How MGIMO enriches the family of the rector

The elite university has become a place of enrichment, fraud and clanism.
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MGIMO approached the recently celebrated 75th anniversary with enormous skills in rector's enrichment, theft of thoughts and attracting easy money. The quality of teaching staff is far from the highest, the level of education also has complaints. However, this does not affect the material well-being of the university rector - he is constantly getting richer and creates new opportunities for attracting capital.

Rector on Rublevka

MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov, according to a study by Olga Kryshtanovskaya's laboratory, is among the top 10 Russian university leaders with the highest administrative resources and among the richest of them. Over the past year, his official income amounted to 20.9 million rubles. The wealth of Torkunov does not in any way reflect on his scientific influence. He closes the top ten "rectors with low scientometric indicators."

As the "Project" found out, the rector of MGIMO and his family are not only rich, they are also secretive. So, according to the declaration, his wife Irina owns a plot of 4.2 thousand square meters in Barvikha, which was previously owned by Sergey Krivoshchapov - the full namesake of the complex manager of the Odintsovo branch of MGIMO. In 2019, another 0.6 thousand square meters grew to these land holdings. m

It is not surprising that on such a huge plot there is also a castle-styled house with three floors, one of which is underground. The area of ​​the building, according to investigators, is 990 square meters. m, and the approximate cost is about 300 million rubles.

No such property is indicated in the declaration of the spouse of the rector. The legitimacy of the proceeds for which the mansion was acquired also raises questions. The income of Torkunova in 2018 amounted to about 22.7 million rubles, which would hardly have allowed her to acquire such an estate, as well as another land plot of 1.5 thousand square meters. m, three apartments with a total area of ​​more than 300 square meters. m, two residential buildings (169 and 365 sq. m), a garage, two parking spaces and a BMW 116.

In turn, the rector of MGIMO has only modest two apartments (84 and 58 sq. M), a country house (139 sq. M), a land plot (8900 sq. M), a garage and a parking place.

Since the 69-year-old Torkunov also leads the board of directors of Channel One, it is not surprising that his daughter Ekaterina, who has been teaching at the Department of European Law at MGIMO since 2003, has become a TV star. For two years now she has been conducting the Paternity Test show on the Domashny television channel.

Pleiad of Plagiarists

Dissertnet has identified at least 19 dissertations at MGIMO that contain borrowings "in significant size." In six cases out of these 19, the supervisor of studies was the head of the MGIMO International Institute of Management Professor Robert Yengibaryan.
According to Dissernet, MGIMO’s copy-pasteur is Yekaterina Torkunova, the rector’s daughter, Sergei Sinelnikov, Dean of the Faculty of Pre-University Training, Vadim Gagloev, the former Director General of Rosgoskirk Company, Ivan Marushchak, Head of the MGIMO Military Training Center, as well as defending their dissertation in MGIMO Deputy Chairman and Member of the Board of VEB RF Svetlana Yachevskaya, Assistant to the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District Alexey Galkin, Ex-Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court Russian courts Arthur Absalyamov, former top managers of the SMP Bank Dmitry Kalantyrsky and Artem Obolensky.

MGIMO for Ruble

Many current oligarchs graduated from MGIMO at one time. Among them are Alisher Usmanov, Aras Agalarov, Musa Bazhaev, Samvel Karapetyan. And another graduate - Vladimir Potanin in 2015 funded the construction of an Orthodox church at MGIMO.

It is very likely that in the near future the number of moneybags who graduated from MGIMO will increase. So, in 2016, the university opened a branch in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, a few kilometers from the Rublevsky highway, where the Russian elite lives. At the same time, the cost at the branch is not much different from the main campus. So, for studies near Rublevka, you need to pay from 375 thousand per year and up to almost one and a half million rubles, while the cost of training on the main campus is from 468 to 900 thousand rubles, the “Project” notes.

At the same time, the average passing score in Moscow for some programs starts from 60 points per paid place, and on the budget it can reach 97 points. In Odintsovo, the lowest average score for passing to a paid one is 44 points, and the highest is only 58, and there are no budget places on most programs. “There is no education there, the branch was built solely to increase the number of students and increase profits,” said one of the university’s teachers.

It is worth recalling that even in Soviet times, MGIMO gained a reputation as a place of study for thieves. His image has not changed in the new Russia. “Three types of students have always studied here. Hereditary, whose grandmothers and great-grandmothers still wandered around the embassies. Then they were still desperate: they, of course, did it themselves, won six Olympiads at home, somewhere in Chelyabinsk, but, most likely, they would never even go to Kyrgyzstan as a junior assistant. And also thieves. The rich are very, but, let's be honest, without proper preparation, ”said one elderly professor.

According to the student at MGIMO, who entered there thanks to the victory in the intellectual show "Clever Men and Women", the current press secretary of Alexei Navalny Kira Yarmysh, the university was previously called the "Moscow State Institute of Majors and Oligarchs." She notes that MGIMO did not play “any decisive role” in her career.