How McLaren's report threats the career of Mutko

More than a thousand Russian athletes might have been involved in the machinations with a doping test, says a new report of Richard McLaren for WADA. Sources told RBC whether the scandal could cost Vitaly Mutko the post of deputy prime minister.
Origin source
On Friday, 9 December, the head of the independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Richard McLaren presented the second part of the report on the use of doping by Russian athletes. The document says that over thousands of Russian athletes were directly involved in the manipulation of the doping test, or received from them an advantage. The report's authors believe that the ex-Minister of Sport, and now Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Vitaly Mutko, and his former deputy in the Ministry of Sports Yuriy Nagornykh were aware of the plot to the substitution of doping tests. The document states that no Mutko met with the experts of the independent commission WADA.

The main conclusions of the study on 9 December McLaren coincide with the findings of the first part, which was released in mid-July. Then the story of the massive fraud and sub-samples of Russian athletes called the scandal led to the resignation of sports officials in Russia, beginning of the investigation by the Investigative Committee. Lost their posts Nagornykh, Sports Minister Advisor on Anti-Doping ensure Zhelanova Natalia, director of the Department of Education and Science Ministry of Sports Avak Abalyan, deputy director of the Center athletic training teams of Irina Rodionova. Because of the scandal of the Russian athletes were barred from participating in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

New details

The second part of the report was conducted from July to November 2016. Its necessity is explained by the lack of time to conduct a full investigation in the summer of 2016. The findings of the report are based on "physical evidence, and not on the oral testimony", the document, published on Friday. The evidence collected in the named "indisputable" it.

called "institutional conspiracy" The report manipulation of Russian officials and athletes with doping tests. It was attended by officials of the Ministry of Sports, the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA, Center of sports preparation of national teams, anti-doping laboratory of Moscow and the FSB. On the establishment mentioned in the first part of the report in Russia of such a system.

fraud system of inspection bodies was improved from 2011 to 2015, the document explains. Applied at the Olympics in Sochi in 2014 samples spoofing mechanism became Russian "elite athletes" commonplace. Moscow was engaged in anti-doping laboratory this month. Both parts of the report did not mention the names of specific athletes suspected of doping, instead of pointing them to the total number.

McLaren, the Commission suspected counterfeit doping tests in 12 Russian sportsmen - medal of the Olympics in Sochi.

The report clarifies the mechanism of urine samples substituting Russian athletes in Sochi. It was attended by FSB Blokhin (name and title are not mentioned in the report), and the head of the Sochi Rodionova anti-doping laboratory Yuri Chizhov. His former boss, the head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Rodchenkov Gregory spoke about the fraud probes newspaper The New York Times and became an informant WADA.

Among other participants in the fraud with the samples, according to McLaren - an employee of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory Evgeny Kudryavtsev. It was he who, as noted in the document, had access to the room with a urine sample, which was used to replace the attackers. Kudryavtsev passed sample through a hole in the wall Rodchenkova, Chizhov and agent Blokhin.

Operation in Sochi with the substitution of the samples in a report called "flawlessly planned and executed." She demanded from all participants, including athletes, "strict compliance with preconceived plan."

Claims to the Olympic Committee of Russia McLaren are not expressed. "We have no information that the ROC has been involved in this system. Also we have no information about the involvement of the international federations, "- he said at a press conference.

Ministry of Sports after the publication of the second part of the report stated that the government support programs of doping in sport is not, and has promised to study carefully the information provided in the report. Mutko was unavailable for comment RBC. A spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that the report will be scrutinized.

Deferred consequences

McLaren experts will give data on each athlete suspected of doping relevant international federations and the International Olympic paralimpiyskimu committees, the statement said WADA. In the future, these bodies decide whether to subject athletes to disciplinary action and whether there is sufficient evidence for this. "Paper presented without names, so now about some concrete consequences for the athletes is difficult to speak. When will know the names and specific evidence, then it will be possible to discuss specific legal consequences, until it too early to make, "- said RBC Angelina phytosis, managing partner of law firm Staub Prinzip.

In a conversation with RBC American lawyer Ronald Katz pointed out that the report is based on information from McLaren untrusted anonymous informant, a proven bad article The New York Times and speculation. Katz believes that athletes suspected of doping, can challenge the findings of the commission McLaren, but the situation with each individual athlete, the lawyer said.

Winners of the Olympic Games in Sochi, if they are guilty of doping will be proved, will lose their medals. McLaren could not give the names of the athletes and talk about something, in addition to cases of fraud identified by doping, as it is not the prerogative of the WADA, said the former president of RBC-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) Valentin Balakhnichev. According to him, information about specific athletes must come from the federations or the International Olympic Committee. When it comes to the Olympic Games and will be confirmed by the adoption of doping by athletes, it will automatically be followed by the return of medals and reviewing the results of the Sochi Olympics, says former sports functionary.

Interviewees RBC Russian and international lawyers believe that the publication of the second part of McLaren's report will not jeopardize the conduct of the World championship of Russia (World Cup) in 2018, as the FIFA decision taken by FIFA, said RBC Managing Partner of "Ohanyan Arapiev & Partners "Edward Ohanian.

From international federations of the re-examination of samples of Russian athletes is said only the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Russian athletes samples were cross-checked up to the 2013 World Cup, the IAAF said in a release. On Friday evening IOC President Richard Bach promised to test all samples Russian athletes to the Summer Games in London in 2012.

Mutko Keeping

According to a source close to the Kremlin and RBC federal official familiar with the situation, staff conclusions on Mutko not follow.

The report "no evidence" against deputy prime minister, said a federal official RBC. According to him, also in WADA no evidence either in the mountains, or FSB. In the first report, McLaren said on state support system of doping, but now he said on state conspiracy, highlights federal official.

"Apparently, the presence of the system [of state doping] is not looming," - says the interlocutor of RBC.

The fact of the recognition in the report of the participation of the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory in Rodchenkova fraud doping tests actually makes it "accused person" in Russia, which proves today Investigative Committee, said a source in law enforcement agencies. "Rodchenkov brought drugs, foisting their athletes, often without explaining what it is," - said the source.

The criminal case against the former sports functionary was instituted by the Investigative Committee of June 18 on suspicion of abuse of power (ch. 1 st.201 Criminal Code). The deputy head of the UK Ilya Lazuta told "Interfax" that the interrogations athletes talked about trying Rodchenkova persuade them to use performance-enhancing drugs. December 9, investigators interviewed more than 50 Russian athletes, their coaches and managers. A source in law enforcement agencies told RBC that the case investigators conducted a series of searches. In the foreseeable future, RBC continues the source, IC can present evidence that Rodchenkov "did not work alone, but with a group of people."

Federal officials said that McLaren, in his report acknowledged that the Russian side has done work on the deficiencies in the anti-doping system. "We did not pressure, but because we ourselves had to know about it" - says the source of RBC.

Most likely, the report will not affect the career of Deputy Prime Minister Mutko told RBC director of the Center for Economic and Political Reform Nikolay Mironov. According to him, the charges in the official address by McLaren can only strengthen the position of deputy prime minister, who is considered a person close to the Russian president. "The government has shown that it is not amenable to pressure" - draws attention to the expert According to him, authorities think that are enough to meet the WADA went, clearing the Ministry of Sport Mutko with leadership and setting aside a number of sports officials.