regime - they specifically avoid making decisions, wording that would let them down under the observance of some requirements. As for the victims, their burial - I ask you to cooperate more actively with the administration, - then paused for a second Zhelezniak. - You see, due to the specifics of this information, it is unlikely to initially be public, but if you can try with the authorities to establish a working contact to those who want to worship their graves, would know where to go.

"After we Donetsk Kiev will begin to win back" - disgruntled whisper wailed a woman sitting next to a reporter - apparently she did not understand why information about the graves and the funeral can not be public. After the meeting, she also came to an ironstone complain that Russian banks have not yet opened offices in the Crimea because of the fear of sanctions.

- Sanctions are already there on the banks, under the sanctions already VTB and Sberbank ... In any fall under the sanctions simply because they are ours, domestic. And representation in any will, in the Crimea - a woman Zhelezniak comforted as I could.

More Sevastopol troubled time possible abolition of Visa, what Zhelezniak again replied that it's all - just a matter of habit, and that in any case any electronic payment system will still be, the case for a consumer only in the title.

At the meeting attended Zheleznyak another State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" Vladimir Burmatov. He asked Sevastopol computers-and 3D-printers to the labor lessons children learn not to buildamb, and do robotov1. Burmatov promised to talk with the Ministry of Education.

- How is he to you? - Shared with each other in the smoking room of the woman after the meeting (probably had in mind Zhelezniak)

- Nothing, so cute, smiling.

- Yes, I do not mean it! I told you about the fact that we finally have tomorrow, and in the Ukraine tomorrow, we would not be - somehow offended asked questions.

Overall, out of the meeting, it became clear a few points.

The moment the first - that Crimea and Sevastopol apparently was part of Russia not to live worse, but together, in search of a better life is.

The moment the second - that the events in the south-east of Ukraine in the Crimea are seen clearly, as well as the question of Russia's participation in these events and its debt directly involved in these events take.

Moment of the third - the "honeymoon" is over. They need real change, not promises and unnecessary bureaucratic difficulties.