Hostels have been shown a red card

Petersburg hostels will not be able to receive tourists during the World Cup in 2018.
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Such an interpretation of government regulations governing the prices of hotel services during the competition, offering Rospotrebnadzor in St. Petersburg.

Only 10% of St. Petersburg hotels could currently be certified to stardom, estimated at Smolny. Those who do not have time to do it until 15 June, will lose the right to receive tourists, warned in Smolny. The procedures can not be avoided and hostels. Meanwhile, government regulation may deprive them of all rights to serve visitors during the World Cup World Cup 2018 and the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, considered in Rospotrebnadzor.

More than 300 St. Petersburg hostels and hotels, providing accommodation for more than two persons may be deprived of the possibility to receive visitors during the 2018 World Cup. As announced on 1 March during the meeting with the hoteliers Head of Consumer Protection Department of Rospotrebnadzor in St. Petersburg, Galina Gertsev, in her opinion, this conclusion may follow from the wording of RF Government Decree №89 dated February 10, 2016, governing the cost of hotel services in the inThe burden of the Championship and Cup 2017 FIFA Confederations year.

To the North of the capital, this document sets out the maximum cost per night rooms for five (700 thous. Rubles), a four-star (85.5 thous. Rubles), three-star (30 thous. Rubles), with two (11 thousand. Rubles) and one-star hotels (7 2 thous. rubles), as well as for the category of "no stars" (7 th. rubles). The latter category for certification, as a rule, are hostels. However, it provided only the prices for single and double occupancy.

"I do not see that you have the right to provide services in the event-period. Because the application sounds very clear, and it indicated the value of double rooms, "- said Galina Gertsev.

According to her, B & B, which provide services to accommodate the large number of people in the room have to be reconstructed in the double rooms. Otherwise, if you receive complaints about the hotel, Rospotrebnadzor during the audit will have to be guided by the text of the decision.

Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Smolny Nana Gvichiya also presentavshaya meeting with hoteliers, agreed that the formation of the cost norms for the "no star" category "Hostels are not addressed." However, it encouraged not to panic prematurely. "We ask this question to the Ministry (of Culture and Sports - Ed.) And obtain a special response," - she promised.

However, the statement has caused a storm of protests from those present at the meeting of hoteliers. "This is complete nonsense. Why, then, B & B to be certified if they are not able to receive tourists, "- says the managing hotel Aventinn Alain Kiselyov.

According to NP "Interregional Association of hostels industry", in St. Petersburg there are about 330 hostels. "It is those who just provide accommodation services for more than two people in one room. Although there are hostels, where a par with the general Dorma offers single and double rooms, "- said president of the Association of Jan Okuneva. However, she hoped that convert dormitories into standard still will not have to. Hostelerov Association will hold a dialogue with the Committee onTourism, in order to achieve appropriate amendments, promised Jan Okuneva.

However, this is not the only obstacle that can stop the St. Petersburg B & B and hotels to accommodate tourists. Until June 15, 2016 to all companies providing hotel services, you must be certified on the support of its star.

According to Nana Gvichiya, at the moment it made about 110 hotels and hostels. This is about 20% of the total number of registered and only 10% actually providing these services organizations. "Last year, the owners reported that they were ready to undergo testing and promised to receive certificates at the beginning of 2016, but not in a hurry to do it," - she said. Meanwhile, the few who can be tested at once, the process may take several months.

Those who do not have time to earn the "star" until 15 June, will have to cease operations, at least, to obtain a certificate. "Otherwise, if during the inspection of Rospotrebnadzor and the Federal Antimonopoly Service will be identified violations, such companies face fines & raquo ;, - underlined Nana Gvichiya. Basically, the "stars" were the major hotels (10% of certified hotels account for nearly a third of all license Fund), while the risk turned out to be mainly small businesses.

According to businessmen, it has objective reasons. Thus, according to Alena Kiseleva, many owners are waiting for will decide the fate of the bill Galina Khovanskaya, which is now being considered by the State Duma. Recall, the deputy proposed to prohibit all post hotels and hostels in homes. Meanwhile, according to "the Association of Small Hotels", it refers to a type of most hostels and small hotels in the center of the northern capital, occurred at the site settled komunalok. "If passed, why spend money on a classification, it is easier to get out of the business, selling space," adds a senior hotel "Atlantic" manager on Kazan Street. Sofia Frolov.

But even those who are willing to invest in the "star" now, faced with the problems of this certification. "The accredited organization for a long time denied us, I'm sureThread that receive 3 stars, located in a residential building, it will be impossible. Now seems to be able to negotiate, but we'll see how it goes ", - said Frolov Sofia.

We have to be distracted to other checks. In particular, according to the November decree №272 of the Government on ensuring antiterrorist security, the hotel, which can accommodate more than 50 guests, it is necessary to negotiate with the administration of his district on the audit to obtain a so-called safety data sheet, said at a meeting with hoteliers Vadim Borin, Head of the analysis of law enforcement and security on the legality of the Smolny Committee.

In addition, from January 1, have been abolished, some codes of economic activity, in particular the "renting furnished apartments," which were recorded by many hostels and mini-hotels. "Those who have had such a classification, it is necessary to apply to the tax, to see where they were transferred," - said Alain Kiselyov.

However, in an informal conversation entrepreneurs admit that they are motivated and I aspireof savings. "While we do not consider it necessary to spend money on certification. There are more than 300 hostels, as hotels and zaregistirirovany not all. We are not particularly PR and attract customers through word of mouth, so I'm not sure that we calculate ", - said the owner of one of the hostels.

However Smolny resolute. According to Nana Gvichiya, a tool to deal with such unscrupulous players, in addition to Rospotrebnadzor inspections may be booking services. "One of the systems," island ", has confirmed that it will offer to place only those hotels that are in the list drawn up by us confirmed stardom. I am sure that others, including, too, will meet and will be guided by the law ", - she said.

However, the citizens, who rent out their apartments through services such airbnb, you can sleep peacefully. "These apartments are a government decree does not regulate" - explained Nana Gvichiya. However, the questions to them may incur tax.