How Anatoly Chubais was left without a mansion in Peredelki village

As Forbes found out, the manager of the Chubais's former family office registered his real estate worth around $40 million using his own name.   
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Across the street from the famous garden of Boris Pasternak in Peredelkino writers was a field in which the poet loved to walk. This "Pasternak" field is now built on a spacious country residence (see. Map). As has found out of Forbes, homestead near to the museum area Pasternak Alterations in the village built for the head "Rosnano" Anatoly Chubais and his wife - writer, director Avdotya Smirnova. Construction began soon after the wedding.

The huge house is completely finished, but empty. On it, the site and other buildings seized. property owner - a Swiss company SFO Concept AG, is headed by a young financier Ilya Suchkov. According to Mr. Suchkov, the main building area of ​​2656.8 square meters. m, two guest houses and other buildings it has invested $ 50 million. In June and July, creditors SFO Concept, loaned the company $ 36 million, filed several lawsuits for the return of the money, one of them is taken into consideration in court.

The largest creditor - the company O1 Trust Services ltd billionaire and friend of Chubais, Boris Mints, which in early 2012 issued SFO Concept loans in the amount of $ 22.9 million
What SFO Concept? "For a long time it was a family office Chubais, the company that managed its assets, - said a source close to one of the creditors. - After the law [banning officials to hold foreign assets. - Forbes] Mr. Chubais sold the company Ilya Suchkov. In the company have been issued loans of structures Boris Mints, because Chubais simply needed money to build a house. Suchkov And at some point I realized that is the lucky owner and CEO of the company that owns the land and almost built house, and decided on this play. "

The young financier Ilya Suchkova another version. "House in the village was originally Alterations investment project SFO Concept, - he says. - It is funded by 50% of the company's own funds. Anatoly Borisovich was going to get it, but then apparently changed his mind. And Boris Iosifovich [Mints. - Forbes] house so much, that he wanted it to itself, and because of that initiated all of this prosecution. "

"This is complete nonsense! - Resents a source close to Chubais. - The house is built in a request for Chubais to the needs of his family. " According to him, in addition to loans to build a house Chubais spent their own funds, first by the realization of his property with the balance SFO Concept, and after the sale of the company, he reported, and personal funds. In general, it is much less than $ 50 million, Forbes insists the source. If lenders will control the house, Chubais may redeem him, the source says, but at the moment, taking into account the whole of the situation he considers it inexpedient to the acquisition.
The young financier from a good family

The house with all the buildings turned out to be one and a half times more than the previous Chubais suburban estates in suburban Zhavoronki (according to tax returns, framed on his ex-wife Marina Vishnevskaya in 2010). However, representatives of Mintz argue that O1 Trust Services is trying to return the money and does not aim to take over the house. "The situation is banal - the owner of the SFO Concept does not return the money that he took to build a house, and decided to dispose of it at their discretion", - said in an interview with Forbes elder son Dmitry Mintz, the head and chairman of the board of directors of O1 Properties.

Where did the money Chubais?

