Hot Finnish guys Katenev and Timchenko

We continue to talk about “foreign agents” within the government, who are fighting in words with foreign influence on Russian politics, but in fact are buying real estate in Europe. This time it's about Finland.
The owner of the border supermarkets Rajamarket Sergey Ananiev is the richest Russian-speaking person in Finland. This follows from the income data for the last year published on November 3 by the Finnish tax service.

In second place among Russian speakers is Viktor Satanovsky, vice president of Artvik, which supplies metrological support systems, instrumentation and analytical equipment to the oil and gas, metallurgical, energy and other industries. Sergey Yevlashev closes the top three richest Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in Finland. What he does is unknown.

Energy Katenev

The current speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, has proclaimed a course towards discipline: parliamentarians should not skip meetings and avoid voting. Deputy Vladimir Katenev did not even think to skimp: he, as a member of the United Russia faction, supported the anti-Western initiatives of his party. Katenev also fought with enemies inside the country. Not sparing his fingers, he pressed the “for” button when considering in all three readings the law, which allows recognizing not only the media, but also individuals as “foreign agents”.

According to the State Duma voting system, Katenev responsibly defended the state from antipatriots and never skimped on the bill. Although the deputy himself has a beam in his eye: real estate in the European Union, and even in a country that has legalized gay marriage. Land plot with an area of ​​7500 sq. m in Finland is registered with the wife of United Russia, although initially they owned it in equal shares.

As "Interlocutor" found out, Katenev's 63-year-old wife's name is Irina Aleksandrovna. And officially, she earns more than a deputy: 12.5 million against 7.8 million last year. According to our data, it receives income from LLC "Repair and Operational Enterprise of Interbranch Association" Energomash ". This company is owned by Katenev himself, among his counterparties are state-owned companies: Petersburg Sales Company, a member of Inter RAO and Gazprom-owned Enterprise of Production and Technological Completion LLC.

Katenev is turning the scheme favored by his other colleagues in parliament: the family of a patriot in Russia makes money, assimilating state money, and prefers to spend it in the West. Not forgetting to call the critics of the authorities traitors at the right time.

The eldest son of Katenev Alexander, according to our information, works in JSC "CIUS UES". It is the largest technical customer of power grid facilities in the country, part of the state-owned FGC UES PJSC.

The youngest son Viktor was employed at Perspektiva LLC (providing Internet services), which mastered almost 100 million rubles on state contracts. The parent company of this firm, ER-Telecom Holding (the beneficiary is Andrey Kuzyaev, a Forbes figure), earned 19.5 billion from government purchases.

Who else?

Lovers of Scandinavia gathered at the Central Bank. The wife of the inspector general of the Central Bank Natalia Kolchak has two land plots in Finland. The director of the statistics department, Ekaterina Prokunina, has a dacha and a bathhouse

Fugitive Timchenko

However, the most famous patriot of Finland in Russia is not Katenev or his colleague in the State Duma Rifat Shaikhutdinov (we have already written about his foreign adventures), but Gennady Timchenko. He does not have a deputy mandate, but there is something more weighty - the friendship of President Vladimir Putin.

Timchenko became a citizen of Finland back in the late 90s. Then the law of the neighboring state forbade to have a second passport, so he refused the Russian one. I returned it when it became possible.

Much is already known about Timchenko, his friendship with the Kremlin and his family members. The "interlocutor" found out some new details.

As the "Interlocutor" drew attention, at the end of September, the daughter of the oligarch Ksenia Frank became a co-owner of "Eat Derevenskoe". It is an online farm products store that works with major retail chains.

Ksenia Frank has the money to invest in this project: according to the "Interlocutor", in 2018 she received 1.6 billion rubles in the form of income from the now liquidated company "Rsk-Invest". Through her, Novaya Gazeta wrote, Timchenko's daughter owned shares in the Sogaz insurance company. It was reported that Frank sold her share in the insurer.

The husband of Timchenko's daughter is Gleb Frank, who earns money by catching crab in Russia. He owns catch quotas for about 15% of all crab in the country. And also, as "Interlocutor" found out, Frank receives income from LLC "Mordraga". The founder of the company is the Singapore-based company Dragafi Asia Pacific.

Last year, "Mordraga" was approved by the government of the Russian Federation as the sole executor and general contractor of dredging works to create an approach channel and form a water area for the construction of facilities at the Utrenny terminal in Sabetta. According to the government procurement website, the firm received 3.5 billion rubles from the state corporation Rosatom. for the first stage of construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal. In total, Kommersant wrote, the work should cost 37.5 billion rubles.