Over the previous five years, Chubais official income amounted to 1.1 billion rubles (2010-2014). This amount includes 102 million rubles of earnings in the "Rosnano" and the income from the sale of 1.1% of the financial corporation "Opening", whose shares he owned mints until 2013. To pay for the estate in the village Alterations Chubais planned mainly from the sale of shares FTRA "Advanced Company", says a close to the head "Rosnano" source. This hedge fund he founded in 2007 together with Boris Mintz on the funds received for the reform of RAO "UES of Russia". The Fund invests primarily in equities and bonds in foreign markets. Initially, Chubais was 54.8%, but in late 2013 the proportion of partners blurred: belonging Mints "Telecom-Soyuz" pension fund due to the additional contribution of 900 million rubles was 51.2%. In 2013, the Fund has become a shareholder in several FTRA, one of which is owned 49% in the iCube office center, valued at the end of last year to $ 100 million with a debt of $ 75 million. The shareholders have received help in the form of free retirement money and could participate in the growth of the cost of the new buildings on the secondary market and receive rental income. However, property prices have fallen, and before closing the fund at the end of 2015, he sold his stake in the iCube around the same price as the acquired. The net assets of the Fund in liquidation exceeded 4 billion rubles, twice the growth of their value provided depreciation as the main assets were denominated in dollars. "At the close of FTRA income distributed to shareholders, which I declare and pay the taxes from them all. The operational management of the fund, I did not participate, "- Chubais said. According to Forbes estimates, Chubais revenue in 2015 exceeded $ 1 billion, but net profit, net of investment may be less. What is the total income Chubais received in 2015, it is not known: it is no longer obliged to disclose this information due to changes in legislation and the passage of JSC "Rosnano" in the Criminal Code, "Rosnano", controlling assets of state-owned companies.
Ilya Suchkov comes from the familiar family Chubais. His father, Vasily Suchkov worked together with the current Head of "Rosnano" has the State Property Committee, the elder brother Igor Ilya 17 years was an adviser to Chubais. Familiar Chubais says that Igor had a lot of ideas from investment in the network of dental clinics to the construction of a cottage village on the shore of the reservoir Ikshinskoe. Manage projects in real estate, he called his brother Elijah, who in 2010 headed the SFO Concept.

According to Ilya Suchkov, the company has ceased to be just fast enough family office and diversified business: has begun to provide consulting services for the commission helped companies operating with securities, to attract customers. Suchkov says that two days a week spent in Switzerland, three - in Moscow, Chubais discussed the case every year.

In 2013, Russian officials banned from owning property abroad. Anatoly Chubais sold SFO Concept Ilya Suchkov. The deal was real and not fictitious, say its participants. However submitted Suchkov Sales documents that Chubais did not immediately separated from the control of the company.

Under the agreement, Suchkov had to pay for SFO Concept large sum of $ 28 million with a deferred payment, about the same company at the time to finance a house in the village of trouble. As an interim measure Suchkov has signed an agreement to terminate the sales contract without specifying the date, which Chubais could use almost any time. A year later the parties entered into a new agreement to waive security measures and completion of the settlement of a new price of $ 152,000, as defined in the report of the appraiser (a little less than the authorized capital of 200 000 Swiss francs). Suchkov said that some of the money taken from their parents, took part, adding their savings.

A source close to Chubais insists that the payment period for the SFO Concept is yet to come, and the transaction price is significantly above the share capital and the money Suchkov has not yet been paid. "Company SFO Concept belonged to me for some time - confirmed Forbes Anatoly Chubais. - In 2013, I sold it to another person, that it was engaged in the organization of home construction and project financing. Later the house was supposed to go to my property. As far as I know, the company has violated a number of commercial agreements in terms of attracting funding and, apparently, this was the reason for the submission of claims to it from creditors. "
"We have had friendly relations"

According to Dmitry Mintz, SFO Concept was late in paying a bill for $ 0.9 million, the maturity of which came in 2013, but serious questions to Suchkov appeared only in December 2015. "We have learned that Suchkov would like to re-register all the property SFO Concept at myself as an individual, without payment of loans - outraged Mintz. - It means to us that he not only can not fulfill its obligations, but not even going to try to settle with us. "

Suchkov lays in the office in front of a stack of documents - loan contracts in two languages, the assessment reports. He admits that the structure of Boris Mints credited SFO Concept. But the agreement shows that the largest unsecured loan from O1 Trust Services ltd to $ 15.5 million matures in April 2022, in addition, it has been issued not to build a house, and on completion of SFO Concept AG working capital. Another lender, Crizna Holdings ltd, lent for general corporate purposes $ 7.5 million in June 2015 and is now also seeking a refund in court. According Suchkov, Crizna company affiliated with Mintz, although representatives of the latter deny it.

The implication, say the creditors that all loans will be used to build a house that will buy Chubais, and after that the company will repay the debts. However, they understand that the sale of real estate on the market will not allow Suchkov pay the debts: the current value of assets SFO Concept below the cost of credit, and, in their assessment, in early 2015 there was no equity in the company.
Lenders do not preclude the conclusion of a settlement agreement with Suchkov, but as long as the parties do not come to an understanding. Suchkov offers to buy him a house at the price of $ 36.5 million, based on the valuation report of the British company, the name of which he did not specify. Lenders, however, believe that the current market value of the house with all the buildings and the site - only $ 12.55 million, in as much it appreciated the company Knight Frank.

"Representatives of Boris Mints forced to sell a property in trouble at a lower price - first gave $ 7 million, then $ 12 million, which puts the company facing the threat of bankruptcy and criminal SFO Concept Management responsibility - Suchkov said. - If Mintz then relinquish property for that price Chubais, this will mean assistance in legalization of proceeds because his official income does not allow to buy a property at SFO Concept at market value. " He also believes that the issue of Mintz unsecured loans for ten years can be simply transfer funds belonging to Chubais for the legalization of the proceeds, and to test it, sent a request to the law enforcement authorities of Cyprus.

According to Forbes estimates, the official Chubais revenues in 2010-2015 exceeded 2 billion rubles. To pay for the house in the village Alterations he planned due to the sale of property ZPIF "Advanced Company", established with Mintz.

"Lenders are, admittedly, Dolby [...]. The degree of confidence Suchkov was high, and credit relations are decorated not brilliant ", - says one of the financiers who participated in the construction lending. "We could be in court in a stronger position at recovering the debt, if engaged in lending as a commercial building, a tough deal," - said Dmitry Mintz. "Nobody expected that the showdown with Suchkov would have in court. At the time, Chubais humanly really helped Elijah "- said Chubais familiar. Suchkov said that nothing Chubais should not.

The Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region Suchkov won: the court refused to consider a lawsuit O1 Trust to the SFO and the request for the arrest of the assets, as the thought that the creditor has not demonstrated the link between real estate and credit relationships. However, Bryansk arbitration, which addressed the second lender, Crizna company, in late July, still arrested the disputed property. The court took into account that it can be sold without the consent of the creditors: the site with buildings on Internet sites for sale at a price in the region of 920-950 million rubles, although it is not known who the initiator of these ads.

The judge also referred to the additional agreement to the loan agreement, which vouched for the SFO Concept former trustee of her estate in Russia - LLC "SFD Concept Consulting." Agreement was signed by the general director of the company Sergey Krychenko - former bodyguard Chubais, who worked as his assistant in RAO UES. It is said that the guarantor is jointly and severally liable for the loan, taken SFO Concept to build a house in the village of trouble. A separate item provides hearing disputes not in the London International Arbitration and the Arbitration Court of the Bryansk region.

"Additional Agreement to Loan Agreement - pure falsification" - outraged Suchkov and shows a copy of the document. From this it follows that the purpose of the loan changed Bryansk selection arbitration does not motivated at the same time the borrower no one even informed about the appearance of the guarantor. For Suchkova this turn was a complete surprise, because, as he said, he was on friendly terms with Krychenko, even though they terminated the contract of trust management of property at the end of 2015.

The appeal Suchkov proves that his company has no overdue loan Crizna, so there is no reason for a creditor debt collection. In his version, a month before the expiry of the loan at the end of October 2015. The debt Crizna ceded some Denian Limited (BVI), is also affiliated with the Mints, and she, in turn, signed the document for the forgiveness of debt. "The fact that this debt will be forgiven, with Mintz originally agreed, we had friendly relations", - explains Suchkov.

Why Mintz gave several million dollars Chubais, the former company, and whether it was actually the other participants in the case do not say. In "Rosnano" emphasize that to Chubais, this situation has a direct relationship has not, as he came out of all projects involving Suchkov. "The structure of asset ownership Anatoly Chubais meets the requirements of the Russian legislation, and all declared income," - says deputy predpravleniya External Communications Rosnano Andrei Trapeznikov.

Chubais in an interview with Forbes recently admitted that he has a small family office, but he was not rich enough to get into the list of Forbes. As modest in life Pasternak, he would complain about the difficulties of life the words of the great writer of his home in Peredelkino: "We had to decide whether to take it [the cottage], go follow its completion, dodge, get the money ..."